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    [–] Let’s all take a moment out of our day to watch and appreciate our favorite President Donald J Trump!! spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    Maybe you should post this over at The_Donald. The other 70% of Americans which r/politics serves, that sees our president for what he really is, don’t want to read these vapid posts.

    [–] Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg to debate; Warren on separate night spew_on_u -2 points ago in politics

    WTF!? I want Warren up there contrasting her vision of our country vs the others. This seems highly unfair

    [–] Trump admin spends nearly $1M on limo rentals for two-day Ireland visit spew_on_u 129 points ago in politics

    This is excessive. Who regulates WH spending? This seems like more grift for a friend or supporter.

    [–] Beto O’Rourke Wants Term Limits For Congress And The Supreme Court spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    Listen/watch the senatorial debate he had with Ted Cruz. I think you can find it on YouTube. You’ll get a good sense of his platform.

    [–] Idiot proof spew_on_u 1 points ago in funny

    I think you mean engineers that work in city permitting lol

    [–] Alabama’s Abortion Bill Is Immoral, Inhumane, and Wildly Inconsistent spew_on_u 11 points ago in politics

    The Alabama legislation doesn’t care. They just want to impose their view of Christian morality.

    [–] What is the oldest item you have in your home that you still use regularly? spew_on_u 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My toilet. It’s a left over from the late 70s and we never replaced it. We probably should, tho

    [–] Of Course, This Is How Ocasio-Cortez Used Abortion To Push Her Green New Deal spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    Thanks OP. Looking through your history shows that you like playing the troll with a new account.

    [–] He walks among us spew_on_u 5 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    That’s a fair point. I should read the Bible more to have more accurate memes. I really do appreciate the correction.

    [–] Martha McSally says time cost her the Senate race. No, she lost because of Trump spew_on_u 2 points ago in politics

    She lost because she was a shitty candidate. She has run 5 times and only won twice, yet she is still a senator.

    [–] White House rejects Democrats' request for documents in obstruction probe spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    Of course they do. The White House will stonewall for the next year and a half. it is the new normal.

    [–] The HOA doesn't like my project car, so I've decided to park it legally in front of the neighborhood's grand entrance. spew_on_u 56 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Good for you. I wish I knew of the nightmare before buying into that type of neighborhood. The management of HOAs are so incompetent, it makes me want to plant weeds in their yard and hope they get the letter of nonconformance.

    [–] Trump should send migrants to Guantanamo spew_on_u 1 points ago in politics

    This would be easy to do. The Trump admin simply declares the migrants as illegal enemy combatants and hold them indefinitely at Gitmo. The military order that gives the president this authority does not have a specified time limit for detention. I am sure Bolton could tie the central american migrants back to a 911 root cause for their mobilization and "attack" on our country. All you need is 1) a military willing to do this, and 2) the Senate to look the other way. I think the only ones that are saving the migrants from this classification are top military brass.

    [–] Inside The White House's Bitter Fight Over China spew_on_u 2 points ago in politics

    There’s a Frontline special on tonight about this topic.

    [–] Best thing I found on the internet today spew_on_u 1 points ago in WTF

    Then how will Wendy top that? Bath salts and eating the Pope’s face?

    [–] He's not a bad guy spew_on_u -1 points ago in PoliticalHumor