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    [–] AITA: Yelled at my boyfriend for not buying condoms and accusing him of taking me for granted tesdfan17 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I've heard from people that doctor's usually dont do vasectomys if they are under 35.. I've known people with 3+ kids in early thirties and doctor's still won't dk a vasectomy cause they could change their mind

    [–] Found in a Walmart eyeglass store tesdfan17 1 points ago in 13or30

    the girl gives off meg ryan vibes

    [–] Left is 26, right is 22 tesdfan17 1 points ago in 13or30

    I'm 34 and she definitely looks my age if not older....

    [–] She's 27 in this picture tesdfan17 15 points ago in 13or30

    she looks like she belongs on toddlers & tiaras

    [–] Too close for comfort tesdfan17 1 points ago in nonononoyes

    Was that car thrown by the hulk?

    [–] Customer complains about us not having enough of a product, but won't place an order. tesdfan17 44 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    How much is a pallet <$1,000 so he's been waiting 3 months for a less then $50 discount. Also, people never think ahead. They realize they need it and then just expect you to have it. WhAt YoU dONt HaVE 35 RiBeyE SteAkS at 9:30pm!?! HoW Are yOu StiLL in BusINess!!

    [–] Jasmine: I need to think about if I want to be a Muslim. Yazan: tesdfan17 1 points ago in 90DayFiance

    I'm convinced she got with Jeffrey Eppstein because she's from Palm Beach and she talks about dating billionaires

    [–] I knew I had seen him before! tesdfan17 1 points ago in 90dayfianceuncensored

    It's like... It's like he was wearing a cheesestick suit

    [–] The Debbie of Korea tesdfan17 2 points ago in 90dayfianceuncensored

    She's litterally the opposite of Debbie.. Even with butchered translation she seems like she's a voice of reason in their relationship. She accepted deavan even though she's a mess. She gets on Jihoon for being lazy. The only thing she gets on Deavan about is when Deavan keeps threatening to take their child back to America and any mother in law in any culture would not appreciate that. She just wants them to act like adults. She seems like a very nice lady Jihoons dad is also chill af

    [–] Carl’s Jr. vs. Hardee’s locations in the United States (They are the same restaurant, but operate under different names regionally) tesdfan17 1 points ago in MapPorn

    I live in Massachusetts.. We have barely any fast food.. Growing up it was only mcds bk wendys taco bell kfc.. Now we have a popeyes and 5 guys but There's only a couple arbys and chic fil a's in the state.. no white castle no sonic no hardees no in and out no whataburgers no checkers no bo jangles no jack in the box... There's probably a lot I'm either for getting or don't even realizse they're a restaurant..

    [–] Paul is a liar. There’s no way he’s being “turned down at the door” when he’s handing in applications. Most businesses are required to take applications no matter what. He will use every excuse he has. tesdfan17 5 points ago in 90DayFiance

    I don't know about all states but in mine the application asks if you were convicted of a felony in the last 7 years. So if his was 10 he could answer no and it might come up in a background check but I'm sure he could come up with a sob story about wrong place wrong time.

    [–] Follow up to today’s post tesdfan17 7 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Bitch, you've been inception(ed)!

    [–] WIBTA if I asked my boyfriend to put his dog up for adoption? tesdfan17 28 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Well if she feels that the dog is a danger to her since the dog bit her hand then she's definitely not the asshole to ask him to give the dog up. You have to put your safety as top priority.

    [–] I can't be the only one who hates this, right? tesdfan17 2 points ago in trashy

    Why does he have to tell the mother he already told the daughter

    [–] I think I've had that tesdfan17 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I took a bite out of a weird Hamburger and it kind of tasted like an old dude... Isn't that weird?

    [–] AITA for telling my wife we can't finish paying off her student debts because we're going through a transition period and might need disposable income? tesdfan17 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Nta... You need an emergency fund even if not moving of 3-6 months. I get having a debt is stressful but if it's 0% then now is not the time to be paying it off.. What if during the move or shortly after you have a big expenditure or what if she can't find a job and then you need to use credit cards cause you paid off the debt.. 23% interest is a lot higher then 0%.. You need to explain to her that your long term financial stability is more important then paying off this debt.. If she's un easy about a 0% interest debt is stressful what about credit card debt..

    [–] Second spotting! tesdfan17 2 points ago in trashy

    hey he's just thrifty 2 masks for the price of 1!

    [–] Legal protection for rapists go to the top tesdfan17 5 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    which is the whole point.. If someone lies about their age produces fake documents to confirm that age should you then be labeled a child rapist... Maybe next time people should ask for an original birth certificate