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    [–] An extreme closeup of a cannibalistic wolf spider stillinthesimulation 1 points ago in spiders

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure those larger, darker hairs on the legs are used to sense subtle vibrations in the air to help detect prey.

    [–] Ornithocheirus stillinthesimulation 2 points ago in prehistoricreatures

    And it died of loneliness on a beach and got its eyes pecked out.

    [–] Gigantophithecus stillinthesimulation 2 points ago in prehistoricreatures

    Of all the instances when we could have had a banana for scale...

    [–] Not even true, but the meme flowed through me. stillinthesimulation 8 points ago in radioheadcirclejerk

    I’d appreciate Muse more if the lyrics were in a language I couldn’t understand.

    [–] Not even true, but the meme flowed through me. stillinthesimulation 7 points ago in radioheadcirclejerk

    They were great when I was an angsty teen but now that I’m an angsty adult they just aren’t angsty enough for me.

    [–] [Warning: Pedophilia.] First post. stillinthesimulation 14 points ago in niceguys

    He engaged in a sex act with a minor. That should follow him for the rest of his life.

    [–] I fucking LOVE how Ari Aster handles death scenes in his movies (no spoilers) stillinthesimulation 1 points ago in horror

    I always feel that a death in fiction should either drive the plot forward or further another character’s development. Scenes where a character dies and no one is there to witness it/ grieve it feel hollow. They only exist for the sake of the audience.

    [–] If U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead with his threat to close Twitter, the site can always relocate to Germany, a senior German official suggests stillinthesimulation 3 points ago in worldnews

    He’s been manically tweeting nonsense conspiracy theories about Muller and Obama or that TV host and somewhere in the middle of all that drivel is a brief acknowledgement of the 100,000 dead milestone. And the contrast between his own words and whoever wrote that one tweet couldn’t be more obvious.

    [–] Boomer stabbing at looters in Target stillinthesimulation 5 points ago in BoomersBeingFools

    Fox News is gonna have a field day with this one. “Valiant disabled senior fights off viscous thugs who attack her with chemical weapons.”

    [–] "Forgive Me, Jon" - Remastered stillinthesimulation 43 points ago in imsorryjon

    It’s crazy how much has come from the simple idea of a beloved cartoon cat being a lovecraftian vessel of cosmic horror.

    [–] Smilodon populator and Smilodon fatalis stillinthesimulation 2 points ago in Naturewasmetal

    Yep I was wrong. I will delete my comment and revisit where I got my faulty info on jaguar evolution.

    [–] Breathing Is A Privilege stillinthesimulation 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy. Now something must be done about vengeance a badge and a gun.

    [–] Where's the love for black star stillinthesimulation 1 points ago in radiohead

    They’re kinda one note for me. Not bad but unrefined compared to future releases of a similar style.

    [–] wankers. complete wankers stillinthesimulation 3 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    Hope they wake up to find a nice big human turd on their windshield.

    [–] Valley Of Death stillinthesimulation 19 points ago in Naturewasmetal

    I think we’d see more pack hunting in birds if the niche called for it.

    [–] Guard spider stillinthesimulation 9 points ago in spiders

    Jumping spiders always move like they’re out of a cheap animation without enough in-betweens.

    [–] I think that, despite what some may think about the Kelvin timeline, we can all agree that Michael Giacchino knocked it out of the park with "Enterprising Young Men." stillinthesimulation 2 points ago in startrek

    He’s one of the best film composers of his time. The Incredibles is my favourite of his originals but I also love how he’s been able to step in to fill John Williams’ shoes on films like Rogue One and the Jurassic World movies (which both had scores that far surpassed the quality of the films themselves IMO.)

    [–] Can we get a patch to lower the guard rails xD stillinthesimulation 22 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    Where else do you throw bad guys so that they can die but then come back a few movies later?

    [–] Parts up until now stillinthesimulation 2 points ago in TheBikiniBottomHorror

    Haha no problem and thanks for reading!