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    [–] 2meirl4meirl spew_on_u 7 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    The reddit cliches. I feel embarrassed that I have used a couple.

    [–] Running in Santa Fe? spew_on_u 2 points ago in SantaFe

    When visiting, I run the roads. The last bit of upper canyon road is unpaved, but you'll have to run on pavement to get there. Maybe wait until the weather warms up a bit to melt the ice.

    [–] Trump to propose immigration compromise to end shutdown: source spew_on_u 9 points ago in politics

    He also likes the fight. He issues law suits just to watch the other side blink. However, in this case, the other side hasn't blinked and he is now having to go off script.

    [–] Latest Polls Show Voters Are Blaming Trump for the Government Shutdown spew_on_u 4 points ago in politics

    He could have had a vote on the wall anytime that the republicans were in control of both houses of congress, but decided to pick a fight with democrats. So yeah, he owns this mess.

    [–] Texas Republicans overwhelmingly reject removal of Muslim county official spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    These republicans will now use this decision as a moral license to act like assholes in the future. "See, we aren't biggots, we kept the Muslim". Malcolm Gladwell covers this well in his podcast 'Revisionist History'. Plus, down vote for the fox news.

    [–] I didn’t use this vending machine and it gave me nothing in return spew_on_u 9 points ago in notinteresting

    You also have 5 fingers on your hand, like most of us. Just another uninteresting observation.

    [–] Trump: "I never worked for Russia" spew_on_u 31 points ago in politics

    “I used to work for Russia. I mean, I still do, but I used to too” -Trump probably

    [–] He’s got a point spew_on_u 0 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    It looks like it is already asking for help with a big black eye

    [–] White House Economic Advisor: Fed Workers "Better Off" Because They Didn't Have To Use Vacation Days During Holidays spew_on_u 3 points ago in politics

    It seems he doesn’t understand the difference between vacation (includes pay) and furlough (no pay). They are either out of touch with real American’s life or willfully spinning for Trump’s base. Either way, fuck him.