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    [–] How do I stop contact with a 30 year old. I’m 16. squish059 7 points ago in Advice


    The action by a pedophile of preparing a child for a meeting, especially via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offense.

    [–] How do I stop contact with a 30 year old. I’m 16. squish059 14 points ago in Advice

    Grooming is also a crime in many places. Seems like he doesn’t realize that.

    [–] Why Pennsylvania needs to ditch fracking and get a Green New Deal of its own - Will Bunch opinion for the Philly Inquirer squish059 10 points ago in Pennsylvania

    A smaller percentage than they were during times that economically favored the middle class. Huge corporations like Chase Manhattan Banks, Amazon, Apple, etc. all pay less in taxes than you or I.

    I don’t think 70% is practical, but lowering the tax burden for those already rich and forsaking those who are poor is not logical. At some point the poor have every reason to refuse to continue working to pad the money lined pockets of those hoarding all the $.

    [–] My problems as a fat person squish059 3 points ago in loseit

    I’m saving this post as a reminder to me as well. I’m on my journey to weight loss and things are going well, but there is a lot of good points in here that motivate me.

    I miss having the energy to play with my children.

    I’m tired of sweating like I ran a marathon after a short walk.

    I won’t miss the backaches from everyday activities.

    My backside needs a good scrubbing, I’m tired of relying on the wand sprayer I have in the shower.

    [–] You are offered $1,000,000 USD if you can hide a pair of car keys from the entirety of the FBI force for 7 days. Where do you hide the keys? squish059 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Use them as a weapon in a crime. They’re be admitted into evidence and locked away.

    Make fake copies of the keys first and scatter them throughout a bunch of different hiding places to waste the investigators’ time.

    [–] Should I Be Worried This Was At My Kid’s Daycare? squish059 0 points ago in daddit

    Never heard of the movie. I was just making a joke of my own. I didn’t realize sarcasm wasn’t allowed in this sub. My sincerest apologies.

    [–] I got a panoramic xray of my teeth the other day. The dentist forgot to have me remove my glasses. squish059 9 points ago in funny

    Not really very funny considering glasses are an artifact. Artifact change the density of the overall images. Your dentist also failed to collimate to the anatomy being imaged. Meaning you were exposed to far more X-rays than necessary...including your eyes, which are fairly sensitive to radiation.

    [–] Should I Be Worried This Was At My Kid’s Daycare? squish059 -8 points ago in daddit

    No. It’s called a book. Many cultures use this device to share stories and ideas. Sometimes the stories are fictional and outrageous.

    [–] The methane in my buddies well water squish059 1 points ago in WTF

    Yeah but solar energy this and wind power that!

    We need fewer regulations to make antiquated power sources relevant again while we refuse to acclimate with new technology. Then wonder why the rest of the world is passing US by like we’re standing still.

    [–] Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos squish059 2 points ago in nfl

    Jacksonville going all-in on big dick Nick Foles?

    [–] The amount of GOOD advice in this sub is staggering squish059 7 points ago in loseit

    Thanks for this.

    Without the good advice in this sub, I wouldn’t be down 17lbs. Since the beginning of the year. I’m on track to reach my long-term goals because of great advice I’ve read in discussions with you all. Thanks.

    [–] I'm impressed squish059 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Bingo and Rolly?

    [–] Need help identifying motor and HP for VFD squish059 1 points ago in ElectricalEngineering

    You don’t need the tag to tell you what voltage you are using. The amp draw is listed but can be measured as well. After that you need to know the load and whether it is closed loop or open loop vector?

    [–] Saw this on Facebook. squish059 3 points ago in OCD

    Very true. Prior to my diagnosis I was in a dark place and had no understanding for the cause of my actions; which then led to depression. Now I have a much better foothold. My past keep me humble though.

    [–] Saw this on Facebook. squish059 3 points ago in OCD

    I have plenty of good days. I obsess over good things and end up looking like a genius at work. But the impulse issues can be brutal for people around me. Fits of rage that can’t be controlled. Bing eating, etc. being aware of everything helps though. If I can identify it in the moment it helps me gain control.