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    [–] Flippin’ Fantastic ssup3rm4n 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in pics

    Yeah, it kind of was one of the first mobile devices to come with a custom myspace app. It was also "not a phone"

    Those commercials were funny, but they didn't catch up.

    Fun fact; I had a one of a kind silver version of the ocean. It came in a slightly different box and was just silver colored. That's it.

    [–] Flippin’ Fantastic ssup3rm4n 5 points ago in pics

    I kind of miss those days, where the different phone companies were trying to out do every one else and create their own unique phone styles.

    Remember the Nokia "N" phones? They looked like video cameras.

    Sony Ericsson had Xenon flash in most of their flagship phones.

    Motorola had the "Droid series"

    Pantech made some cool dual sliding phones.

    I know the phones right now can do more and better stuff. But they all look so much the same. That's why I'm excited about the ROG and RZER phones.

    [–] We all have a dream! ssup3rm4n 7 points ago in Unexpected

    /╲/( ͡‾ ͡‾ ͜ʖ ͡‾ ͡‾)/\╱\

    More mouths to feed

    [–] We all have a dream! ssup3rm4n 235 points ago in Unexpected

    /╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\

    [–] Well.... ssup3rm4n 3 points ago in houston

    why not both?

    [–] Mexico jaguar population grows 20% in eight years ssup3rm4n 4 points ago in UpliftingNews

    I'm guessing that farmers are trying to protect their, land, animals, humans..

    [–] M/TX EDC Setup ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in EDC

    Hey OP. that gun needs some more space... just kidding. I saw you replied about it a few times. Nice job on the DIY project.

    [–] Aquaman : First image of Black Manta ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in movies

    If they don't kill Balck Manta. The DCEU has a habit of killing everyone.

    [–] Truck Driver Blues ssup3rm4n 3 points ago in ProRevenge

    What a nerd....

    ....A nerd that can kick my ass.

    [–] Baptised by sodium ssup3rm4n 3 points ago in Mustang

    24 for me :(

    Although 4th of july is coming and this place might be a nice place to drive to and take a mini vacation. and I'll visit a few states on the way.

    [–] Uber is rejecting their target consumers ssup3rm4n 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Unless you go home, clean it up, and activate the Lyft light to continue working.

    [–] PCMag's annual test of mobile networks around the U.S. is out, and T-Mobile is No. 1 in Houston. ssup3rm4n 1 points ago in houston

    They must have tested them within 5 feet of T-Mobile towers because my signal sucks with them.

    Phone: OnePlus 5T. Been with T-mobile since the beginning of the year. Horrible signal and shitty speeds. I forced my phone to just use 3G/H+ only, since it seems that's the only way to get consistent signal and speed.

    Copied and pasted from a previous thread

    I have t-mobile in Houston Texas.

    I do get 4G, but it acts as if no data is actually coming through my phone.

    This one is of my home wifi.

    This was done on Android 8.0

    I am still having similar issues on 8.1

    Edit: missed a letter

    [–] Red Coyote Badge on front grill of the Coyote Emblem Mustang ssup3rm4n 3 points ago in Mustang

    Damn it. I kind of want the carbon fiber key guard. maybe.....maybe....