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    [–] Question for professionals using python startfragment 15 points ago in Python

    The vast majority of reddit is written in python!

    [–] Iphone XS setup startfragment 7 points ago in iOSsetups

    Swap Spotify and messages!

    [–] Lindy Focus Hype Thread startfragment 2 points ago in SwingDancing

    This will be my first lindy focus.… with a kid! Any other parents coming with tots in tow?

    [–] Watch the SwingNation Holiday Cooking Show on Sunday Dec 9 on Facebook Live! startfragment 2 points ago in SwingDancing

    Aw man. You need any special guests to drop by? 😉 (we can bring my family’s coleslaw recipe)

    [–] And On and On startfragment 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Adopt! Search for your local SPCA.

    [–] Best fried chicken in the city? startfragment 3 points ago in AskSF

    I like box kitchen and the bird.

    [–] Bakers of San Francisco please help! startfragment 1 points ago in AskSF

    Read the Tartine book and flour water salt yeast. These two books were invaluable to me for leading about sourdoughs.

    Also watch bread week on bake off. Lots of good tips about how to identify what went wrong. Did you over/under knead or prove it, etc.

    [–] 2.1.2 (742) Just released in TestFlight. startfragment 1 points ago in shortcuts

    Can anyone confirm that this fixes the “crash immediately“ bug?

    [–] Negotiating rent in SF - tips, tricks, success stories? startfragment 13 points ago in AskSF

    You don’t. There is usually a line of people ready to pay the asking price.

    [–] Shortcuts 2.1.1 has been released startfragment 25 points ago in shortcuts

    I really like the new “crashes immediately” feature!

    [–] Putting it all on the line for python. startfragment 1 points ago in Python

    I can’t disagree more. (But I used to 100% think the same thing!)

    I am a professional python dec with a bout 15 years exp. over the last sever I have seen more and more “unconventional background” developers join the ranks, and this is a good thing! Diverse teams build better product!

    I have seen a ton of people go through these hacker schools and find great success on the other side with just three months of intense study. Do they have the same knowledge as someone with a four year degree? No. But you don’t need to be a computer scientist to do most web programming.

    Also, there is a world of jobs that do not require JS (even for entry level). I don’t know it and hope I never need to.

    I say go for it and good luck! Hacker schools can be worth it for the job placement connections so check them out.

    Edit: I live in SF for job market reference

    [–] In downtown San Francisco, they built a park on top of a 4-story transit center. Swing dancing to live music on it was surreal! startfragment 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in SwingDancing

    Hi 👋 I run this event, AMA

    The next event is Nov 16 (pending the park reopening).

    Follow us and our other projects at

    [–] Pretty accurate responses. startfragment 3 points ago in Breath_of_the_Wild

    Oooooh nailed it on the last one.

    [–] Dinner and a show for Thursday? startfragment 6 points ago in AskSF

    Beach Blanket Babylon! I think they serve food and if not there are a bunch of places nearby.