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    [–] That's my jam stevencastle 5 points ago in softwaregore

    Now that is my jam

    [–] Dev Watercooler: World of Warcraft Classic stevencastle 1 points ago in wow

    What if you like both the Cure and Morrissey?

    [–] Ehm that doesn't work like that. stevencastle 1 points ago in facepalm

    The super secret rituals stolen borrowed from the Masons

    [–] Evolution of fallout stevencastle 1 points ago in gaming

    It's provocative, it makes you think...

    [–] The definition of priceless stevencastle 1 points ago in baseball

    I'm picturing him doing a Zoidberg in my head

    [–] Trump’s campaign to discredit Michael Cohen is already underway stevencastle 2 points ago in politics

    No, missed that tour, I saw them back in 89 or 90 I think it was? Pretty good show.