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    [–] Parents of Reddit, what is the most embarrassing thing your toddler said out loud in public? stinkypurplesoxs 37 points ago in AskReddit


    I'm an idiot. My son has been grabbing himself and I was always worried he had to pee or something was wrong. He always tells me no, but now I get it🤦🏾‍♀️

    [–] Happy Birthday, Froppy! stinkypurplesoxs 3 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    Wahhhh? We share the same bday?! Neat❤

    [–] I’m speechless.... stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Married and Divorced one.

    His mom said she named him after a Cabbage Patch doll.

    [–] Motherhood in America stinkypurplesoxs 3 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Single Active Duty.

    Let me tell before I even type this out, I do have people who support my decision to enlist and take my kid with me, but there are the smug comments I get for doing what I do:

    "How dare you take him from his father (whose was abusive to both of us) and place him in a new location and put him in a new school around people he doesnt know...thousands miles away. You're a terrible mother. Why didn't you surrender your rights?"

    "You can have a career or raise your kids properly. Not both"

    "You're stupid to take that baby off like that."

    I have gotten care and help. Thank Goodness I was able to find awesome people to help, but damn people really need to keep their opinions to themselves sometimes.

    My kid loves where we are and I often ask him does he want to ever go back. He gets scared if I ever mention going back home.

    [–] We've all been here... stinkypurplesoxs 3 points ago in AirForce

    Yeah...I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about. She was my MTI.

    I remember her lighting up all the zero weekers that called her "sir"😂

    [–] Looking for games to play while deployed stinkypurplesoxs 3 points ago in AirForce

    My kid loves Roblox. We usually facetime each other and play together on Roblox.

    [–] I can never get service inside a building stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in AirForce

    I have ATT and it was working great back at home. At Hickam...its straight garbage. If I'm on a phone call anywhere near the traffic circle, Hanger 2, or back where comm is, the call is guaranteed to drop.

    Now there are spots where I can get like 2 to 3 bars, but its random.

    Also, random fact, if you pcs here and have Siruis XM, kiss it goodbye.

    [–] Being there isn’t enough. stinkypurplesoxs 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in BlackPeopleTwitter


    My ex husband was raised by a terrible woman. I could write a book what that woman did to him, but the most fucked thing she did was ghost his dad because she didnt want the father to lose a divorce case for knocking up her (she was the side piece).

    When his divorce settle and went looking for her, she ghosted.

    I found his father after he didnt see him for damn near 19 years and the truth came out. She didn't care and looked my ex in the face and said:

    "You were an accident and I couldn't afford the abortion. I didnt want * his father's name* to lose his divorce case, so I kept quiet. "

    He laughed it off, but I saw the hurt in his face and body language.

    That was his 2nd divorce. He's on marriage number 4 or 5 now.

    I've witnessed her with a butcher's knife to my ex's throat for him putting holes in the wall after he was frustrated on the whereabouts of his dad.

    I've also heard that she beat her oldest with a cast iron skillet upside his head for being "disobedient". He ended up with a concussion, but barred him from going to the doctor. She told me this as she was laughing.

    When her son would fuck me up, she would always tell me not to call the cops, but instead, get away from him, clean up your wounds, and hide them. She didnt want her son's life ruined because I was in his way.

    Took a decade to get out, but even though he was wrong how he treated me, his mother is one of the main reasons he's the monster he is today. He was dealt a shitty hand, but if he had the courage to stand up to her and separate himself, he probably would have been a better person.

    [–] Where my east coast fellas at stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in blackmirror

    9:46pm here!

    14 more minutes, woohoo!

    [–] yessir stinkypurplesoxs 37 points ago in AirForce


    [–] Question about using a GTC stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in AirForce

    I've been waiting on housing so they placed me in a hotel and sent me a card until my TLA gets paid to me. I dont have a kitchen so they are also paying for meals. It's like $180 a night and for food it's almost $150 a day

    [–] My family just sent me a Christmas care package from home!!! stinkypurplesoxs 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in AirForce

    Is that Cafe Du Mondé or Community Coffee?

    Edit: I can't spell

    [–] My friends when I mentioned how much I'd been bullied stinkypurplesoxs 9 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Yeah...more reason I quit telling what happened to me.

    "Why are you so happy all the time?"

    "Ever had your whole body smashed into a wall over not letting a dude feel like a man and undercooked food? Got to keep my face, stopped eating pork, and I'm here another day!"


    It's the only way I can cope or I'll just go to the gym and workout😕

    [–] I think we just need to accept it stinkypurplesoxs 2 points ago in dating_advice

    Hit the nail on the head

    I've been single for the last three years and it's even harder when you have a kid.

    [–] She won. stinkypurplesoxs 6 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Lots of women and men do it on their own.

    Fore warning, THE SHIT AINT EASY.

    If he wants to be in the child's life and ACTUALLY puts forth the effort, let him have his time with the child.

    Don't get sucked back into the relationship either. There's a reason they call them "exs". See if you can find support groups around you to help.

    For the love of God, don't become obsessed with the relationship or him. It ruins your progress and your ability to be able to function.

    You'll be fine.

    [–] She won. stinkypurplesoxs 20 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Good night, Irene.🤦🏾‍♀️

    Just dump him. Be single. Work on you so you can take care of your kid. The End.

    PS: put him on Child Support if you need help financially ( if he won't help).

    [–] Secfo at the gate when you ask them how they’re doing stinkypurplesoxs 16 points ago in AirForce

    I was passing through one of the gates one day and Secfo saw I had a bag sitting in my seat.

    He said "Hey, got anything in that bag for me?"

    I had went by Walmart to grab a Monster and a Red Bull for the next couple of days.

    So I said "Sure! Here."

    I gave him the White Monster.

    The look on the dude's face was like he saw Santa on Christmas Eve.

    "...omg...I love you..."

    "'re welcome...have a good day!"

    Felt good.

    [–] Nonners Only stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in AirForce

    Still waiting

    [–] People who've dated a psycho: what incident made you aware that you were dating a psycho? stinkypurplesoxs 79 points ago in AskReddit

    Jesus...sounds like my ex husband.

    If any man was around the area of our apartment (like outside), he would accuse me of cheating.

    If I looked a guy in the eyes, I wanted to bang him. I would always look down...still affects me today to the point I have to remind myself to stop.

    The worst is when there were oilfield workers that lived below us that would smoke. He accuse me of having a gangbang while our son watch.

    Didn't help he would throw me into walls and choke me until I "told the truth" or past out.

    Nope the hell out after I got the courage to leave. Took nearly 10 years.

    Til this day, I have been divorced from him, but everytime my son face times him, he gloats about how great his new "fiancee" is and how I'm a piece of shit or a "cheating whore that broke up the family". Our son usually tell him that's not nice and stop.

    He's even threatened to call my job to get me fired. He's fucking nuts.

    Doing a HELLUVA lot better.

    [–] PCS to Hickam Travel Days? stinkypurplesoxs 1 points ago in AirForce

    I'm only getting one travel day.

    I have to drive about three hours away to drop my car off, but I'm also flying out of the same area the next day.

    [–] What is the dumbest thing you've seen an Airman buy? stinkypurplesoxs 8 points ago in AirForce

    Blow over $2000 at Gamestop...then spent an ungodly amount of money on meatball marinara subs at Subway because he refused to eat at the DFAC.

    All because his mom wouldn't send him his games and console.

    [–] Holy shit stinkypurplesoxs 19 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Yes, they are suppose to sound their horn.

    The tracks go through downtown, where there is heavy foot traffic.

    To keep people off the track, they were suppose to sound their horn.

    Also, this was in the early 90s. No cell phones so it took a moment to get help.