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    [–] The man in charge of our country... tetraourogallus -1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    This is a nice circle. Why can't we just accept that we don't know?

    [–] Totally forgot Big Ben is also under renovation now tetraourogallus 20 points ago in europe

    Those scaffolds are going to be there for ages I think I heard.

    [–] Just why..? tetraourogallus 1 points ago in WTF

    Super convenient if you need to get in blackface quickly.

    [–] Pajala Sunrise - A classy cocktail from Northern Sweden tetraourogallus 18 points ago in europe

    There's also the true northern swedish Vargtass cocktail. Pour a glass of moonshine and drop in one lingonberry, if the drink gets too fruity - remove the lingonberry.

    [–] Pajala Sunrise - A classy cocktail from Northern Sweden tetraourogallus 46 points ago in europe

    Technically yeah, but when we say rå falukorv in Sweden this is what we mean. A sausage that is in this state will generally be cooked again.

    [–] McDonalds would work under communism tetraourogallus 2 points ago in Shitstatistssay

    We actually used to have a state owned hamburger chain in Sweden called Clock.

    Those were weird times. There's a guy who wants to restart Clock as a private chain now.

    [–] Stay in Europe tetraourogallus 2 points ago in funny

    They also roomshare with foxes.

    [–] Every European city vs every American (USA) city. Satirical but not that far from truth. tetraourogallus 2 points ago in europe

    Minimum parking requirements are very common in the US, each building has to have at least a certain amount of parking space depending on the business and how many work/live there. In Europe it's common with maximum parking limits.

    I'm sure they're super convenient for drivers but they ruin the cities themselves, for a good city we need to decrease car traffic, not make it faster and more convenient.

    [–] Seth Macfarlane 1999 tetraourogallus 21 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    After watching The Orville I've really come to love Seth. That show is so great.

    [–] Kebobs from yesterday that turned out to be quite controversial on this sub. Melon, basil, mozz, and prosciutto. All got eaten immediately. tetraourogallus 24 points ago in 1200isplenty

    It happens a lot. I think many of us tend to focus on the negative comments so they seem a lot more prevalent to us in our own posts. I know I'm the same, if my post gets 10 comments saying it was great and one that's negative I'll think maybe this guy is right, it was bad.

    [–] Europe tetraourogallus -2 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    I don't think there's anything wrong in saying something is "most european" anyway, depending on what you mean.

    Technically Azerbaijan is just as european as Belgium, but Belgium has much more of the things that can be considered specific for european culture compared to the rest of the world. Things like strong beer- and café culture, liberal country of atheists and christians with some minorities and a christian background, not much wilderness but plenty of cities and small towns with good train connection and walkable cities with good cycle paths, architecture with different european influences and good coverage in food, art and music of the most common european styles.

    When someone asks "which country in europe is the most european?" we all get a picture in our head and it's rarely Azerbaijan, Iceland, The UK or Kazakhstan. Same when someone aks "Which city in North America is the most european?" we think of places like Quebec City, San Fransisco, Santo Domingo or Havanna. Not Los Angeles or Houston.