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    [–] How much do you lift? thatsyo 4 points ago in triathlon

    Glad I'm not alone!

    [–] Best European Ironman for first timer thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    Your German autocorrect is showing :)

    [–] Suffering after christmas thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    No need, lower the intensity of you feel like you're pushing it too much, but you should be fine with your normal schedule.

    Just listen to your body.

    [–] Suffering after christmas thatsyo 2 points ago in triathlon

    Been a bit sick the past week and I couldn't put out any sort of power, going at 70% of my FTP felt like torture.

    Feel much better now, rhr has gone back down to normal (was at 65 during that sick week) and my power is back. Just be patient, get lots of sleep, and everything should fall back into place.

    [–] social media management thatsyo 2 points ago in Entrepreneurs

    No CV? No Website/Portfolio? No proof of experience?

    [–] Hey build me up plan riders.. what were your results? thatsyo 2 points ago in Zwift

    Started this plan yesterday with an FTP of 3w/kg, curious as well.

    [–] Amount of training needed for a sub 2:20 oly. triathlon thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    Finally a sport where being super skinny is an advantage! Thanks for telling me your experiences, really gives me a big motivation boost. I might also follow a 10k running plan separate from my normal training, would this be a good idea? (Would do this in the spring)

    [–] Amount of training needed for a sub 2:20 oly. triathlon thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    Thanks for the really detailed advice! Really happy to learn that this goal is actually possible, I in fact bought a smart trainer 2 weeks after that triathlon and have been using zwift ever since. I see that there is an Olympic training plan there as well, is it similar to the one on trainer road? 9-11 hours is definitely possible for me, but it would consist mostly of the indoor trainer and XC skiing, I might be able to get access to a treadmill but still have to look into it. Thanks again!

    [–] Only veterans will understand thatsyo 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Damn this post. Back at it again

    [–] Any “must race” events around Europe? thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    I heard that the triathlon in alpe d'Huez is a great one!

    [–] Cycling in Hong Kong thatsyo 2 points ago in bicycling

    Currently living in Switzerland but I grew up on the peak, lots of bikers from 4-7am, after that there is simply too much traffic and it's too dangerous.

    [–] Understanding Smart Trainer "Max Grade %" thatsyo -1 points ago in cycling

    I think you need to recalibrate whatever power meter you are using, as 800W is huge power that most people can hold for a couple seconds max.

    [–] Ironman NBC coverage thatsyo 1 points ago in triathlon

    Any way to watch it online?

    [–] There's still some color left on the trees thatsyo 3 points ago in bicycling

    Snowed 50cm over here in Switzerland today, missing ridable weather !

    [–] A platform where target-audience meet online with businesses thatsyo 1 points ago in startup

    Doing market research using surveys and customer feedback has been the norm for years. How are you going to build a data base with the right people to connect the businesses with ? How do you encourage the target audience to answer the questions? If you manage to create a business that solves these 2 problems, you will 100% have a bright future in front of you. Problem is, people have been trying for years, so it won't be easy.

    [–] Official? Reddit triathlon pose, right? thatsyo 2 points ago in triathlon

    To add on: I was in the junior age group, so I wasn't in the same heat as you :)

    [–] Official? Reddit triathlon pose, right? thatsyo 6 points ago in triathlon

    Hey I was there as well! My first time racing with ITU rules, the bike leg was so fun! Pushed way too hard on the bike to stay with the chase pack, that I could barely run after T2!

    On an important note: I usually race in Switzerland, (I am still quite new to triathlon), but I found the amount of dirty play and tactics in this race was disgusting. There were a few guys in HK national team outfits who started kicking in the water start so that no one could start in front or with them. They pulled off the same shit on the bike, whenever someone would get close to passing they would spread out to make overtaking near impossible.

    Ok that's my little rant over with, was a great race tho !