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    [–] What is your favorite FREE activity, why? spew_on_u 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Art gallery hopping. We visit Santa Fe every summer and I love walking Canyon Road and looking at art I can’t afford

    [–] Tim Scott: Trump has taken steps 'to move us in a better direction' since Charlottesville spew_on_u 2 points ago in politics

    I guess the GOP considers a better direction to be family separation, deporting legal immigrants, not allowing immigrants in the military to become citizens, instigating fights with African American NFL players, calling LeBron dumb. This is there their threshold for progress.

    Edit: a word

    [–] SPACEFORCE IS A GO! spew_on_u 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Lo0k, it's funny stuff.

    [–] Ohio 12th special election: How Donald Trump turned this safe Republican seat into a toss-up spew_on_u 29 points ago in politics

    And now he has insulted LeBron in a most disgusting way. Many Ohioans love LeBron, so that should piss off many the electorate there.

    [–] Facebook has detected attempts to interfere in mid-terms spew_on_u 9 points ago in politics

    If everyone would just delete their account, then there will be no influence by the bad actors. Read a book, go outside, talk with your children. Get off your phone.

    [–] Gov. Scott Walker's Campaign Donors are Getting Lucrative State Contracts spew_on_u 4 points ago in politics

    Of course they are, that’s how lobbying works. And by lobbying, I mean bribing.

    [–] The Trump-Russia investigation looks like a mob case spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    Will Mueller charge Trump associates under RICO Act?

    [–] Kim Jong Un Suckered Trump With a Fake De-Nuke ‘Breakthrough’ spew_on_u 37 points ago in politics

    For Trump: Iran deal=worst deal. NK deal=best deal. It is easy to see now why he went bankrupt so many times.