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    [–] Dupreeh's Father Passed Away super_shogun 106 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Watching this really shows how close Dupreeh and his father were. I can't imagine how proud he was of Dupreeh, watching his son gradually rise to the top and eventually becoming the best in the world.

    [–] Make it IEM: How the ESL CSGO HUD got a new look for the 2019 Major in Katowice super_shogun 25 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    In my opinion this is undeniably the best custom HUD in existence, I can't think of a single other HUD that even comes close to topping this. It includes so much information without ever geting too busy or overwhelming the viewer. Same goes for the graphics, the HUD looks great without being overdesigned with flashy colors or some weird font.

    [–] b0RUP goes off on pistol round super_shogun 3 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    He also has one of the coolest names in CS to top it off, it sounds like an onomatopoeia of a motorcycle engine revving.

    [–] Conversation between Zeus and Kane (profanity) super_shogun 42 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Kane looks absolutely dead inside, you can tell this isn't the first time he's had to put up with this shit.

    [–] Mouz hints at karrigan return super_shogun 141 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Speaking of -Styko +Styko, I think if Hellraisers were to drop Deadfox and add Styko to play his despicable positions it would be a straight upgrade.

    [–] North vs Natus Vincere / GG.Bet Ice Challenge - Grand-Final / Post-Match Discussion super_shogun 13 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Did we watch the same tournament? S1mple went +90 for the entire event and had a 1.35 rating, the highest at the event by far.

    [–] North vs Natus Vincere / GG.Bet Ice Challenge - Grand-Final / Post-Match Discussion super_shogun 23 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    That's exactly what I'm worried about, North could potentially value this victory as greater than the sum of its parts and see it as a reason to keep the team together. Everyone on Na'Vi besides S1mple played extraordinarily terrible this entire tournament.

    [–] North vs Natus Vincere / GG.Bet Ice Challenge - Grand-Final / Post-Match Discussion super_shogun 163 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Can North please stop winning and get back in their wheelchair before they start thinking this lineup is fine and doesn't need a roster change?

    [–] 2019 Katowice Sticker super_shogun 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Valve probably have some internal rule that they want the stickers for each major to be noticeably unique. It makes sense but it's also a bit disappointing if you want the Katowice 2014 style back.

    [–] 2019 Katowice Sticker super_shogun 4 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Of course it would still be rare. A new sticker which looks similar to a rare sticker has no effect on the scarcity of said rare sticker.

    [–] Mousesports: -Styko/Chris J super_shogun 21 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    This feels like a sinking ship unless Mousesports manage some insane pickups. If Ence were to approach Sunny I can't imagine he'd say no to a team that's guaranteed to at least be in the next EU minor.

    [–] Ave steps down as North coach super_shogun 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    If North were to hand Karrigan a blank check right now he could put down "just fuck me up" and I'd imagine North would still sign him.

    [–] Ave steps down as North coach super_shogun 4 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Hopefully more changes are in the works, it'll definitely take more than a new coach to help North. I can only imagine there's about to be a big shuffle in the second-tier Danish scene with OpTic, North, Rogue (MSL) and EnVy (Karrigan) all failing to make it to the major. Also there's those weird tweets by Heroic with only Mertz using a different emoji as the rest of the team, but that's probably reaching a bit.

    [–] Do pros need to practice zoo and abbey? super_shogun 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    You're right, simplicity is good. But simplicity does not mean a map has to use the same 3 lane style layout with minor tweaks that's been milked for Counter-Strike's entire history. Both Biome and Zoo have simple layouts, but they're also unique layouts. Since they don't utilize the same derivative connector setups and 3 lane layout that seemingly over half of all competitive community maps do they're going to seem more complicated at first. It may seem like a scary concept, but you're going to have to actually play them a couple times them to figure out the new layout. People thought Canals was "too confusing" when it first came out and that map is literally just a 3 lane setup but the middle is perpendicular to A and B as opposed to parallel.

    [–] Return Of By The Numbers #64 super_shogun 7 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I think if you put k0nfig on a well developed team with a strong leader like Karrigan it could revitalize him. If even that doesn't help him then he's probably gone full Aizy.

    [–] A wholesome message from a ViCi fan to North's Twitter-account super_shogun 8 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in GlobalOffensive

    Regardless of his intentions, putting up such strong words as someone representing the team is probably a bad idea.

    Whimp has been part of the Counter-Strike pro community for well over a decade, he's clearly extremely passionate about the game. Someone that passionate is definitely going to be extremely critical of their team when they massively under perform. I don't think Whimp intended for his words to be directed at the players themselves, rather they were directed at the team's overall performance and placement at the qualifier, and there's no doubt that the North players feel the same way about that.

    If Whimp had straight up called out an individual player on the team then that definitely wouldn't have been okay, but I don't think there's anything wrong with him venting his frustrations over North's failures. I think calling it "a worthless showing of CS from start to finish" is a pretty fair assessment, North were expected to qualify without much difficulty and they completely flopped.