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    [–] Patch incoming tomorrow!!! tankman92 1 points ago in Astroneer

    I'm having that issue, and I have no wreckage except for dead rovers with 1 usable item on them. 3 hours in, no satellites, no habitats, nothing.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review tankman92 13 points ago in science

    I know. I'd gladly trade all ticks for restored bee populations. Like, pre-1900 populations.

    [–] Life is good man :) tankman92 3 points ago in ak47

    Sun's out, gun's out!

    [–] Breaking in dad’s new pillow tankman92 2 points ago in catbellies

    It's not truly broken in until biscuits have been made on it.

    [–] What small change would completely change a sport? tankman92 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Eat some greasy food the night before to have an oil slick effect.

    [–] US charges China's Huawei with fraud tankman92 3 points ago in technology

    The Pokemon, the cat, or the people?

    [–] Two of UP's 1st-Gen GTELs in the railroad's Salt Lake City Shops, 1950s. tankman92 3 points ago in trains

    The first 2 generations didn't have a B-unit. Only the last 31, numbered 1-30, were 2 units. 51 through 75, making up the first 2 generations, were all 1 unit carbody units, as seen in the picture.

    [–] One year’s worth of collecting as an Australian tankman92 1 points ago in guns

    What do you think of the Nagant revolver? I've read about them, but never had a chance to shoot or even handle one.

    [–] First gun! (I plan on buying a wood stock don’t worry) tankman92 2 points ago in SKS

    I'm in the same spot as you, with a 1952 Tula. I have the original wood stock though, but no box mag.

    [–] RAS47 failed at 200 rounds. Press B to bless tankman92 3 points ago in ak47

    My dad bought one of the Century Arms International AK-74s 3 years ago, have those had any issues? I know he hasn't shot it much.