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    [–] Cursuri de front end developer sthenoo 1 points ago in Romania

    Sorry bro, nu am cum sa le semnez, mama a murit si cu tata nu vorbesc, poate reusim altfel

    [–] Cursuri de front end developer sthenoo 2 points ago in Romania

    O sa ma apuc curand sa imi fac un portofoliu; am sa ma uit. Multumesc frumos

    [–] Cursuri de front end developer sthenoo 4 points ago in Romania

    Evident, total de acord. Am mentionat faptul ca invat sigura, urmarind cursuri de pe udemy, treehouse, sololearn. Ma gandeam doar daca are sens sau nu, am inteles ca nu si o sa continui ca pana acum. Mersi mult

    [–] Cursuri de front end developer sthenoo -2 points ago in Romania

    Am facut un curs super de pe udemy, acum am schimbat cu TreeHouse, fiind structurate mult mai bine si luate treptat. Ma gandeam doar ca ar fi mai usor de consolidat ceea ce stiu deja. Am cautat foarte mult despre LinkAcademy si programe de genul si ma cam lasa rece. Probabil o sa stuck with cursuri online si voi vedea cum merge. Mersi frumos :D

    [–] Some traffic lights in Iceland have hearts on them sthenoo 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    He also have the in Romania. Only on Valentines Day.

    [–] Heterochromia twins sthenoo 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    He took it to the vet and that's what he said

    [–] Literally sthenoo 2 points ago in cats

    I had 30 before moving to UK. I still have them but they are in Romania, living their best life

    [–] Literally sthenoo 0 points ago in cats

    Thanks bro :)))

    [–] Literally sthenoo 3 points ago in cats

    How can someone not love them :))

    [–] Give this man a Nobel Prize already sthenoo -2 points ago in pics

    For making the world a better place, ofc

    [–] Do I need a new tire? sthenoo 2 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Naaah, it looks just fine

    [–] Heterochromia twins sthenoo 20 points ago in BeAmazed

    My bf used to have an albino cat with light yellow eyes who was deaf and had hepatitis. My bf took it off of streets when he was a kitten because he seemd he doesn't fear any dogs, not giving them atention at all to them, but it turned out that he was just deaf and he wasn't hearing them. He was a great cat. He's loved and missed deeply.p

    [–] Apollo astronauts falling on the moon sthenoo 2 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I knooookw, it s insane, i would die just to fall once on the moon