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    [–] FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error superbabe69 1 points ago in news

    Not really. An online advertisement constitutes invitation to treat. It's not considered a contract because advertisements are not binding contracts (plenty of case law surrounding that).

    Here, the bet places WAS most likely a contract. There was an offer, that was accepted by the customer and Fanduel (through an agent), the bet is most likely intended to be legally binding (the company is sure as shit not going to declare their bets aren't legally binding, or people wouldn't pay up), and consideration was made (I give you money, you give me money if this happens).

    The elements of a contract are there, it's about whether the error can void the contract. And that really depends on the terms and conditions, state law, and how they interact.

    In a jurisdiction where betting agencies are legally required to honor all bets (I don't know that any exist, but for argument's sake), terms and conditions can't supersede that.

    Not a lawyer, just took a contract law class at university.

    [–] got the dreaded retirement email for the first time superbabe69 7 points ago in FifaCareers

    Considering we play what amounts to a soccer sim, it's not that bad. Plenty of us on this sub rarely play games and just sim every game.

    [–] Hands Like Houses - Tilt (NEW SONG) superbabe69 1 points ago in handslikehouses

    I actually thought it was better than Overthinking. Sounds really frantic, which I like. I feel like it played with more than just Trenton's voice, whereas Overthinking felt a bit like a ballad style song. Just personal preference at least.

    Rankings so far: Tilt = Monster > Overthinking

    [–] got the dreaded retirement email for the first time superbabe69 5 points ago in FifaCareers

    It definitely increases the game size. Dunno exactly how FIFA handles it, but another game I play (Premiership Coach, basically an Aussie Rules Football Career sim) backups previous years data as part of its save routine every year. That folder can quickly get up to the gigabytes if the career mode lasts long enough.

    [–] Graham Farmer Freeway tunnel closed after truck reportedly hits roof | Community News Group superbabe69 1 points ago in perth

    P Plater here and I give the most following distance out of anyone on the road lol. Always more than 3 seconds if I can physically help it. But you're right, too many dickheads don't do it.

    [–] Peter Dutton au pair emails drop superbabe69 2 points ago in australia

    Dutton wouldn't have survived this as PM either, and it probably would have ended the government if the sitting Prime Minister was kicked out of parliament for something or another

    [–] Boy arrested for putting needles in strawberries as 'prank' superbabe69 3 points ago in australia

    Honestly, do it. Birds Eye is bad (have tried it at the end of my shift in a supermarket before, don't recommend) but it goes away. And it will be worth it to take that mystery away.

    [–] Boy arrested for putting needles in strawberries as 'prank' superbabe69 1 points ago in australia

    And depending on whether it's ever been inside a gymnasium before a basketball game, it may have traces of cat shit on it too #theturdburglar

    [–] Dutton inquiry finds Home Affairs Minister 'misled the Parliament superbabe69 2 points ago in australia

    It is a good idea though, we could even call it an Independent Anti-Corruption Commission

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve got in trouble for? superbabe69 3 points ago in AskReddit

    It is a pain, but realistically you should be doing it anyway. And it really is the best way to prove that you are doing it properly and often enough. Especially the mirror check, if you exaggerate it as much as possible without being an idiot they cannot possibly dock you for not checking mirrors.

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve got in trouble for? superbabe69 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I did forget to mention those. Yeah we have several auto fail mistakes. Speeding, failing to stop at stop signs/give way at Give Way signs etc, if the tester has to touch any controls, I think there are a few others you’ll instant fail on.

    It sucks sometimes cos my instructor told me about a bloke he was teaching who failed his test because someone ran out in front of his car. Now, he slammed the brakes, but so did the tester out of instinct. Because the tester touched the pedal, instant fail, zero leeway.

    [–] Coles bans trolleys from some self-serve check-outs superbabe69 5 points ago in australia

    Yeah actually I'd agree. Returns were the golden ticket of retail when I worked it. Checkouts were generally responsible for it though, so it may be counter intuitive to have the checkout guys off the registers putting stock away because someone wants to make a statement about how little checkouts are open.

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing you’ve got in trouble for? superbabe69 35 points ago in AskReddit

    They want you to turn your head all the way JUST for the test. I had that drilled into my head (did about 30 of my 50 required hours with an instructor, in Australia) by my instructor every lesson. They basically went through everything that a tester will look for, what they like and what they don't. Aside from that, the lessons were basically just driving around. Few times I took highways home, to me used to driving at speed, but otherwise, the learning stage was pretty easy. I do wish I got taught the freeways properly though, I had to work that shit out on my own when I passed.

    Where I am, you need 24/30 on the test. You lose points, not gain them, so it's easier. Basically there are 5 stages, initial driving, a maneuver (do a park, or a three point turn usually), more driving, another maneuver and finally driving back to the test centre. There are 6 things you can lose points for, I can't remember what they were, but anyway, I lost one point on the whole thing because I didn't take a gap while turning right. I wasn't confident I'd make it, so I sat back, and dropped a point.

    Otherwise, my instructor's tips got me through perfectly.

    Your tester sounds like a dickhead though.

    [–] GorDaN RaMSaY rOaStS tHis GiRl aLIvE oN tV! superbabe69 7 points ago in PeopleFuckingDying

    The US show is too formulaic for my liking.

    Restaurant is failing, and it cannot possibly be the food, because their food is always perfect. Gordon comes in, hears the food is good, tastes it and it is shit. Owner/chef refuses to believe it and bags out Ramsey. Ramsey threatens to leave, and after another dreadful night, Gordon fixes the place up and the owner will either do a complete 180 or double down. Gordon leaves with questions in his head about their future success. Comes back and it’s either shut down, failing or booming.

    Every episode is edited to the same plot lines.

    [–] My eternal struggle superbabe69 3 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Don’t stress, before the actual final mission it gives you a warning that it will be the last mission of the game, so you can go back and finish in plenty of time.

    You get trophies for getting past the 1st and 2nd acts so you can tell how far you are in based on that

    [–] Since Australia makes less than 2% of the worlds pollution why is this a problem when none of the worlds biggest polluters are doing nothing and what Australia does makes NO DIFFERENCE. superbabe69 1 points ago in REDDIT_AUSTRALIA

    1. Why are you getting angry as if my opinion means anything in the first place? You’re acting as if I am PM making this decision and that I am deplorable for it.

    2. As with every other fear mongering “Jobs will be lost” is meaningless. Jobs will be lost and jobs will be created. Fossil fuels are on the way out as it is. Mining companies are laying people off all the time as it is. Nobody will back Adani’s mine. Renewables are still going ahead. I am not advocating just switching overnight. That would be silly. They also said the Industrial Revolution would permanently destroy jobs. And yet, unemployment is now 5.3%. Because when jobs are lost jobs are created somewhere else. Especially when the jobs lost are due to technological or industrial changes.

    3. Just because the biggest producers are bigger problems, doesn’t mean we cannot do what we can to fix our contributions. It is irresponsible to just say “Yeah our emissions are too high, but it’s okay, China is worse”.

    [–] BoJack Horseman - Season 5 Discussion superbabe69 2 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    Rewatch the 30/36/42/48 or whatever collective movie again every year instead

    [–] BoJack Horseman - Season 5 Discussion superbabe69 6 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    It was easily the best choice for their seasonal use of the word fuck.

    [–] Students with lowest ATAR scores 'being offered places in teaching degrees' superbabe69 1 points ago in australia

    They teach you how to pass. Not how to do well, but how to just scrape through. That's what I take issue with really.

    Whereas at uni you have every opportunity to prepare and know what you need to get upwards of HD, Year 11 and 12 give you the chance to pass.

    I still passed all my WACE exams, but I was someone who wanted to excel. While I got my 85 ATAR, even if I wanted to, I don't think I could have done any better because the curriculum doesn't teach you how to do so.

    Doesn't help with English that we had a WACE prep lecture a few weeks out that conflicted with nearly everything we were taught throughout the year. Some guy who used to be a WACE marker came and told us what they look for, when we were being taught stuff that according to him wasn't really relevant.

    English was a subject you could easily pass by sticking to a formulaic essay structure (Topic Sentence, Example, Evidence, Tie Up) but it's very difficult to score highly in my experience.

    [–] Hands Like Houses - Tilt (NEW SONG) superbabe69 1 points ago in handslikehouses

    Bloody banger.

    I put on Genius what I think the lyrics are, there are a few parts I'm not 100% on (the first two words of the first verse, what he says after the sadness in the same verse, and the specific words in the outro in the pendulum line), but I think it's a pretty spot on. If anyone can work out the parts I've guessed on, feel free to change it!

    [–] Julie Bishop won’t support a Labor motion to refer Peter Dutton to the High Court over his eligibility to sit in parliament. superbabe69 2 points ago in australia

    The problem for me is more that he knew he has interests in child care centres, and refused to recuse himself from discussions regarding the subsidies in cabinet. In other words, he had a conflict of interest and he still made decisions without disclosing this to the public. That's punishable for a director of a company (S180-183 Corp Act, can't remember which would apply) if the decisions were made improperly (ie. to benefit himself). Now that's a massive thing to try and prove, so I'm not going to get into whether his discussions in Cabinet would fall under that, but if the director of a company could potentially be liable for such actions (and have to defend their actions), why would we expect differently of a politician?

    The fact he refuses to get this sorted out in the High Court, and that the LNP refuse to refer him indicates to me that they aren't 100% sure about it. Otherwise, why not just refer it and make Labor look like fools?

    Remember they were 100% confident that Joyce and others would be found eligible too, and look what happened there.

    [–] Scott Morrison says he will pursue 'preventative regulation' on religious freedom superbabe69 6 points ago in australia

    Except they don’t have to hold an election until May and if they win Wentworth, they have their majority back. And until the election, they can do whah they like. It may be reversed if they lose badly, but that’s still months where this shit can haplen