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    [–] Reddit at what moment in your life did you stop, chuckle, and think to yourself ‘I’m in danger’? t4yl0rj4d3 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in AskReddit

    It was a nervous chuckle. About 3 am someone knocked on our door. From the basement apartment, through the kitchen window I could see two sets of feet. I stopped, thought this is really strange, nervously laughed and told my partner it was probably just a case of getting the wrong address (we lived in an area with lots of young people, students, so it wasn't that unusual to think someone could be partying and showed up at the wrong door). Then they walked away but not very far and my heart sunk, I could just feel that something was wrong. Then they kicked in my (old, shitty) door and we were robbed at gun point.

    [–] Melatonin Safe Long-Term? t4yl0rj4d3 1 points ago in insomnia

    Shit. Don't I feel dumb. Thanks

    [–] Kid who got thrown out of school is moving up in the world t4yl0rj4d3 2 points ago in trashy

    I've heard the MacGregors have the finest silverware in all of the Scottish Highlands actually.

    [–] Melatonin Safe Long-Term? t4yl0rj4d3 1 points ago in insomnia

    Do you know any specifics on what this means? I've been taking it every night for some time without even a second thought.

    [–] Bob Ross with a fawn t4yl0rj4d3 7 points ago in wholesomememes

    I read this in Bob's voice but also Peter Griffin's for some reason.

    [–] The skeleton of a puffer fish is pretty fucking metal. t4yl0rj4d3 1 points ago in natureismetal

    I've read that shark teeth are a product of the evolution of boney scales migrating towards the jaws. This reminded me of that.

    [–] Largest Great White recorded t4yl0rj4d3 12 points ago in TheDepthsBelow

    I can't for sure but her belly looks quite a bit round in the right places. I watch a lot of shark documentaries, it's really just a best guess.

    [–] The aftermath of a ranch burning down t4yl0rj4d3 62 points ago in morbidlybeautiful

    True but it kind of looks like a panel opened lol

    [–] 100 days of IF t4yl0rj4d3 8 points ago in intermittentfasting

    May I ask, have you experienced any negatives from this?

    [–] What reason do you have to get up in the morning? t4yl0rj4d3 6 points ago in GetOutOfBed

    My son. I could get all emotional but really he would scream at me until I woke up regardless 😅.

    [–] Do you ever go on those epic all-night productivity binges and get lots of shit done, or is that just a movie thing? t4yl0rj4d3 1 points ago in insomnia

    Rarely. It's what people think I do when I'm up all night for days. It happens. Like tonight I drew a picture that took me hours, made a bunch of important emails and organized my room. But usually I'm in bed watching nature docs wishing I was asleep.

    [–] Choosingbeggar gets exactly what she paid for. t4yl0rj4d3 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Me. But I only made this mistake once thankfully. I'm extremely impulsive.