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    [–] He probably liked toy guns a lot as a kid stevefan1999 1 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    because 4 sounds like 死 -- “death” in japanese/chinese, and we have this kind of numerical fear just like 666, yet despite the scene of Part 5 is set in Naples/Rome that Mista is clearly an Italian, so this doesn’t really applies...I guess

    [–] Two legends stevefan1999 1 points ago in mathmemes

    “Stand users will mutually attract other stand users”

    [–] [Request] Speakeasy for device freedom stevefan1999 1 points ago in jailbreak

    E.g. uggcf://hap0ire.qri/ r13

    Disclaimer: it is just some random text no piracy is involved :p

    [–] [UPDATE] Unc0ver OTA is now signed again! stevefan1999 1 points ago in jailbreak

    Just so you know, I actually got cucked by Apple now...I see that ReProvision started to fail, now I'm left without jailbreak that I have to reboot due to memleak. All signing services are effectively blocked, it really seems like Apple wants to be the next China by restricting too much personal freedom.

    [–] Could be any one of us stevefan1999 2 points ago in KamikazeByWords

    Dead ringer deactivated, BLU spy appears

    Ahem.Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be légendaire!

    [–] What does this mean? stevefan1999 1 points ago in ManjaroLinux

    This is a generic error. It happened when my EFI variable is not accessable. I'm installing Manjaro amd64 on an Asus T100TA via Grub hack. Locate dmesg to see if you have EFI related stuff crashing (e.g efibootmgr, efivar-tester) and they will be the main cause apparently due to time out on installer script.

    [–] Why are my Sata SSD speeds this fast? stevefan1999 3 points ago in homelab

    My SATA SSD can't be this fast!

    Sauce: Oreimo, the official (literally) translated name

    [–] PSA: Sad panda has resurrected stevefan1999 1 points ago in DataHoarder

    i literally just jerked off watching doujinshi from sad panda

    [–] NBN Co shows its top user now hits 26TB a month stevefan1999 2 points ago in DataHoarder

    le me only having 200GB/month in HK (around this number)

    edit: its much beyond that. 900GB. almost a tera

    [–] Throwback to the late 90s/early 2000s stevefan1999 2 points ago in Piracy

    i came up from the bottom and into the top

    [–] If you like lolis, you're a pedophile stevefan1999 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    just look at her, do you think it is a (disgusting) woman or loli first without looking at the tags?

    [–] Ah yes loli breathing my favorite kind of music stevefan1999 1 points ago in Animemes

    what about both loli and shota breathing heavily at the same time?

    [–] Me when i say i read loli hentai stevefan1999 1 points ago in memes

    bruh your title has nothing to do with the content

    [–] Turning animations to 60fps using AI stevefan1999 1 points ago in programming

    cant wait to turn my fortnite default dance to 60fps