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    [–] Dewit stonehearthed 124 points ago in PrequelMemes

    The shroud of the anonymity has fallen. Begun the Snitch War has.

    [–] Rain keeps tears keep stonehearthed 5 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    Rain keeps falling. Tears keep all in. makes more sense.

    [–] Can I ask why people want a tournament mode so badly? stonehearthed 12 points ago in hearthstone

    When you compete on battlfy for example you have to screenshot your win as a proof. And sometimes even if you send proof, it's too late. There were many incidents when people claimed a win where they lost the match. And they continued playing while the actual winner is eliminated.

    If a tournament mode was built in the game itself, noone would cheat. The game simply wouldn't allow losers to continue the tournament.

    [–] If Hearthstone used to be your main game but isn't anymore, what would get you back? stonehearthed 66 points ago in hearthstone

    We want a new game mode for years...

    You cancelled the tournament mode too. There is not even match challange (Best of Three/Five, Last Man Standing) to friends.

    No improvement on UI, Spec Mode. The game is not optimized.

    You didn't add simple features like Auto Squelch, Random Cardback, Statistics. Heck, there is this "new" bug in the collection for years...

    Game is too expensive. It's not rewarding. 30 win for a pack in whih you'll most probably get a rare.

    Alternative heroes (Tyrande, Khadgar, Mecha-J, Nemsy etc.) are not in the shop.

    This is just shameful at this point.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: I like the new direction of this subreddit. stonehearthed 6 points ago in hearthstonecirclejerk

    Actually I don't like where this sub is going right now. It's going places, terrible places. People wanna change the Janina's massive bewbs banner and they want 1000 karma for it. My top quality memes get barely 1000 karma. And they want it as upKripp. What the fuck happened to our lord and saviour Kibler? Tell you what: nothing happened. There are Kripp's agents infiltrating this sub at the moment while you are reading this. They wanna overthrow Kibler's reign. Even Kripp's waifu Raina is here. No offense to you, Raina <3 . I have a huge respect for you.

    When I saw that clip about Kripp talking about him being HSCJ god, that got me frustrated. In another video, he used the term "not even the real subreddit". I'm not offended easily, buy seriously? What the actual fuck, man? This subreddit is noone's mistress. This is stand alone sub. Definitely much higher quality than r/HS

    This sub should protect its roots, its foundation; its Kibler. We should protect the Snek Totem, Drillhouse Karmastorm, Flamewreathed Faceless and Bolderfist Oger.

    After the aforementioned bewbs take their place, bewbhater people literally spammed new theme suggestions. Shame on you, guys! You who submit the threads, and you who upvoted them! Shame on you! And to Kripp's agents who probably were Toast-lickers until recently: Fuck you, guys!

    TLDR: f2pbtw

    [–] Y’all are weak af stonehearthed 5 points ago in hearthstonecirclejerk

    come to dragonsh reach to discussh the ongoing hoshtilities?

    [–] 1000 Upkripps and this becomes a Kripp subreddit. (This message was sponsored and approved by an anonymous vegan) stonehearthed 24 points ago in hearthstonecirclejerk

    Someone is unhappy with the fear of getting caught by parents while reading hscj because he has to explain Jaina's massive bewbs banner to the parents in case they enter the room without knocking. f2pbtw

    [–] Hey guys hows it going Riparian here stonehearthed 53 points ago in hearthstonecirclejerk

    Everytime I hear this, I remember youtube's auto-subtitle "crap airing here".

    [–] Florida Swamp Cat stonehearthed 1 points ago in woooosh

    Florida Man Cat strikes again.

    [–] Oh no! A Nazi symbol?! stonehearthed 12 points ago in woooosh

    We came here to read this comment.

    [–] Uncultured swine stonehearthed 9 points ago in woooosh

    1041 2406 29

    hehahahehahhuehueheu so funny

    [–] George Lucas is a Genious stonehearthed 59 points ago in PrequelMemes

    second language business, go back to your drinks

    [–] Twitch drop frustrations &amp; suggestions stonehearthed 13 points ago in EternalCardGame

    My suggestion is if you really like watching someone, watch them. They are not robbing you or something. They are giving you free entertainment and teaching new decks or some tricks you don't know about the game.

    [–] Found on Facebook stonehearthed 5 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    This gave me a headache.

    [–] Twitch Drops and Shiftstone Value stonehearthed 12 points ago in EternalCardGame

    I'd much prefer to get a legendary instead of a premium rare. Playable legendaries what makes it more fun.