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    [–] [OC] Living in a clown world taongkalye 68 points ago in comics

    Phone made comic on a budget of 0 dollars. Pls have mercy.

    [–] Glory days of the Spice Archipelago taongkalye 8 points ago in polandball

    But even Sulu Sultanate itself was under the influence of Brunei. It only became sort of independend later on, probably around the 17th century.

    [–] Glory days of the Spice Archipelago taongkalye 26 points ago in polandball

    Inb4 no we are not interested in joining another one of your co-prosperity spheres to keep in touch with other Asians.

    [–] Glory days of the Spice Archipelago taongkalye 78 points ago in polandball

    Rushed this comic for LKS this year but sadly it didn't make it. So, just gonna post it rn, idk.

    Anyways, context: Bruneian Empire was a thing. And the Philippines has 0. Sad.

    [–] A true story taongkalye 1 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    Yes. Hurt feelings isnt something that you automatically report to authorities or what. Name teasing and stuff can usually be dealt by the person themselves, depedning on the situation. But that is not bullying alone. Bullying can involve physical assaults, unwarranted leaking of sensitive info, and other conducts that are normally considered crimes had it not happen within school premises. So Yes. Simple name callings can be ignored depending on one's circumstances. But bullying isn't just about "hurt feelings."

    [–] A true story taongkalye 2 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    Yes. But bullying also encompasses physical assaults, nitwit.

    [–] Japanese Prank taongkalye 16 points ago in polandball

    I'm sorry but I must admit I don't know if this is even "simplistic" humor anymore. The simplicity sure did subdued any comedic potential for it...

    [–] Black Suprematic Ball taongkalye 2 points ago in Polandballart

    How many more minutes before this gets taken down?

    [–] Adobe Polandshop CS 3 taongkalye 38 points ago in polandball

    Stereotypically capitalist of them to put trademark on something that literally has "free" in it... lmao 'merica.

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye 5 points ago in polandball

    I am aware. I was posing as an "enlightened centrist redditor" for the bait.

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye 10 points ago in polandball

    Thank you, kind stranger!

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye 8 points ago in polandball

    Does that mean I... get a hussar wing?

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye 6 points ago in polandball

    Ok. I apologise. I went too far with the baiting. I apologise for trying to seek the downvoting thrill at you and other people's expense. I'm deeply sorry.

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye -59 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in polandball

    Well it technically provided free shelter and food for an otherwise vulnerable diaspora from another continent... I mean I know it was harsh but it could've been worse.

    Edit: Holy! I got gilded! Thank you, kind stranger!

    Edit: Ok. For real tho, everything I've posted are blatant baits. I know this particular comment is incredibly contentious as I've encountered similar kind of reasoning on the internet and I had doubts whether it was safe posting this as bait. Anyways, I apologise for posting this. I am fully aware of how incredibly rude this comment is. I guess I just wanted the thrill of downvotes but this is too much.

    [–] Work Ethic taongkalye -203 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in polandball

    This is an oversimplification of the complex history and the socio-economic condition of the African-American minority. It obviously attempts to frame the white demographic unfavorably yet again. Like this hasn't only been your divisive comic, OP... I've downvoted it as it is what a responsible member of reddit would do...

    Edit: This is a just a bait. I apologise if this made people uncomfortable. I guess I went too far.

    [–] Dazed and Romanian taongkalye 11 points ago in polandball

    I like the pacing of the comic very much, for some reason. And I dunno why but panels 5-7's randomness makes the comic special.

    [–] Japan asks for some counselling. taongkalye 7 points ago in polandball

    2 samples =/= correlation =/= causation... but ok.

    [–] Japan asks for some counselling. taongkalye 291 points ago in polandball

    Here's a 4 year old comic. I reposted it since we just had an Omsk-themed contest and I thought this would be sorta relevant.