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    [–] Do you like my wallpaper ? startfragment 2 points ago in iOSsetups

    Love it. Is there also a “bright” version?

    [–] If you had $200 to spend on a dinner for two, where would you go? startfragment 12 points ago in AskSF

    Al’s PlacE! It is amazing, especially for our pescatarian and vegetarian friends.

    [–] The insane zoom of the Nikon P900 startfragment 90 points ago in BeAmazed

    The p900 does not have interchangeable lenses, the Builtin one has a mega zoom tho.

    [–] Can anyone tell me if this was on purpose? startfragment 2 points ago in SwingDancing

    It’s a fast circle slide. So intentional 💯

    [–] Favorite ILHC coreo startfragment 2 points ago in SwingDancing

    Team Taiwan 🇹🇼!

    [–] What is the name of the song in this video: Inspiration Weekend 2017 - Comp & Show Track Performance? startfragment 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in SwingDancing

    Not what, but possibly a who. Ann thinks it’s a recording of Jonathan Stout from a past Focus with Albert soloing. This might also explain why Shazam has nothing on it.

    [–] In Support of Follow Empowerment startfragment 1 points ago in SwingDancing

    Since clicking seems to be hard for you, here is the first few paragraphs

    What follower empowerment is not

    As we explore what follower empowerment is, we need to remember that it is not about making followers more important than the leader, or insinuating that leaders are the bad guys. Rather, by giving more weight to the responsibilities and importance of the follower role, it actually reduces the expectations on leaders.

    Follower empowerment is also not about claiming that a follower does not need a leader within a dance. It does not involve followers doing what they want, when they want – even if the leader doesn’t lead it. Instead, it is focused on equalizing the partnership in a way that recognizes follower contributions as 50% of any good (or bad) dance.

    Lastly, follower empowerment is supposed to give followers more of a voice when it comes to creating safe, fun dances – rather than expecting leaders to guess what a specific follow is or isn’t comfortable with. It’s about removing silent expectations, and replacing them with an active attempt to shape the dance into a better experience for both parties.

    What follower empowerment is

    Follower empowerment is the action of giving more weight to the rights and responsibilities of the follower role. For example, it highlights the need for follows to:

    train and hone the craft of following contribute to the dance by compensating for leads with weak areas actively engage in shaping the dance into a safe and fun experience be valued as 50% of the dance partnership Let’s explore each of these aspects of follower empowerment.

    [–] Multiple developers with same user to access repos, commit and push startfragment 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in git

    What do they mean by account? In many systems account and author a separate things (like on GitHub).

    If by user they mean email you can still use git config to set each authors name on their machine.

    [–] Question for professionals using python startfragment 20 points ago in Python

    The vast majority of reddit is written in python!

    [–] Iphone XS setup startfragment 9 points ago in iOSsetups

    Swap Spotify and messages!

    [–] Lindy Focus Hype Thread startfragment 3 points ago in SwingDancing

    This will be my first lindy focus.… with a kid! Any other parents coming with tots in tow?

    [–] Watch the SwingNation Holiday Cooking Show on Sunday Dec 9 on Facebook Live! startfragment 2 points ago in SwingDancing

    Aw man. You need any special guests to drop by? 😉 (we can bring my family’s coleslaw recipe)

    [–] And On and On startfragment 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Adopt! Search for your local SPCA.

    [–] Best fried chicken in the city? startfragment 3 points ago in AskSF

    I like box kitchen and the bird.