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    [–] OP 6T is Android Police's 2018 Phone of the Year ssup3rm4n 36 points ago in oneplus

    while we are at it.

    Add LG's headphone with their Quad DAC

    [–] Wee-yoo wagon ssup3rm4n 12 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Where are you located? Have you looked into working for the transporting business? Like the dialysis transport companies. I heard that they make a lot of money from a single patient and all you do is pick them up, transport, wait a few hours and pick them back up.

    [–] *pound fists* THANK YOU ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    This is my go-to answer.

    [–] Some say that hes still looking to this day... ssup3rm4n 13 points ago in funny

    He can reach speeds so fast he becomes like infinitely dense, could crash through anything going fast enough

    Infinite mass punch

    [–] My little shrine ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in comicbookcollecting

    I thought I was in /r/malelivingspace for a moment.

    [–] What the Avengers trailer should have been ssup3rm4n 3 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    Male/female are adjectives





    a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

    I am male. Is true.

    [–] Robbery suspect shoots himself in head during police chase. ssup3rm4n 4 points ago in houston

    Authorities say they are not expecting the man to recover from the self-inflicted wound, therefore, they say he will not be charged

    Can you imagine if he makes a full recovery and gets away scot-free because he wasn't charged with anything?

    [–] Shooting Competition in Houston ssup3rm4n 12 points ago in houston

    Damn. That looks like fun.

    [–] Opinions on a high quality, yet simple features dash cam. ssup3rm4n 10 points ago in Dashcam

    Not to be that guy, but if you look to the right. there are a few different cameras to choose from. From what I've seen, the A119 seems to be a good camera to start off with. I have a similar one and it works just as good.

    [–] 2 pcs Car Sticker ,$3.99 with code: 8FWRWHKS ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in WondersOfChina

    My mustang can feel the additional horse power. /s

    [–] HUge bUsT in local area ssup3rm4n 7 points ago in trees

    Don't forget the empty bags on the edges. Like they needed to cover as much space as needed.

    [–] Warehouse live VS Revention? ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in houston

    It's like AltaVista. After Yahoo bought them.

    [–] USPS North Houston Distribution Center strikes again ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in houston

    Watchout. they may act like they will try and deliver and say you requested to be held at the usps location.

    I was home all morning and no one came by and I didn't put in a request to hold it for me.

    [–] Checkout the loop downtown! ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in houston

    Can you not see the time machine they are on?

    [–] The Roula and Ryan Show ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in houston

    Same here. Used to be a big fan. Even won a few of their contests. I don't remember the last time I purposely put them on. especially since I work later now. I don't podcast them anymore. Maybe we realized how staged the radio show is.

    [–] I've changed the oil on my truck 72 times in 17 years. Rolling into the shop tomorrow for number 73. 2001 F250. ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Everyone here talking about their favorite truck growing up. Mine was my dad's 99 f350. It had a nice short bed. Extended cab. Beautiful green. And had a distinct engine noise that was different than others and I could tell which was his.