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    [–] Slappy Christmas had her day in court sphscl 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    You can write whst is called a victim impact statement but those are not often used in the lower courts.

    [–] Feeling defeated sphscl 2 points ago in Christianity

    If you need to talk you know where i am πŸ™‚

    [–] I am most angry about what EXSO has done to our children sphscl 29 points ago in JustNoSO

    Be honest with him. Tell him you dont know why his dad is behaving like he is but that he (your son) has done nothing to deserve or cause this.

    [–] My (33 F) husband (44 M) does not want me to reply to the letter I received from the boy I gave up for adoption when I was 13. sphscl 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Ok im adopted and i echo what anither poster said, if you want your kids to kniw tell them niw. I have just discovered 4 half siblings who are in their 30s and 40s who had no clue i exsisted.

    Some are ok with it others are really hurt by it.

    [–] Slappy Christmas had her day in court sphscl 3 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Good to hear she finally is startibg to piss tge courts off. She may have pulled confused old lady but the courts arent stupid. We give people chance after chance to start to prove themselves capable of changing their behaviour.

    She has been to court what... Twice now and sges gone from a slap on the wrist to something that does have significance. But for a court to hand out a suspended sentence is not as insignificant as it seems. Ive seen people walk away with much less for much worse abuse. Honestly i think someone on that magistrates bench gets it. There's basically a formula of severity they have to follow. And sounds like they already jumped a few steps. No community service, no probation... Just hope that they tore her a new one well enough that she leaves you alone.

    Also don't forget there's the " victim surcharge " on top of that fine... Thats another Β£75.

    For all the non brits no that doesn't go to the victim unfortunately. Its a way of making the criminals pay (partly) for the court system. It along with the fine goes to the government.

    [–] The contents of Slappy's letters sphscl 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    And she didnt think prehaps the solicitor is reading them first? God... You can see where her son got his smarts and Emotional Intelligence from huh?

    [–] ExSO has not taken news of his mother's charges well. sphscl 1 points ago in JustNoSO

    God hes a twat... A selfish moronic twat. I really hope he fets nothing he wants and everything he deserves in this life.

    [–] The contents of Slappy's letters sphscl 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Ok little confused were these letters sent directly to you or to the solicitor... If shes sending this directly to the solicitor shes more than got a few screws loose!

    [–] HAPPY WEDNESDAY GUYS sphscl 5 points ago in powerwashingporn

    I thought we were gonna see the tatts magically disapear and i was like nooooo.... Money and pain to get those!

    [–] I witnessed EM getting destroyed sphscl 3 points ago in entitledparents

    Ok i may be wrong but i think those seats are designated for people who would find it difficult to stand on a moving vehicle.

    If your mental health issues causes you to have difficulties standing up then i guess those seats would be for you.

    [–] Your call would be important if you called the right people... sphscl 1 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    That card system you are talking about is really only used in london, so no; for most of the population that wouldnt be the norm.

    [–] ExSO never fails to put himself first sphscl 22 points ago in JustNoSO

    Nothing wrong with a dart board, a picture and a set of darts. Best to keep that away from the kids though.

    [–] ExSO never fails to put himself first sphscl 24 points ago in JustNoSO

    Year i know my ex never paid a penny for my sons.

    Sucks but... Well not much you can do but stick one foot out and start walking.

    [–] EM asks for $3 MILLION. sphscl 14 points ago in EntitledPeople

    Well... I need 10 million so i can retire and have a life of luxury that i will soon become accustomed to.

    Life is soooooooo unfair!

    [–] ExSO never fails to put himself first sphscl 88 points ago in JustNoSO

    The courts dont deal with child support in the UK it literally goes on how much you earn.

    Sounds like hes earning cash in hand . Inland revenue might be interested though.

    [–] Found on r/blackpeopletwitter sphscl 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Hmmm it was written into our contract, not that it actually stopped anyone and actually thinking about it it was how much our wages went up (percentage raise) by that we werent supposed to talk about. It wasnt a uniform raise across the board.