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    [–] Mourinho says he expects Sanchez and Martial to be his strikers for start of the season tetraourogallus 0 points ago in FantasyPL

    Elitist is identifying a problematic language and calling people out for using it as if it is common knowledge. You win people over by informing them, not accusing them.

    Plus singling out individual comments like this is like jumping into a conversation on the street where someone says a person, who happens to be black, likes to eat chicken. Just because that happens to be a stereotype that's propagated in society doesn't mean that incident is related to that.

    [–] Unpopular opinions: FPL edition tetraourogallus 1 points ago in FantasyPL

    People said this throughout all of last season though, I have a hard time getting convinced. Watford is a very odd team, concedes a lot and scores a lot but fairly disappointing points from forwards. It seems they often have an unexpected midfielder that collects a load of points (Doucouré last year, Capoeu the year before) maybe we will see a new one come forward this season. I'm thinking Chalobah or Sema.

    [–] Mourinho says he expects Sanchez and Martial to be his strikers for start of the season tetraourogallus 2 points ago in FantasyPL

    Maybe write this from the beginning instead of "Stop calling black athletes beasts" which is needlessly accusatory. You can't read a general intersectional sterotypical view into one comment that calls a player that happens to be black a "beast".

    If you want to combat racial generalising you can't be elitist.

    [–] Det enda som kan rädda oss nu. tetraourogallus 11 points ago in sweden

    Bilden är en fotobutikad variant av bilden när han har ett "#tafsainte"-armband.

    [–] An unlikely union: Israel and the European far right tetraourogallus 2 points ago in europe

    People often confuse anti-semitism with anti-zionism, often for deliberate malicious reasons. Israelis do it so that they can call any criticism against Israel anti-semitic, while arabs do it to spike up anti-semtic hatred against all jews based on the actions of Israel.

    There's anti-semitism in both the far right and far left but it's not pervaded in either. On te left you have some anti-zionists who are not anti-semites and on the right you have some zionists who are anti-semites. There are many reasons for the anti-semites of the far right to support Israel. "Better there than here" and supporting the lesser of two evils (jews over muslims/arabs).

    [–] Huge mistake tetraourogallus 1 points ago in instant_regret

    Getting killed.

    [–] Äggmackor och O'girl tetraourogallus 8 points ago in sweden

    De känns lite tråkiga med bara ägg sådär. Du behöver lite mer grejer, vadsomhelst, typ gurka, tomat, ost och skinka eller kanske avokado, salt peppar och tabasco.

    [–] Classic, just blame it on the dog tetraourogallus 14 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    That's why americans use piss bottles instead of piss drawers. Plebs.

    [–] What happened to rage comics? tetraourogallus 5 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Yeah memes like jokes all die out. I think we have all had jokes from popular movies and such ruined by hearing them too many times. For me some of the worst are the "Don't mention the war" restaurant sketch from Fawlty Towers or the "Damn Scots!"-joke from the Simpsons. I absolutley cannot find them remotely funny when rewatching now because they have been ruined by repetition, mostly by reddit. Sometimes I find myself having to force a pretend-chuckle to jokes like these in social situations.

    But these jokes are originally very good. Sadly repetition ruins almost everything. Anyone find the "Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers Aurora Borealis"-sketch funny still?

    Retrospectively many memes will look terrible and incredibly unfunny and often childish in the future. Even if they were good at the time. I think memes are usually a lot less funny if you jump in too late aswell and miss the original context and don't see the development of the meme.

    If anyone is thinking of getting a joke tattoo I strongly advice you to rethink. You will hate that tattoo pretty soon.

    [–] Seems to be alot less UFO sightings now that there's 4k camera phones. tetraourogallus 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Better quality videos means easier to identify flying objects leading to less UFOs, pretty logical.