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    [–] One of the largest banks issued an alarming warning that Earth is running out of the resources to sustain life stirling_archer 1 points ago in Foodforthought

    Change your actions. Learn to cook well given your new diet. Make treats for people. Answer questions patiently and honestly and don't make people feel like shit for just acting in line with how we were (mostly) all raised. I've found that most people are actually curious and want to know more if you make the discussion pleasant. The long game works; I was swayed this way and have about 10 vegetarian/vegan "descendants" of my own over a few years with this approach.

    [–] I’m Sam Beckbessinger, the author of a bestselling book called “How to Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup”. AMA! stirling_archer 12 points ago in IAmA

    You, your parent commenter and the OP are all making the same mistake: laws vary a lot between countries. In South Africa (where the OP is from) an RA is a totally legit move for a young person. The returns are solid, uncapped and tax free, and the fees aren't high in general (but there is still the barrier to withdrawal). It's also a tax deduction up to a whopping 27.5% of your gross income. This is how I save for retirement and it's like a freight train. We also don't have to fear getting financially mangled by things like American healthcare costs, so it's more tolerable not to have an enormous rainy day fund. Anyway, when it comes to retirement and taxes especially, there's basically no point in trying to make universal statements because things vary so much.

    [–] No, I have no side code projects to show you stirling_archer 4 points ago in programming

    And /u/1000bedavas, even if your only goal is to be as effective at work as possible, there's research that shows every hour over 55 per week is balanced by an hour worth of lost productivity. And you're already hitting seriously diminishing returns before that. Focus on improving your efficiency, not time spent. Sharpen the saw rather than furiously wearing it out.

    [–] White America’s Age-Old, Misguided Obsession With Civility stirling_archer 3 points ago in Foodforthought

    I'd like to know your basis for suggesting that the author is arguing that America should solve its problems in a manner similar to 1930s Germany, the French Revolution or the October Revolution.

    For the former, where have they advocated for something similar?

    For the latter two, where in the text have they advocated for an armed insurrection?

    [–] Judges give longer sentences when their home teams lose a game. In particular to black defendants. stirling_archer 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in science

    The path of loss->committing crime->arrest->trial->sentencing would take far longer on average than the length of time between games.

    [–] [D] Machine Learning MASSIVELY Undersold on Freelance Websites stirling_archer 1 points ago in MachineLearning

    Do you have anything in particular against a "permanent" position at a company? I recently made that switch from postdoc and I've been loving it so far. Even if you'd prefer freelancing, maybe some time in a company would help you develop those business skills.

    [–] A lot of negative posts lately. Who of you actually enjoys their work? stirling_archer 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    This, really. Similar background, I invest about a quarter of my pre-tax income as a non-negotiable rule. I'd consider using that money to be stealing from an old person (retired me). What's left I consider my actual salary and adjust lifestyle accordingly.

    [–] America Has Never Looked More Like 'The Handmaid's Tale' stirling_archer 8 points ago in TrueReddit

    "Remember" is often used to mean "keep in mind when considering your actions", i.e. "be considerate of/towards".

    [–] America Has Never Looked More Like 'The Handmaid's Tale' stirling_archer 2 points ago in TrueReddit

    Part of the reason for the plausibility, from an interview in 2004:

    As with The Handmaid's Tale, I didn't put in anything that we haven't already done, we're not already doing, we're seriously trying to do, coupled with trends that are already in progress... So all of those things are real, and therefore the amount of pure invention is close to nil.

    [–] [N] UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’ stirling_archer 1 points ago in MachineLearning

    Agreed. It'll be interesting to see what people can come up with under those (or similar) constraints.

    [–] [N] UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’ stirling_archer 2 points ago in MachineLearning

    There's also research into homomorphic encryption, where it might be possible even to send in the training data encrypted in such a way that it preserves the operations you need for training.

    [–] DeepMind has developed a neural network that taught itself to ‘imagine’ a scene from different viewpoints, based on just a single image. The new research has just been published in the journal Science. stirling_archer 3 points ago in Futurology

    There's a wall, but it's not very high for a lot of applications, and it only gets lower each year. You can rent a GPU that rivals a supercomputer from the early 2000s for a little over $1 an hour. As a hobbyist, you can also benefit greatly from transfer learning, where early layers of a pre-trained network have learnt to extract generally applicable features, and you only retrain the final few layers to combine those features into the thing you're trying to predict or generate. Here's an example of quickly retraining the final layer of a huge network to detect things (balloons) that were not labeled in its original training data.

    But yes, as for being at the cutting edge of research, you'll definitely need unfettered access to all the GPUs you want to experiment quickly enough.

    [–] Monty Hall in the Wild: "“Pigeons quickly learn to switch doors when the game is repeated multiple times and they can observe that switching doors is twice as likely to yield the prize. You know who fails miserably at playing the iterated Monty Hall game? Humans." stirling_archer 9 points ago in TrueReddit

    I do think that wording isn't presented clearly enough when people introduce the problem. It's often ends up coming across like he picked a remaining door at random and it happened to be a goat. "Of the two doors remaining, he knows what's behind both. He then deliberately, as he will do every time, selects one he knows has a goat and opens it."

    [–] [D] How do I manage my expectations as a new researcher - or how to overcome "researcher's writers blcok"? (please don't upvote) stirling_archer 23 points ago in MachineLearning

    I can totally relate, and I think the hardest thing about a PhD is managing expectations and maintaining motivation. A PhD "simply" needs to be novel. It does not need to be earth-shattering, and very few are. I'm not sure if this makes things better or worse, but very few people are going to read your thesis. So really you're doing it for yourself, and you need to find a topic or area that you personally find compelling enough to keep you going through the tougher patches of your research. So your yardstick should not be "how do I compare to these other people with enormous research groups and budgets?" but "am I satisfied that I thoroughly explored something I find interesting?" It may be in that exploration that you map out a dead end, and it may be that you break through and show everyone else the way. Maybe you illuminate a tiny niche that's useful to only a few people. There's no way to know which of these outcomes it will be ahead of time, otherwise it wouldn't be research. Which is also why it's not a healthy basis for motivation. So rather find the maze you most enjoy exploring, and have your measure of progress be how thoroughly you've explored it. This has an excellent analogy for research progress that I found useful to remind myself of.

    [–] Top Ten Predictions FOR 2050 stirling_archer 2 points ago in Futurology

    You must be one of those fellows who doesn't understand how per capita works.

    No need for that. The economic growth has been spread broadly across a large number of countries, as one can see from the data in the second link in my first comment.

    just because you found a few fatties in a South African city doesn't mean anything beyond mere anecdote.

    From the second link in my second comment:

    Egypt and Ghana also experienced a significant increase in obesity over the past 25 years — from 34% to 39% (13% increase) in Egypt and 8% to 22% in Ghana (65% increase). The increase in obesity doubled in Kenya, Benin, Niger, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Uganda, while Zambia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi and Tanzania experienced a three-fold increase.

    The the article you supplied (from 2016) leads with the following:

    Africa is projected by the United Nations Population Division to see a slight acceleration of annual population growth in the immediate future.

    This has not materialised, which can be seen from the first link in my first comment, which shows that this rate has been slowly declining since 2015.

    Your tone and failure to read the additional data I've provided suggest to me you're not having this discussion in good faith, so that's the last reply from me.

    [–] Top Ten Predictions FOR 2050 stirling_archer 3 points ago in Futurology

    The projected African population for 2050 is about 2 billion people. Which data/study have you seen that suggests that population can't be sustained? Right now obesity is starting to become a major health concern in Africa. That's not to say a combination of climate change and unsustainable farming practices couldn't make things dicey, but I'm not aware of any fundamental hurdles to feeding 2 billion people on Africa's land.

    [–] Top Ten Predictions FOR 2050 stirling_archer 2 points ago in Futurology

    Mass starvation in Africa as population explodes higher and food production doesn't keep up.

    What is this prediction based on? The African growth rate is slowly declining and the population is small compared with the rest of the world. Places grow more slowly as they get more prosperous. Sub-Saharan Africa's inflation-adjusted GDP per capita has increased 8-fold in the last 50 years.

    [–] How Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” Viciously Undercuts Drake’s Celebrity stirling_archer 22 points ago in Foodforthought

    I don't think this article is quite Foodforthought material, but it's not just pop culture news either. It's a good analysis of a piece of art as it relates to the world around it. If one is interested in ideas around the boundaries between performer and their persona, the relative importance of performer vs creator, etc., this article would absolutely "stimulate intellectual discourse" (the goal on the sidebar) on those matters. The majority of the articles in this sub do something similar: placing current events in the larger picture and using them as a catalyst to discuss ideas that are related to but ultimately independent from them.

    [–] ELI5: How did pre-clothing male humans thousands of years ago do anything remotely physical with their genitals hanging out?? stirling_archer 122 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Some theories suggest both the size and shape (of the head especially) are for more effectively removing the semen of competitors. Link1. Link 2. More useful as we lived in larger and larger bands of sneaky promiscuous apes.

    [–] Judges appointed by Republican presidents gave longer sentences to black defendants and shorter ones to women than judges appointed by Democrats, according to a new study that analyzed data on more than half a million defendants stirling_archer 1 points ago in Foodforthought

    Depends a whole lot on the particular values. Both humans and old world monkeys (nevermind great apes) agree on certain kinds of reciprocation. At the same time, different groups of humans disagree wildly on how to fairly split rewards that haven't been earned. The constellation of human values and the relative degree to which they're influenced by the combination of genetics and environment is insanely complicated, and has not been sufficiently studied outside of the usual psych experiment demographic. Statements like the above, and like "The study reveals that the development of political attitudes depends, on average, about 60 percent on the environment in which we grow up and live and 40 percent on our genes." (from the reporting linked below) crush all of that complexity into a dot and hide a lot of useful information. You could probably devise a survey and a definition of an average to get any split you wanted, because the idea of averaging over such heterogeneous data is essentially meaningless.

    [–] The more intelligent a person, the fewer connections there are between the neurons in their cerebral cortex. These findings sound paradoxical at first glance, but they do reconcile previously conflicting results. stirling_archer 13 points ago in science

    Interesting. Are you a native speaker of English? I'm not firing a shot here. I just consider what they said to be very idiomatic English, but I can see how it would be unclear to someone exposed only to a stricter subset of the language. Personally I had to read it multiple times to see what the objection was.