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    [–] you know he had to do it to em temporarycreature 1 points ago in Bestbuy

    It's almost like TTS was made with the ancients in mind.

    [–] My University banned motorcycle parking on campus during winter. I improvised. temporarycreature 1 points ago in motorcycles

    At the University of Utah (where we get some serious snow) the motorcycle parking and most of the parking lots have crash guards around them so cars can park in there. Snow plows wouldn't be able to get to those areas.

    [–] Stress or trauma-induced anhedonia? Has anybody here experienced this? temporarycreature 1 points ago in anhedonia

    This is absolutely a thing. ever since coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq when I was a infantryman, I just I don't feel excitement anymore for anything I do and I have been pursuing riskier activities to feel what I felt over there in war.

    [–] Better chance somewhere smaller? temporarycreature 13 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Nope. It's worse. I have lived in metro areas, in the sticks, and in suburbs. City was the best.

    [–] YSK If you use an android phone you can access your text messages on the website: temporarycreature 2 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    That's cool it works for you, but none of that appeals to me. I agree with you on Google. They seem to have a handful of chat apps that all do one thing great. Why don't don't combine them is beyond my reasoning.

    [–] I may have went a lil overboard.. An early xmas present to myself. Thanks to the crew at @HappyRoot420 . wish they would have thrown in a free edible or some papers or something. $800 bucks. .4 outta 5 stars. (none of the concentrates have the THC % listed , my only complaint) temporarycreature -1 points ago in OKmarijuana

    Holy fuck. Man, you got ripped off. You would have been set for 6+ months spending that much money in Colorado, or the black market.

    To the people who say we should be fine with being ripped off because of growing pains or because it helps Oklahoma, no, it doesn't. Look at the receipt. Only 113 dollars went to the state and only ~half of that generated from marijuana alone.

    Greedy capitalist scum taking advantage of our new laws. Quit pretending this okay or acceptable.

    [–] YSK If you use an android phone you can access your text messages on the website: temporarycreature 5 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    What can those fangled apps do that I can't do, that I care to be able to do that I can't do in Messages, or something like Telegram, or whatever SMS app we use? I get told things like they make it easier to stay in contact. How?

    [–] Management won't give me off due to "black out" dates, but will give other people off. temporarycreature 154 points ago in Bestbuy

    Dude, it's fucking retail. You're trying to get into medical school(s).

    Light that bridge on fire and let the firelight show your path forward.

    [–] Girls initiating sex temporarycreature 9 points ago in sex

    It's only as boring as you let it be or as crazy as you want it to be.

    [–] Abandoned beach house in North Carolina. [960 x 860] temporarycreature 24 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    It is not abandoned anymore. It was relocated and reopened as a bed and breakfast IIRC. The new owners painted it hideously blue.

    [–] Toys for Tots program seeks donations to replace stolen items temporarycreature 9 points ago in news

    Storage containers are real prime targets for theft, there's really no way to safeguard them from evil.

    I disagree with this. There is a way, it just costs more money than they're willing to pay to protect them. You could, for example, hire the dime a dozen armed security companies to watch them.

    [–] Ye olde apothecary shoppe in Tulsa in between 61st and 51st in mingo; they are giving two clone strains to veterans. They have lab results in all products. Ya they may be $5 more than some of the cheapest and way less than some of the gougers. Check em thou not just a discount but free. Amazing! temporarycreature 1 points ago in OKmarijuana

    In my experience, businesses (of any size) do not do things that don't make them money. Sure they're giving a lower end clone away for free to veterans, but if a veteran showed up and didn't peruse their wares, and leave with other products, they probably won't do this again.

    Best Buy does this all the time. Send you some bullshit email saying you could win 5,000 dollars just to get you in the door to scan your reward only to find out its worth 5 bucks, buuuut since you're here, might as well grab that soundbar and television that you simply can't live without.

    [–] Happens temporarycreature 6 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in pcmasterrace

    I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer that question the way you'd probably like. I'm a lay user. I use Firefox and honestly can't tell a difference after years of using Chrome myself. I only switched for privacy reasons. I have 2 Firefox windows open right now. 8 tabs in one, and 7 tabs in the other. One is playing a video, the others have loaded videos ready to play if I click those tabs. Task manager says it's only using 2.1% of my 16 Gb of RAM.

    [–] Spelling error at the Gathering Place temporarycreature -2 points ago in tulsa

    It's private property.

    They can have whatever rules they want there, and any person with half a brain would understand that. Apparently, your so-called activists know this. Why don't you?

    [–] Happens temporarycreature 7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Yet, you all keep using Chrome sooooo?