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    [–] Rate my draft sticky post stupidsexyflanders12 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    12-Team H2H G,A,+/-,PIM,PPP,SOG,W,GAA,SV%,SO

    2nd overall pick

    Kucherov, Rinne, Byfuglien, Draisaitl, John Gibson, Huberdeau, Point, Kovalchuk, Barrie, Sergachev, Johansen, Svechnikov, Dadonov, Weber, Buchnevich, Saad

    [–] Dark Phoenix release date pushed back to summer 2019 stupidsexyflanders12 20 points ago in comicbookmovies

    I’ll be thoroughly disappointed when I see it premiere on Disney’s streaming service

    [–] Superhero Showdown - SUPER THREAD! stupidsexyflanders12 3 points ago in weeklyplanetpodcast

    Martha Kent vs. Martha Wayne

    Dr. Strange vs. Snape

    Bucky Barnes (MCU) vs. Cable (Fox Marvel)

    TV Green Arrow vs. TV Iron Fist

    Bryan Singer vs. Teen Titans

    Zach Snyder vs. A shooting script for 12 Angry Men

    Ben Afflek's Sobriety vs. Kevin Smith's obesity

    [–] League recruitment thread stupidsexyflanders12 2 points ago in fantasyhockey

    It’s a free league, sorry shoulda mentioned it

    [–] League recruitment thread stupidsexyflanders12 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in fantasyhockey

    Hey Everyone,

    Looking for players for a 12 team H2H (categories) Fantasy Hockey League. Draft would be 10/2 at 8PM EST. Categories are as follows:

    Skaters: Goals, Assists, +/-, Power Play Points, and Shots on Goal

    Goalies: Wins, Goals Against Average, Save Percentage, Shutouts

    Rosters: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR

    Link to league below:

    Edit: sorry forgot to mention it’s a free league

    [–] Help with 2 Firesticks in same household stupidsexyflanders12 1 points ago in fireTV

    You think it could help rebooting to factory settings, that’s the only thing I haven’t done yet.

    [–] Official: [WDIS Flex] - Fri , 09/07/2018 stupidsexyflanders12 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    10-team, 1/2 PPR:

    Jamaal Williams vs CHI or Josh Gordon vs PIT