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    [–] Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding superbabe69 1 points ago in australia

    The original comment was about the Allies not being as bad as the Nazis. That fact is still true, no matter what the Russians did.

    And no, Mao’s regime was fucked. I am not saying Stalin’s wasn’t, but he wasn’t Hitler, nor was he a reason to claim the Allies were as bad as the Axis.

    [–] Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding superbabe69 2 points ago in australia

    No, but people are turning it into that

    And just search God Hates Fags if you want to see examples of people doing it

    [–] Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding superbabe69 1 points ago in australia

    It’s disingenuous to think Cold War was literally just Commie vs Capitalist. It was how the US justified it to their people, but it’s not just a simple matter. And I never said the Cold War wasn’t about nukes?

    I know that they fed their soldiers first but considering Germany was on their doorstep after invading Poland, I wouldn’t categorise the famine and the Holocaust quite the same.

    The US saved the Western Front, which was cool. Also helped save Australia, who the Brits didn’t want to help. That’s why we follow the US into every war!

    [–] Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding superbabe69 5 points ago in australia

    Not during the war, which is what Allies and Axis refers to in the first place. All of that shit happened after WW2, and if you may recall, the US was against that shit, which is part of the reason the Cold War started.

    The analogy was specifically WW2 Nazies vs WW2 Soviets.

    [–] Same-sex marriage: Bride angry after No campaign rally held outside her wedding superbabe69 13 points ago in australia

    Exactly this. Half of these assholes preaching God hating gay people have divorced in their life. Something else God hates.

    [–] [Theory] - Is Ella actually Trixie? superbabe69 6 points ago in lucifer

    So far only Amenadiel has, and his power isn’t very well defined.

    [–] Any idea what these guys are up to on Hay St atm? superbabe69 -4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in perth

    It's getting ridiculous around Bentley area, I notice it on way too many signs. I'm a learner driver and that shit just distracts me further. Looks like we're going to need CCTV on fucking stop signs if this shit continues.

    Disrupting society works when the message is a strong one, like the internet blackouts to support net neutrality. But disrupting a Saturday in Perth CBD, or vandalising street signs in support of vegetarianism is just annoying.

    If they want to stop animal cruelty, take it to the companies themselves. They need to stop blaming consumers for eating meat (when the only stuff available at an affordable cost is stuff with indeterminate treatment) and blame the people who are doing it in the first place.

    I'm not giving up McDonalds because people aren't happy with where the food comes from, especially if those people are going to pull stunts like this.

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot that downvotes were a disagree button.

    [–] Any idea what these guys are up to on Hay St atm? superbabe69 9 points ago in perth

    Their bullshit just pisses me off honestly. They keep adding "EATING ANIMALS" too all the stop signs around the city and it makes me view their side as childish and idiotic more than anything.

    I respect their right to not eat meat, but not when they try and push their views on me.

    [–] [No Spoilers] SQL vs. Java superbabe69 1 points ago in arrow

    Google search for Programming languges. 1 minute at most.

    [–] The game of international relations with NZ superbabe69 27 points ago in australia

    Except most of the independents have already declared they will not vote confidence if Joyce goes.

    And if they lose supply and confidence, they will not be able to hold government.

    Either way, those independents can vote against government bills and stall the govt.

    [–] [Interview]Kevin Smith Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Be Allowed to Direct Arrow superbabe69 1 points ago in arrow

    Trust me, that would not work out well for him if he let him direct Arrow if it’s because of his wife lol

    [–] [Spoilers] Episode 2 superbabe69 3 points ago in arrow

    He did it for a few episodes in Season 3, I am sure by now he has figured out how to shoot, just not Oliver Queen well

    [–] Good timing superbabe69 19 points ago in funny

    Just darker

    [–] Raped, but while on drugs? superbabe69 3 points ago in AusLegal

    There ya go

    I was just reading off the government pages on drug use

    [–] Raped, but while on drugs? superbabe69 2 points ago in AusLegal

    IANAL, but I would think you could still press charges. What the other guy did is still a crime. Now, you could face a fine for using, but it depends on whether they can prove it, and whether the authorities feel it necessary to pursue a charge for drug use.

    If you're worried, see a lawyer and ask the hypothetical.

    [–] [Post Episode Discussion - S03E03] 'Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith' superbabe69 2 points ago in lucifer

    That would definitely fit with the show runners saying we will see more of Lucifer acting like the devil that he is.

    [–] Maybe plants are farming us, giving us oxygen until we decompose and they can eat us superbabe69 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Showerthoughts

    Steel’s an element, reactive enough to bond with Oxygen.

    Edit: not an element sorry, Iron is the element. Steel is an Iron alloy. Either way, the oxygen rusts Iron by bonding to it and weakening the Iron. Oxygen doesn’t do the same to us because we are primarily Carbon based. Carbon doesn’t oxidise to rust, but to gases.

    [–] IT'S 🅱️ACK! superbabe69 31 points ago in dankmemes

    He said internet access

    [–] ACCIDENTALLY STOLE FROM WOOLWORTHS SELF SERVE CHECKOUT (NSW) superbabe69 10 points ago in AusLegal

    Nothing tends to happen to people even if they are caught outright stealing, it's not worth charging somebody over $6.

    I've seen people steal hundreds of dollars of meat while shopping, and security tells them to get out after giving it all back, because the amount they could have taken is nothing compared to court costs.

    I think you'll be fine, I've seen workers stuff up more than that, and the company can't punish them so oh well.

    In the end, they could only charge you with "attempted theft" which in court would be VERY hard to prove given there is security footage of you, and unless you put the stuff in your bag while shiftily looking around, it's hard to prove it was not a mistake.

    IANAL, but you should be good. They would have taken your details in case they found anything on the tapes, or to scare you in case you are an actual thief. Or if you got caught again, so they know it's a repeat offense.