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    [–] Yes!!!! I finally did it <3!!!!! tacogratis 1 points ago in HPHogwartsMystery

    Looking bad for me. I'm wrapping up Filch on the 4th stage this morning. I can't play on Saturdays, but otherwise I grind through these events just fine. This one particularly sucks for me.

    [–] Is it possible to do this in the time limit without spending gems? tacogratis 1 points ago in HPHogwartsMystery

    The classes you take--which are 3 hours for 5 stars--count to the shield/crest challenge. So aside from the friendship tasks--studying with Tulip, talking to Charlie, etc.--many of these tasks actually make it easier to finish the event.

    [–] Posted that job opening, boss tacogratis 18 points ago in NotMyJob

    Maybe the job is for someone to post job openings.

    [–] I don't need any stupid in game prefect pin when I've got one IRL! tacogratis 2 points ago in HPHogwartsMystery

    btw, this is the note on Head Boy/Girl vs. Prefects from the HP wiki:

    A Head Boy or Head Girl is a seventh year student who has authority over Prefects at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each year, both a Head Boy and a Head Girl are selected by the current Headmaster of Hogwarts. The pair of students are instructed to do duties to assist the school.

    [–] I think this fits here... tacogratis 1 points ago in Punny

    "Just wait til you have to repeat it."

    [–] I'm done waiting for the Prefect sidequest. Taking matters into my own hands. tacogratis 2 points ago in HPHogwartsMystery

    I live a life of crazy synchronicity. I just dug this out of a drawer, posted, then saw the other post.

    Was thinking I should jump everyone (and the game) by posting my Head Boy pin.

    [–] Starry necklace close-up tacogratis 2 points ago in HPHogwartsMystery

    I just noticed the triangles. If you made them the Deathly Hallows triangles, people would more easy figure out they are hp-related.

    [–] An Ode to Indy Coffee and "cool christians" tacogratis 3 points ago in sanantonio

    Yep! Great place. There's a nice bagel shop on Broadway that has good coffee. They give free refills, but they do t advertise it loudly.

    [–] World class marketing tacogratis -13 points ago in funny

    Isn't that what Rey cooks up in Force Awakens?

    [–] An Ode to Indy Coffee and "cool christians" tacogratis 10 points ago in sanantonio

    Yeah, I'm more interested in this "bomb ass coffee scene" you mention. I'm a late night coffee drinker and outside of Starbucks, I can't find much love. I used to like asoen's when I day drank, but it is sadly no more.

    [–] 14 tips of Stephen king on writing. tacogratis 3 points ago in writing

    I love the bit about the desk. He ends it with, Life is s support system for art, not the other way around. In his condition, his hardcore parenting time is over. The kids are grown. In your place--and mine is similar--get that time in when you can. His point about the desk is font let it be it be the monster that rules your life or you, too, will turn into a monster.