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    [–] Allied races unlock question stevencastle 1 points ago in wow

    I had all my characters on the horde side, used my boost to get a dwarf shaman to 110 to do the allied races.

    [–] The Alphabet Starting 9 - Creating the best starting lineups possible based only on the first letter of players' last names from A-Z stevencastle 1 points ago in baseball

    I did this in a baseball sim like 20 years ago with all-time baseball players, and I replaced the X team with a Mc team, and had separate Y and Z teams. The Q team was pretty bad. The team that did the best was the S team I believe.

    [–] And a Happy Cooka Mala to you too! stevencastle 2 points ago in wow

    That's not even his real name!

    [–] Non Tender-Intriguing names stevencastle 1 points ago in Padres

    Hamilton is just like Jank, but Jank is younger I believe. I'd keep Jank and maybe he can become better.

    [–] Madden: Why I voted for Placido Polanco stevencastle 1 points ago in baseball

    He's similar to Ozzie and he got in on defense mostly

    [–] What other players can the Mariners trade to save money? A in depth look stevencastle 4 points ago in baseball

    Padres were close to trading for Leake, he would probably do well in a move back to the NL