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    [–] Development of the Ozone Hole in the last year tandyman234 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Trust me it will cause significant issues for many years to come. It takes a VERY long time for CFCs to actually make high enough to impact the ozone, I remember when I was going through refrigeration school my teacher was explaining how the issues we see today are just the beginning, just from right when cfcs were starting to be used for everything like a/c, hairspray etc.

    [–] Bought a 250 dollar treadmill off Amazon a week ago to get more active. Probably the best idea I’ve had throughout this entire ordeal. Gotta tandyman234 11 points ago in covidlonghaulers

    I mean I take the dog out and go outside with my kids, but I hate being outside when I’ve like… “hit my limit “ and feel like I’m going to die lol. So this way I can just work my way up and what not

    [–] So I remember like last year the people voted to raise minimum wage in Florida to 15$ an hour by 2024 tandyman234 -1 points ago in jacksonville

    Oh I’m aware that it has nothing to do with minimum wage right now, I’m just asking that when it DOES reach 15 an hour, should we expect everything to be more expensive?

    [–] Did your symptoms return/get worse after stopping prednisone? tandyman234 3 points ago in covidlonghaulers

    From the stories I’ve read over the past year, I believe most people get worst after stopping prednisone.

    [–] sudden onset of long haul symptoms? tandyman234 0 points ago in covidlonghaulers

    Yeah buddy, i had covid december 2020 and got 100 percent better until mid February when it kicked in

    [–] Blood clotting fears, how do you deal with it? tandyman234 0 points ago in covidlonghaulers

    I’ve read quite a few stories in the Facebook groups Of people who developed pulmonary embolisms between 1-10 months after covid. There are signs to look for, like shortness of breathe, coughing up blood etc. but you can get a D-Dimer test to see, but even Then I’ve read plenty of stories of people with normal D-dimers and they still had clots, so who knows. I used to worry about it like six months ago, or it literally never crossed my mind. I’ll cross that bridge when and if I ever get to it