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    [–] Is it possible to show the logs in local time rather than RTC? spencebah 3 points ago in sonarr

    Wiki says it’s an abbreviation for the French name, like SI Units (Système international (d'unités))

    [–] Driving in Houston spencebah 2 points ago in houston

    There's also a period of time during the changeover - I think it's ~7pm in the evening, but not sure what time in the morning - that neither direction is allowed to use the center lane. I'm pretty sure that's to clear it out completely to prevent any head-on confrontation where each direction might think they have the right-of-way.

    [–] Driving in Houston spencebah 1 points ago in houston

    A few weeks ago, THREE cars lined up like this to the left of the turning lane on Montrose at Allen Pkwy.

    [–] Behold! The pulled pork pizza sandwich! spencebah 7 points ago in slowcooking

    Sounds like you hit the nail on the head.

    Recipe: one can of pale ale, honey, mustard, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and Jameson’s Irish whiskey

    [–] The sun is out, the birds are chirping, it’s hiking season again and everyone enjoying life on the mountain needs to remember. spencebah 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Maybe the thinking is that headphones could block outside sound and so might be a safety hazard. But you’re probably more likely to be injured for blasting music out of cheap Bluetooth speakers.

    [–] LPT: If someone calls you "Sir" or "Ma'am", there's no need to correct them or get offended, it's just a respectful gesture. spencebah 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    What do you mean by deep cut? (Asking honestly) I'm used to it meaning something obscure, or at least not mainstream, like lesser-known songs by a musician; not the common stuff that's played all the time. If this Simpsons quote is getting more and more attention, isn't it less and less a deep cut?

    [–] What normal thing can’t you do? spencebah 4 points ago in AskReddit

    That’s interesting, but I wonder why the circle map didn’t have December (12) at the top like a clock. I would have found that easier to associate each month to a number. “March is at the right, 3 o’clock. September to the left, 9 o’clock.”

    [–] Secret service agent inserts Mar-a-Largo USB spencebah 0 points ago in sysadmin

    It actually mentions another agent stating that this was "an off-network computer, dedicated for analysis."

    [–] Besides eating cereal with water what is the most outrageous "eating sin" you have ever witnessed? spencebah 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A friend of mine made Baileys pancakes back in his college days. We tried them again recently and I can’t say they were good, but Baileys waffles… not bad.