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    [–] Noah The time has come taterboi5000 3 points ago in NoahGetTheDeathStar

    I literally said these exact words when I saw this

    [–] Good for you taterboi5000 5 points ago in NobodyAsked

    Big ole troll boy right there

    [–] Honesty at Waterstones taterboi5000 8 points ago in CasualUK

    War and Peace was on the "accelerated reader" list in my elementary school. You could earn points for reading and answering some questions about a book. War and Peace was 134 points whereas most books were 4-6. We had to have 100 for the year to get into a class pizza party and I procrastinated until the last minute. My mom got me a sparknotes and I passed the test and got pizza. I am a LIE.

    [–] We’re all just broken people taterboi5000 1 points ago in cincinnati

    I forgot that roads are long and this is the same road that cuts through a corner of my farm in southern Georgia

    [–] Arches [OC] taterboi5000 2 points ago in ImaginarySliceOfLife

    My favorite part is buddy in the back speaking tetris

    [–] But Trump is bad so none of this matters... taterboi5000 0 points ago in Conservative

    I am not a Trump supporter, but that was pretty dumb. I also am pretty sure she didn't tear in half three people and two families. This is perfect representation of politicians being childish and shouldn't carry any more weight than someone throwing a tantrum.

    [–] Which one is the best? taterboi5000 10 points ago in pokemon

    Blaziken had a solid attack for every one of the elite four. Double kick ya way to freedom

    [–] Me_irlgbt taterboi5000 5 points ago in me_irlgbt

    Weird way to become immortal, but aight

    [–] Multi-Head CNC Router taterboi5000 2 points ago in ManufacturingPorn

    Yes....yes. This is good for me.

    [–] Hmmmmm taterboi5000 1 points ago in animememes

    ....nuh uh

    [–] Fallin ova da place taterboi5000 1 points ago in cringepics

    I want to believe this is satire. I want to so bad.

    [–] Who says chivalry is dead? taterboi5000 2 points ago in progun

    Politics aside, that shit makes me uncomfortable. Doorknobs are fucking disgusting.

    [–] Biome keys v2 taterboi5000 46 points ago in Terraria

    I'm glad you said it too, because I was like "cold....trees? yeah, that works. I like cold tree"