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    [–] Collection of my AST glamours! stephu 2 points ago in FFXIVGlamours

    Full body shots here as well :>

    [–] Nagi, my Maine Coon kitten! stephu 2 points ago in SupermodelCats

    Her shedding so far hasn't been terrible! Better than my domestic long hair at least, haha. But yes, I've just accepted that I'll have cat hair on literally every item I own. Still worth it though!

    [–] USA beat The Netherlands 2 - 0 to win the FIFA Women's World Cup stephu 224 points ago in pics

    I went to school with her and played soccer with her in high school. Somehow, even in the typically awkward stages of elementary school, she was still photogenic and pretty.

    [–] My 9 week old Maine Coon kitten! stephu 5 points ago in aww

    Her name is Nagi! Short for unagi because I have another cat named Toro (Can you tell I like sushi?) c:

    [–] My 9 week old Maine Coon kitten! stephu 50 points ago in aww

    I’m glad to hear that! Any tips for raising one? She definitely is a handful already, but she is the cutest q_q

    [–] My 9 week old Maine Coon kitten! stephu 2 points ago in aww

    Haha yes! Though I’ll be sticking with my Miqo’te ;>

    [–] Someone Posted My Dragoon Cosplay a While Ago. Wanted to share Fav Photo. >_< Photo by Colourproof stephu 14 points ago in ffxiv

    This is amazing! I’ve always wanted it try making a dragoon cosplay (even though I don’t have one leveled). Do you have any other shots of it?

    [–] Ikemen Revolution: Romantic vs. Dramatic ending? stephu 5 points ago in otomegames

    I just finished Ray's route as well! I had no idea which ending to pick so I went with the dramatic ending since I liked the CG more, haha. It doesn't really resemble IkeSen's endings since the endings are just 5 chapters long, and there isn't much story you can fit into such a short span. The ending was cute, though it wasn't necessarily very dramatic (How dramatic can you make a story in 5 chapters anyways, heh).

    [–] black shout Expert, but at 1.0 speed and 200% note size stephu 24 points ago in BanGDream

    I once did this for fun in free live for a bit, then forgot about the settings later and queued into multi-live. I, uh, didn't have a great time.

    [–] Otome Tropes Weekly Discussion- Character Archetypes: "Seduce them all? Me?" aka the Playboy stephu 9 points ago in otomegames

    Looks like we're in the minority, but I agree! It's so satisfying to see the flirty characters finally find someone they can settle down with.

    I think Masamune from Ikemen Sengoku fits into this trope, and he's one of my favorite otoge characters.

    [–] I have $40 CAD on steam, what games do you recommend that you would play again? stephu 5 points ago in otomegames

    Seconding Nightshade! There is a good amount of tragedy (More in some routes than others), but the game is so so good. Hanzo is easily in my top 3 favorite characters in an otome game.

    [–] Weekly Giveaway! | August stephu 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Compilation of some of my glamours! Not in order for whatever reason and also missing a lot of the names of items because I'm lazy c:

    [–] PSN Friend Finder: Otome Edition! stephu 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in otomegames

    staphu [PS4, Vita] - Just finished Period Cube, so nothing on the Vita until Collar x Malice most likely!

    • What games do you enjoy?: HMMM, my favorites are probably Nightshade (Mostly 'cause Hanzo), Code: Realize (Van Helsing), and Norn9 (Natsuhiko). I'm not super picky though, so I've pretty much enjoyed most of the otome games I've played :)

    • What games are you looking forward to?: Collar x Malice. I'm reeeeally hoping that Kenka Bancho Otome will be localized at some point though.

    • Do you like trophies?: Hmm, sure! I think if i'm close after a normal play through, I'm like, "Eh, might as well", and I'll try to get 100%. Otherwise, it's not necessarily a high priority for me.

    • What seems to be your bias?: The players, haha. I've just always enjoyed the trope as it's super interesting to see the change in a guy that just hasn't met the right person. I also like the "cool" guys, I think.

    • Do you play other games outside of otome/VNs?: Too many! I like a pretty wide variety of games. I'm currently playing Overwatch, DOTA2, and FFXIV on PC and Puzzle & Dragons on mobile c: My wishlist for games is huge right now q_q (Persona 5, FFXIV: Stormblood, Fire Emblem Echoes, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, just to name a few).

    [–] A Very Long Plea For Why Hanzo From Nightshade Deserves a Flair stephu 3 points ago in otomegames

    Great analysis! I agree with pretty much everything you said, hahah. I even requested a Hanzo flair in the Nightshade thread as well c; Hanzo is now my all-time favoriteeeee.

    [–] Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Discussion Thread stephu 2 points ago in otomegames

    The game had it's flaws, but I liked it overall.

    Things I liked:

    Things I disliked:

    My personal preference was probably: Radius > Astrum >> Hiroya > Shiki > Libera >> Zain > Demento

    Short thoughts on the main characters:

    Whew, I wrote an essay :> All in all, I had fun playing the game. Wouldn't be my first recommendation to someone picking up otome games for the first time, but it's still good c;

    [–] Gakuen Club Just Got Released On Steam! stephu 5 points ago in otomegames

    Saaaame. I usually play through all routes if I buy a game, but The Charming Empire really just couldn't hold my interest. And this is coming from someone that is preeeetty easily satisfied with games, hahah. Seeing that this is another mobile port, $30 is too steep for me to justify buying it q_q Now if the quality was like Nightshade, that'd be another story c;

    [–] Friend drew cute Spring Day / Not Today / variety chibis so of course I had to share!!! stephu 5 points ago in bangtan

    YOBOOO, these are the cutest! Rabbit JK is the best c: Military and saxophone JK (That smile, dude) are amazing too though, heheh :>

    [–] What are you Reading Wednesday - Apr 19 stephu 3 points ago in otomegames

    I agree with you on so many points! My preference order was similar except I placed Gekkamaru a little higher c;

    Character: Hanzo >>> Goemon > Gekkamaru > Kuroyuki > Chojiro

    Visual: Gekkamaru > Hanzo > Kuroyuki > Goemon > Chojiro

    Voice: Hanzo >>> Goemon = Kuroyuki > Chojiro > Gekkamaru

    I'll put my thoughts in my order of playthrough as well!

    Goemon: The player/womanizer/flirt, aka my favorite trope in otome games. I really liked Goemon as a character, and the whole dynamic of having three identities was really interesting to me. I think I didn't have the same reaction to their "deaths" as you did because I played his route first so I didn't even know they would have deaths in the game, hahaha. The entire time I was in denial like, "Hmm... it's some elaborate ruse or a crazy long nightmare, right... Right???".

    I had mixed feelings about the bad end; I wanted him to get revenge, but it was also sad that he killed after he'd said that wasn't something he wanted to do anymore. I did like that Enju mentioned it was the first time she'd seen him cry because while I obviously knew that he loved her, that moment is where it really hit me. Also, having the one you love die thinking you betrayed them without knowing the full story? Ugh, my heart q_q

    Hanzo: Can I just start with how much I swooned over Tsuda Kenjiro's voice? I loved Kazama from Hakuoki so I was already familiar with him, but damn. I tend to read fairly quickly so I'd often move to the next scene without hearing the line fully spoken, but nope, never with Hanzo.

    All the characters in the game grew as the story progressed, but Hanzo's development was the most rewarding for me to watch, and Enju definitely shined the most in his route. I played through all the bad ends (surprisingly 'cause I usually hate sad endings) after getting all the true ends, and I was actually pretty satisfied with his bad end as well. Both of them still seemed content and at peace in death. If they're happy, I'm happy, sort of deal, hahah.

    Hanzo is probably now one of my favorite characters in an otome game c: Requesting Hanzo flair pls :>

    Chojiro: This route was so saaaaad Q_Q Came out of no where too after playing Hanzo and Goemon's routes. Literally: "PEOPLE DIE???" While following a similar plot line, this one was wayyy heavier than Gekkamaru's route in my opinion because they're the ones that kill each other. I do agree with you that the bad end was fitting for this. Beautifully tragic describes it well.

    Kuroyuki: Shimono Hiro did a great job at this role, imo. Kuroyuki wasn't my favorite character, but his tragic back story combined with excellent voice acting tugged at my heart strings more so than any of the other routes. His bad end was by far the saddest for me as well. I'd totally forgotten about Itsuki's end in Norn9, but that's exaaactly it.

    Oh, the plot reveal about him being the murderer in some of the routes was completely unexpected to me. I know he'd disappear and all, and I figured they'd explain it in his route, but it didn't even cross my mind that he could be the killer. Also, I TOTALLY didn't realize the differing Hideyoshi death CGs was intentional until later in his route, hahahah. I was literally like, "Hmm, maybe censoring? Guess they forgot to put the correct one for Chojiro's route" and moved on.

    Gekkamaru: Ahh, Gekkamaru was a cutie. There were quite a lot of moments in his route where I'd smile and think, "Heh, cute". I didn't think I'd like him much because his bodyguard role seemed a bit overbearing for me, but he grew on me a lot in his route. Also, I liked that they explained the alternative method of breaking the spell. Sort of ties up the other routes as to why Gekkamaru was able to let go and not be a creepy stalker or something, heh c;

    Like I mentioned earlier, the deaths in his route weren't as heavy hitting for me because there was less guilt associated with not being the killer (except for one and that was pretty sad) and because most of Enju's friends still tried to save her in the end. Also, I knew deaths were a thing by this point obviously so it wasn't as big of a shocker, haha.

    As much as I hate bad endings, it looks like that's mostly what I discussed, hahah. Though I'll always be a sap and prefer the happy endings 10/10 times c: