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    [–] 0:25 / 1:28:12 The Palace Letters unpacked: new insights on the Whitlam dismissal - Dr Simon Sleight, Professor Frank Bongiorno, Dr Marija Taflaga superegz 1 points ago in lectures

    With Dr Simon Sleight, Menzies Australia Institute (King's College London), Professor Frank Bongiorno, School of History (Australian National University) and Dr Marija Taflaga, Director, The Australian Politics Studies Centre (Australian National University).

    On 11 November 1975 Australia's 21st prime minister, Gough Whitlam, was sacked by the then Governor-General of Australia, John Kerr. In this unprecedented action Kerr created one Australia's defining political moments.

    With the public release of the 'Palace Letters', fresh light has been cast on the hitherto secret discussions between officials in Canberra and those at the very highest level of the British establishment.

    In a special event by the Menzies Australia Institute, King’s College London, and the Australian National University, we bring you an expert analysis of the documents, reveal what they tell us and try to answer what really went on in the run up to that fateful day in November 1975.

    [–] ‘COVID stop checklist’: Anti-maskers’ script when stopped without face mask superegz 54 points ago in australia

    The moment it says that common law is the "only law" is the moment this garbage can be thrown away. Common only applies until overridden by statute law. This is basic knowledge 101.