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    [–] Everyday advantages of Linux over Windows? suryaya 1 points ago in linux

    Although Windows beats Linux in terms of big apps (Office, Photoshop etc), Linux has a lot of free smaller apps that do particular things, e.g. PDF Editor, youtube downloader, which are easily available from the software center, come with no ads, look great and generally work well. The equivalent on Windows is usually to download some random software on some random webpage and get something that's ad-ridden or use an online service.

    I also appreciate that the workflow and using multiple input languages is a lot better (on gnome) than on Windows, since I can easily make custom keyboards and switch between them quicker.

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 3 points ago in Fedora

    Did you try flatpak, appimage or snap. They're quite nice tools to get newest software distro independent way. For example LibreOffice has support for those three formats. BTW, Fedora repos don't contain proprietary or patent encumbered software so in order to install these kind of software (like codecs etc.) you'll need additional repositories (rpmfusion).

    Yes that's what I tried to opt for (flatpaks in particular) with most things, however sometimes they lack system integration that I need (LibreOffice won't work with Zotero if it's sandboxed).

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 1 points ago in Fedora

    Can you please share some resources for initial setup (also font rendering stuff)? I have RPM fusion installed.

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 3 points ago in Fedora

    Strongly recommend not using any workarounds if you can, but YMMV and it obviously depends on the importance of the hardware. E.g. on Ubuntu they have this goodix, proprietary implementation of my fingerprint reader drivers which you can get working on Fedora - I noped out of that so fast once I saw it, and it underlined why I don't really trust Ubuntu. They just seem to be willing to chuck anything in to get it "working" even if it's not necessarily "good" - Fedora is more likely to leave things broken than include a bad implementation; I'd rather have no fingerprint reader than a driver that's gonna compromise the rest of my system.

    Unfortunately without it my laptop is unusable, as the audio and microphone just won't work by default.

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 4 points ago in Fedora

    Thanks for your comment, as well as everyone else. I have just installed fedora 34 workstation. Looks pretty! I really like a lot of the newer stuff from Gnome. And the software centre actually works now.

    Ubuntu does some custom hardware enablement for my laptop model, however it seems there is a workaround which I should be able use on Fedora.

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 10 points ago in Fedora

    > but I appreciate the newer releases of Gnome.

    That's one of the main draws for me, honestly!

    [–] Is fedora good for noobs / busy people? suryaya 13 points ago in Fedora

    Manjaro does not sound like a very stable OS relative to Fedora or Ubuntu (from what I've heard).

    [–] How many years do you keep a laptop before upgrading to a new laptop (Also, feel free to comment about what you do with your old laptop after upgrading) suryaya 1 points ago in laptops

    I only had my last one for 2 years, was one of those super cheap Dell plastic gaming laptops, it was falling apart by the end of those 2 years. Once it finally died on me I decided to not go too cheap on laptops again. I've had my current one for 2 years and it's pretty much good as new atm.

    [–] ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4: What's new? (webinar) suryaya 1 points ago in OnlyOffice

    When will the 125% / 175% scaling option come to the desktop editors?

    [–] IT denied my request for python at work suryaya 1 points ago in Python

    Fellow engineer here. I was worried this would happen to me, thankfully it didn't, as I don't get prompted for admin rights if I only install python & pycharm for my own user.

    My planned fallback was to learn VBA - perhaps you give that a go if all else fails?

    [–] How often are the Ubuntu software repository packages updated? suryaya 1 points ago in Ubuntu

    For LO I would just switch to their own PPA. Honestly 7.2 is so much better than 6.4, at this point it's been a year...

    [–] How do I specialize in transport / water modelling suryaya 1 points ago in civilengineering

    Thanks for the response.

    I think to get to this place, you need to be in a company that has a dedicated modeling group and frequently get projects that has that modeling. I don’t know your company’s business model but you can also try to find clients to bring to the firm.

    That's kind of my issue at the moment. Not sure how to get an 'in' when my current job doesn't offer the sort of experience I require. I might have to speak to some people at my firm, and bide my time until I finish my graduate program.

    [–] Progressive civil engineering firms. suryaya 5 points ago in civilengineering

    I just don't think that's the culture of civil engineering firms. I visited my friend's office once (he works in tech) and came out wishing i did a CS degree lol.

    [–] Any boot camp grads here wish they’d gotten classically trained? suryaya 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Interesting thread. I'm a civil engineer preparing myself to make a transition in 5+ years (I enjoy programming but comfortable with my current career). Only choice is to eventually part time bootcamp given my student debt and family responsibilities.

    [–] How much do you need to earn to live (reasonably) comfortably in Sydney? suryaya 3 points ago in sydney

    What's comfortable? My wife and I live comfortably 40 mins from the city (homebush) on my single 70k salary in a new-ish 1 bedroom with study. Granted we don't travel much.