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    [–] There's still some color left on the trees thatsyo 3 points ago in bicycling

    Snowed 50cm over here in Switzerland today, missing ridable weather !

    [–] A platform where target-audience meet online with businesses thatsyo 1 points ago in startup

    Doing market research using surveys and customer feedback has been the norm for years. How are you going to build a data base with the right people to connect the businesses with ? How do you encourage the target audience to answer the questions? If you manage to create a business that solves these 2 problems, you will 100% have a bright future in front of you. Problem is, people have been trying for years, so it won't be easy.

    [–] Official? Reddit triathlon pose, right? thatsyo 2 points ago in triathlon

    To add on: I was in the junior age group, so I wasn't in the same heat as you :)

    [–] Official? Reddit triathlon pose, right? thatsyo 6 points ago in triathlon

    Hey I was there as well! My first time racing with ITU rules, the bike leg was so fun! Pushed way too hard on the bike to stay with the chase pack, that I could barely run after T2!

    On an important note: I usually race in Switzerland, (I am still quite new to triathlon), but I found the amount of dirty play and tactics in this race was disgusting. There were a few guys in HK national team outfits who started kicking in the water start so that no one could start in front or with them. They pulled off the same shit on the bike, whenever someone would get close to passing they would spread out to make overtaking near impossible.

    Ok that's my little rant over with, was a great race tho !

    [–] Smart Trainers - what are you paying for? thatsyo 2 points ago in cycling

    Thanks for your review ! Going to go for the vortex then :)

    [–] Smart Trainers - what are you paying for? thatsyo 2 points ago in cycling

    I'm looking into buying the Vortex, been reading good reviews online. If you had the money to buy it again, would you? Or would you go for a different smart trainer ?

    [–] Did anyone try prescription cycling glasses? thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    I have prescription sunglasses, I love them very much and always wear them when cycling. My correction isn't too strong so I can still survive without glasses indoors (in the coffeeshop when you have to take your sunglasses off) I paid around 250 USD, but for a nice frame and a special lens. You can get corrected sunglasses for much cheaper tho, if you already have a frame, it might run you between 50-100 USD depending on your prescription and location?

    [–] Lie about age for Ironman 70.3 Zurich thatsyo 4 points ago in triathlon

    Will be taking your feedback then, and do my first 70.3 a bit later in the season :).

    Funny thing is, I would be allowed to do the full 140.3 in Zurich, (have no intentions on doing so).

    Will find another race in Europe then !

    [–] New tri bike ideas please? thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    Been doing the same research, the bike you've just mentioned is the best I've found new so far.

    [–] Esports and elite gaming facilities - to start or not to start? thatsyo 2 points ago in Entrepreneur

    Maybe do a bit of research on the gaming cafes in Korea, from what I heard they work very well.

    [–] Nutrition & Shoes set up thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    I think I'm going to play it safe and stick with the gel before the race and at T2 then, running with an upset stomach is never fun ! Will be using my road shoes then, thanks for the tips.

    [–] Nutrition & Shoes set up thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    I'm in Switzerland so the temperatures are quite stable around 20°c, so I don't drink crazy amounts. With your tip I think I will be fine with 1L on the bike, worst case scenario is that I catch up on liquids on the run. Thanks for the help !

    [–] You know you do this... thatsyo 3 points ago in bicycling

    I live and train in the Engadine, most people cycling alone do wave ! Groups/teams are a different story.

    [–] Saw this beauty while out riding today. Version #1 of 99 thatsyo 1 points ago in bicycling

    Ah it's Switzerland, and the owner was in the coffeeshop 5 meters away