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    [–] Toy Story 4 - Official Teaser super_shogun -3 points ago in movies

    Hey Millenials, remember this gem? 😎

    Its going to be a nostalgia cash-in and Reddit is going to love it.

    [–] New cobblestone easter egg pictures super_shogun 8 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I doubt these are images of the Cobblestone rework as they still have all the old models and textures. The second one is interesting as it doesn't seem to be a location from the old Cobblestone, but it still looks too blocky when compared to the visuals of the other reworked maps to likely be from the reworked Cobble either. Maybe it's a screenshot from an out of bounds area, those usually have less detail.

    [–] Magisk and dev1ce opinion on Fortnite super_shogun 235 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Astralis have finally figured out the best way to improve team chemistry: just win everything.

    [–] valens: "Time will tell whether kioShiMa will be the permanent fifth or not" super_shogun -6 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Maybe C9 is still reeling from the FNS disaster, but to me the fact that they clearly aren't willing to spend the necessary money it would take to bring in NA talent and rebuild the team is disappointing. Don't get me wrong, someone like Kio is a good player, but the additions of him and Flusha seem like Cloud9 is just scraping together the most relevant players they can get for the least amount of money, like some sort of CS:GO clearance rack. Maybe I'm overthinking this because C9 has historically been such an iconic NA brand, but even if the org is looking to diverge from their history of being NA based and wants to branch into the International landscape, this still feels like a half assed approach. I don't follow LoL, but from what I've heard the C9 LoL team is currently or was recently experiencing a similar situation in which it was obvious the org wasn't willing to seriously invest in improving the team.

    On top of this, there clearly are young talents in NA, just look at Ghost, NRG, etc. The fact that C9 would rather permanently sign EU free agents that no other team would touch over taking a risk on a rookie NA player is very telling.

    [–] Report: eUnited look to scoop up Cooper- super_shogun 21 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I remember back when he was on TSM people were talking about him and Twistzz being future NA superstars, but then once Twistzz blew up Relyks sort of fell out of the spotlight. I think Relyks would be a good addition to any NA team, especially a team in need of a permanent 5th player (just a hypothetical scenario).

    [–] Blast Pro Series Lisbon, Miami, SΓ£o Paulo and Madrid announced super_shogun 19 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Thanks for providing an explanation. If Blast are looking for feedback, I would suggest you consider the community's disappointment with C9 being invited over a better team to be pretty valuable feedback.

    [–] FMPONE teasing cache remake super_shogun 10 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Why not? If Valve continue with their pattern of removing and remaking maps it was bound to happen eventually. Might as well get it over with.

    [–] Adidas Iniki in the style of Joshua Vides super_shogun 6 points ago in Sneakers

    Regular people have been drawing on white shoes like this for years, not to mention critically acclaimed artists like Bill Barminski have used this style in professional installations (and even his own pair of shoes ). Only recently Joshua Vides proclaimed it to be "his" trademark style. Like you said he's a very bland, repetitive, and unimaginative artist who's success was artificially created due the connections he has. Unsuprisingly he's one of Takashi Murakami's many orbiters.

    [–] JAME 200iq 1v3 to save Avangar super_shogun 39 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    The casting this game has been phenominal, the tension Scrawny and Launders created made this play even better.

    [–] Fragsters players open to offers for 2019. super_shogun 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I could see him or Stavn on OpTic right now. OpTic clearly need to make some changes, it'd be very disappointing to see them not jump at this oppurtunity.

    [–] Scrawny/Launders Appreciation Thread super_shogun 14 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Exactly, the contrast between their voices and casting styles is great. I don't want to make it seem like I think Launders' voice is purely a negative thing, one positive is that it enables him to deliver extremely dry humor in a way that a lot of people wouldn't be able to pull off. It's one of my favorite things about his casting.

    [–] Scrawny/Launders Appreciation Thread super_shogun 48 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I think Scrawny is only trying to add more flair to his casting voice and that comes off as him trying to sound like Sado. As much as I enjoy Launders' casting, his voice is very monotone and can be hard to listen to for an extended period. Scrawny coming in now and then with that added flair helps break up the monotony and makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

    [–] GeT_RiGhT ACE (1v2) - All 5 kills super_shogun 4 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Amazing play, but that whiffed spray by Dennis in checkers was painful to watch.

    [–] 15 Most Chilling Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster super_shogun 11 points ago in Sneakers

    How do people actually think this wasn't a staged video? What are the odds Sean Wotherspoon, Emily Oberg, and all these other well known people just happened to stop by the vintage market on the same day Union LA were promoting their new Jordan collaboration.

    [–] DeKays thoughts on cheating super_shogun 3 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    A player on an irrelevant team failed to cheat at a barely relevant LAN because an admin caught him. Now imagine a player on a top 20 team trying to cheat at a massive $250,000 LAN with top teams attending. If players can't even get away with cheating at OpTic India's level, do you really think a player like Coldzera, S1mple, Xantares, etc. are going to be able to get their cheats past admins at huge tournaments? It would devastating to the reputation of the tournament organizer, not to mention the entirely of the CS scene. TOs can't afford to let that happen and are doing everything in their power to stop it from happening. Kudos to the eXTREMESLAND admin squad.

    [–] [WIWT] Rick Owens on top of ones we don’t do no one on ones 🐍 super_shogun 46 points ago in malefashion

    I've read the title about 10 times and I still have no idea what the fuck its supposed to say

    [–] Shox: "Bringing in ScreaM is not currently on our agenda" -- beIN eSports interview translated super_shogun 14 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    G2 keeping this team is a pointless struggle. If they want to improve they need new players, but their current roster resists making neccessary changes. It's not like G2 can step in and forcibly change the roster either, because then certain players will throw a tantrum, most likely bringing the team down even more. This is what you sign up for when you field a French/BeNeLux roster I guess.

    [–] Cloud9 Raises $50 Million in Series B, Will Build Los Angeles Training Facility for CS:GO and other teams super_shogun 351 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Actually Astralis is a completely player owned org run out of Zonic's garage, led by young entrepreneurial genius Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander who created the org in 1982 with the $2.25 he saved up from winning local LANs.

    [–] mousesports vs G2 Esports / ECS Season 6: Week 3 / Post-Match Discussion super_shogun 13 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    πŸ“ž 4Head HELLO VITALITY? πŸ“ž 4Head OCELOTE HERE πŸ“ž 4Head WANT TO TRADE? πŸ“ž 4Head

    [–] Astralis vs North / ECS Season 6: Week 2 / Post-Match Discussion super_shogun 38 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    As the Danish scene currently stands, Valde is the only player who seems fit to join Astralis in the future. Not only is he incredibly skilled, but he's also very composed and intelligent. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to watch the interview DDK did with him that is on DDK's YouTube channel. You can tell how mature he is just from the way he speaks.

    Link to the interview for those interested.