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    [–] At my closest train station. I think I need to move. sweetpotato37 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Whatever monster originally did this, did not count on your level of creativity.

    [–] When you see it. (At my local cheese cake factory sweetpotato37 86 points ago in CrappyDesign

    I quite like seeing I have a message. Makes me feel loved for a split second before I realise..

    [–] When you see it. (At my local cheese cake factory sweetpotato37 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in CrappyDesign

    Nice to be apart of a group

    Edit: a part

    [–] People of Reddit, what are some of the “guy code” and “girl code” unwritten rules that you always follow? sweetpotato37 49 points ago in AskReddit

    My brother has three sisters and he’d never be able to escape hearing about periods and tampons. Was his family very secretive? Sounds like his family didn’t talk too much.

    [–] Shirts before and after losing 400 lbs. sweetpotato37 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I think that’s what makes this so impressive.

    [–] Proud Dad sweetpotato37 12 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    My heart feels warmed.

    [–] Seagull sweetpotato37 1 points ago in funny

    Finding nemo

    [–] Second outbreak! And a PSA sweetpotato37 3 points ago in Herpes

    Also try taking Lysine tablets. There’s been some studies into their help. Personally, for me, I find they work incredibly well.

    [–] HMRB while I run on bollards sweetpotato37 4 points ago in holdmyredbull

    I was wincing the entire time.