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    [–] Verizon Throttles Netflix Subscribers In 'Test' It Doesn't Inform Customers About tastefulchrist 2 points ago in technology

    Well we got caught so it's just a test gang everybody calm down. When we figure out a way to rob you of your services you pay for that won't get us caught we'll have our finished model

    [–] [I ate] Medium Rare beef wellington and fresh Alaskan Lobster Tail. tastefulchrist 1 points ago in food

    It's funny because you sound like you don't eat microwaved Kraft dinner out of a strippers used asshole, but we know

    [–] Everybody knows the feeling.... tastefulchrist 0 points ago in calvinandhobbes

    Quoting a severely damaged woman who killed herself from depression, developed from the way she dealt with the world is all the rage with kids

    [–] I'll just stand on this slippery rocks, WCGW? tastefulchrist 2 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Get out your pitchforks and fedoras, and be sure not to capitalize your criticisms.

    [–] I'll just stand on this slippery rocks, WCGW? tastefulchrist 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Fuck! Fuck? Fuck!

    The internet man. Have an fucking dog anal raping cock schmecheling good ass time with your cunty McLanguage. It's ok to swear

    [–] [Question] - Update Cycles tastefulchrist 3 points ago in OsirisNewDawn

    Randomly. You can see all updates, patches, and developer plans on the steam page here

    [–] Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits to “video optimization” tastefulchrist 1 points ago in nottheonion

    It's a very clear issue for neutrality. Undisclosed meddling in bandwidth capping where we are taking the companies word on good faith?

    They should be charged and more.

    You don't seem to understand wireless networks very well as you claim "limited throughput" and say "if this change keeps the network working well" with uncertainty... I'm not sure why you are giving a company caught red handed the benefit of the doubt here. Why would any rational man trust a company that's already violated your trust and provides a flimsy excuse for doing so.

    You fucking Schill

    [–] [Spoilers] How would you feel if simply choosing a faction did NOT certify their victory? tastefulchrist 1 points ago in Fallout

    I would be pretty pissed.

    Games centralize around your choices and the victories they lead too. Granted that on occasion a sad ending or surprise ending is ok. But imagine investing sixty hours into a game and you basically lose to the "bad" guy because the developers decided it so.

    We play hero's stories and we conquer accordingly. I feel like this suggestion is the equivalent of putting a dollar into a machine, asking for a root beer and getting a fucking lemonade.

    I'd be like Whuttttttt

    [–] What are reasons to live? tastefulchrist 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Meh. Why bother dying? Seems like a bigger bummer

    [–] What happened to the game? tastefulchrist 2 points ago in OsirisNewDawn

    Yeah I'm with you, it's a great game, gorgeous, but the updates have sucked the fluidity out of it a bit. I'm still holding on hope. That's the nice thing about Alphas, you can always walk away for a bit and the might be a nice surprise when you come back. Fingers crossed