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    [–] Not all heroes wear capes the-capitan 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    that's cool, because i got kicked out for moving all the pro-hillary and russia-trump books to the fiction section. which is funny because the latest indictments say the whole russia-trump thing is a laughable fraud committed by the media on the american public.

    [–] NotKenM on gun control the-capitan 1 points ago in NotKenM

    any source on this? not trying to be a dick... just that i have two friends who said very contradictory things to what you're saying. then again, they may have been targeted because they both had machine guns. basically they were sent a letter by the BATF demanding tax records that they're engaged in genuine business. one guy had even gone to the route of renting warehouse space and keeping his NFA gear in giant safes there, claiming that was his place of business.

    [–] NotKenM on gun control the-capitan 5 points ago in NotKenM

    this is misleading. it's not just a $200 tax stamp and application... the NFA requires you're not only an FFL, but also SOT, meaning someone in the genuine business of manufacture, import, or transfer of title II weaponry. 30 years ago, it was pretty easy for practically anyone to have an FFL. but nowadays they generally require you move inventory and prove it with tax and transfer records. if you don't, they strip your FFL and SOT licenses.

    [–] NotKenM on gun control the-capitan 1 points ago in NotKenM

    how is this a double? his point is completely valid... while not a de facto ban, it's very difficult to lawfully own or possess a rocket launcher in the US... this is so one sided it's hilarious and i'm pretty sure i saw this on cringeanarchy and pussypassdenied already for having a obliviously-out-of-touch, ivory tower white progressive cunt saying something hysterically dumb.

    [–] Gun free zones work? the-capitan 5 points ago in Firearms

    you want the real answer? single mothers who destroy their families, and deadbeat dads who abandon them.

    70% of all crime is committed by the children of single mothers, and almost every one of these mass shooters comes from a broken home. you could single-handedly make 70% of all crime disappear tomorrow if you could somehow change single mothers into dual parent households. and while it's socially acceptable to blame deadbeat dads, no one wants to talk about single mothers who destroy their families and are enabled by a gynocentric court system. non-marital relationships are broken up 50/50 by the sexes, but add in divorce benefits (90%+ resulting in a financial judgment for the woman), and suddenly women file 70% of divorces, 80% as no fault (meaning the guy did nothing wrong), even in states that have for-fault benefits.

    and instead of calling them out for this, we celebrate single mothers, as if they're doing something heroic. they're poverty and crime factories, and most of them put themselves and their children in those positions voluntarily.

    [–] Gun free zones work? the-capitan 3 points ago in Firearms

    I already linked the NYT article admitting gun control doesn't work... here's another study from Canada admitting it doesn't work.

    maybe you forgot, but drugs are banned, as are illegal immigrants. yet we have both all over the place... it is our constitutional right to firearms so it's your burden to prove why gun bans work. why do you think that despite drug bans and bans on illegal immigration, we still rampantly have both? and why, if we have rampant illegal drug use, and rampant illegal immigration, do you suddenly think gun control will actually work?

    [–] Thank cucks for the high murder rate the-capitan 3 points ago in The_Donald

    except when you talk about success in terms of not using drugs, not getting arrested, not dropping out of school, and getting a full time job, blacks with unbroken families do just as well as white unbroken families of the same socio-economic status.

    blacks are not directly the problem. democrats pushing to destroy families, as they have done especially with blacks, and increasingly with whites, is the real problem.

    [–] Gun free zones work? the-capitan 2 points ago in Firearms

    and when you take out chicago, and the next top 3 cities, all of which have heavy gun control under 20+ years of democrat reign, we fall to almost last on the planet for all gun violence.

    [–] Gun free zones work? the-capitan 2 points ago in Firearms

    instead of blaming the FBI, the school administrators, or the mental health professionals who all ignored the signs and enabled this kid to do terrible things, these radical lefties are going after us and our rights. they're staging a school walkout in a few weeks by teachers and students and administrators, demanding gun bans... despite the literature even from NYT admitting gun bans do nothing. the fascists are going to push for "common sense gun reform" that strips us of our rights, and when that doesn't work (because gun bans don't work), they'll demand even stronger gun bans. these people are attacking us, so it's time to attack back.

    in order to demonstrate bans don't work, we're going to start a counterprotest that highlights ineffectiveness of bans. any teacher, student, or administrator who publicly takes part in these protests is making their actions a matter of public concern... it is not illegal in any way, or even against reddit rules to out them for any activities which are unlawful. so how can you help with the counterprotest?

    • drugs are banned on school campuses. drugs are banned by state and/or federal law in literally every state. despite this, we all know drug use and possession is rampant on school campuses, sometimes even by teachers and administrators. for any teacher, student, administrator, or anyone else who protests, any evidence you have, photo or video preferred, should be posted on social media and referred to law enforcement as well as their schools/bosses. the more google results you can get connecting their names with banned drug use, the better. get them fired, get them arrested, demonstrate how bans do not work by using their criminal behavior against them.
    • illegal aliens are banned across the US. they're not supposed to be here. if you know of any, or you have evidence especially of these teachers/students/administrators being illegal aliens or harboring/assisting illegal aliens, please report their illegal activity, and share it online. there are already laws in place banning this behavior. enforce it, and make sure the illegal aliens get deported, and those who unlawfully assist them are arrested/fired/expelled.

    #EnforceTheLaw #BansDontWork

    [–] Thank cucks for the high murder rate the-capitan -2 points ago in The_Donald

    it's not blacks per se. it's children of single mothers... it doesn't matter the race, children of single mothers have ridiculous rates of failure (drug use, dropping out of school, getting arrested), and ultimately commit 70% of all crime.

    blacks have significantly higher rates of single motherhood, but white broken families are just as bad as black broken families. the left's assault on the family, trying to replace fathers with the government is exactly what causes crime.

    [–] Fired Google Engineer Loses Diversity Memo Challenge the-capitan 4 points ago in MGTOW

    he's supposed to be arguing that it's discrimination against him as a male... courts have repeatedly said companies and universities discriminating against males are committing unlawful discrimination.

    [–] If you were in charge of changing gun laws, what would be your list of laws/changes? the-capitan 3 points ago in Firearms

    i'm a huge fan of #1 and #8.

    i wish it was easier to transfer firearms. as it stands right now, the general rule for myself and everyone i know for private sales is that it's directly with someone you've known for years, it's someone with a CCW, or it's through an FFL. i won't do a private sale to just some rando who doesn't have a CCW and refuses to pay for FFL transfer. the key here though is that any sort of system has to be de facto accessible for all types of background checks, including employment, not just firearm transfers. at no point in it should anyone checking or being checked be linked in any way to firearm sale or purchase.

    for #8, gun control hysteria has grown inversely proportional to firearm education. very few people who know anything about firearms are in favor of gun control. many high schools and universities used to have firearms clubs that taught hunting and self defense. now it's like being educated has become taboo.

    [–] This needs to be seen. (Not Cringe) the-capitan 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    propaganda? that's what you anti-gunners are advocating for.

    [–] This needs to be seen. (Not Cringe) the-capitan 4 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    I mean you called people fascists for having a difference of opinion on gun ownership.

    no i didn't. i called people fascist for arguing in favor of stripping the rights of the 99.99999999% of law abiding americans who have nothing to do with unlawful violence by firearm.

    that's textbook fascism. don't be a fascist. defend civil liberties.

    [–] This needs to be seen. (Not Cringe) the-capitan 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in CringeAnarchy

    I think arguing what does and does not constitute a school shooting is morally reprehensible because it misses the point entirely.

    it doesn't. and you getting pissy because someone called propagandists on their bullshit is morally reprehensible.

    Would you be arguing the semantics of what constitutes a terrorist attack directly following a suicide bombing whether it killed people or not?

    if someone said "we've had 18 terrorist attacks / suicide bombings in <45 days, we must regulate everyone!" and they overclassified shit that isn't a terrorist attack or suicide bombing to get up to 18, then yes, i'd be perfectly okay with anyone calling them on their hysterical bullshit.

    What happened, happened and things need to be changed to stop it happening again

    then you need to find a solution that doesn't infringe the rights of the 99.999999999% of law abiding americans who had nothing to do with this or any other unlawful violent use of a firearm.

    [–] This needs to be seen. (Not Cringe) the-capitan 3 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    After 17 kids are shot and killed at a school arguing that some of the others aren't technically school shootings is ridiculous.

    after 17 kids are shot and killed at a school, arguing that other events which are not even remotely similar are somehow the same is morally reprehensible and an insult to every one of the dead. this would not be in issue if the fascists calling for stripping people of our constitutional rights didn't intentionally and falsely equate the two.

    you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking their propaganda is okay and us calling it out as propaganda is wrong. you are the problem. you are morally wrong when you say these are the same. and you are morally wrong when you say law abiding citizens should have our constitutional rights stripped because the actions of a tiny minority. you are a fascist piece of shit. get out of here with that bullshit.

    [–] This needs to be seen. (Not Cringe) the-capitan 11 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    they counted one as a school shooting where at a university defense class, the kid thought it was an unloaded training weapon weapon. he pulled the trigger without checking the chamber like a dumbass, and it turned out to be a loaded firearm. it was clearly negligence by him and whoever provided the firearm, but the bullet hit no one, and no one was injured or killed. they still classified this as a school shooting.

    putting that in the same category as a kid walking in with a rifle who pumps round after round into unsuspecting students is insanity.

    [–] "Gender roles need to go" the-capitan 3 points ago in MGTOW

    i will hold a door open for someone so it doesn't smack them in the face. this is the case for anyone, regardless of race or gender.

    but you have to be a special kind of sexist to think women deserve special treatment because they're women.

    [–] Scooby Doo Mystery, Wall Edition the-capitan 7 points ago in MGTOW

    it's not about them gaining rights... it's that the adult in the room has been characterized as toxic masculinity and the evil patriarchy. hysterical delusion that would normally be met with "don't be fucking ridiculous" is now treated as "she has feelings and we must believe her and give a participation award so she doesn't feel excluded!"

    they're still acting like children, but not being treated like children. they can have rights, but they need to stop acting like children.