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    [–] Feminist contradicts herself a year later. the-capitan 1 points ago in MensRights

    the URL is literally in the pic.

    they changed the article title.

    [–] Feminist contradicts herself a year later. the-capitan 2 points ago in MensRights

    it's not faked. they changed the title. look at the link:

    [–] SJW Cuck gets fucked: Neogaf owner "Evilore" accused of sexual harassment, website destroyed. The gynocracy eats itself. the-capitan 1 points ago in MGTOW

    you can see the hamster spinning in her post. she went to party and drink in new orleans with a guy who was not her boyfriend, and she shared a hotel room with him.

    i'm sure she never led him on even once. /wrists.

    [–] what does she expect? the-capitan 1 points ago in MGTOW

    some departments are totally cucked while others are not.

    i've got a friend who tried out for the fire department and didn't make it because although he's fit, he's a small skinny guy and can't do any of the shit involving a fireman carry or doorbashing.

    whenever i see tiny people doing this shit, it's such a joke. there is no room for not being fit.

    [–] what does she expect? the-capitan 2 points ago in MGTOW

    she looks more like a triple or quadruple entendre.

    [–] The War on Paternity the-capitan 1 points ago in TheRedPill

    yes, coulter literally wrote a book on this.

    blacks historically have had high rates of single motherhood, and over the last 20 years or so, hispanics and whites have shot up and are on the way to joining blacks in having an excessive amount of completely failed families.

    [–] The War on Paternity the-capitan 1 points ago in TheRedPill

    This is what leads to higher rates of single motherhood as well as crime even when single motherhood isnt a factor.

    the stats i saw said otherwise... that regardless of race, dual parent households win, single father households come in second, and single mother households can't even really be described as coming in third... they just lose horribly. this happens irrespective of race. white single mothers are just as big crime factories as black and hispanic single mothers. and blacks already had their family unit destroyed... hispanics and whites are going through that now.

    [–] The War on Paternity the-capitan 1 points ago in TheRedPill

    culturally, blacks never cleaned up the single motherhood problem. hispanics fell into it eventually, and now whites are falling in too. race really is irrelevant... the problem is single motherhood.

    [–] "My body is not a democracy" the-capitan 5 points ago in pussypassdenied

    this isn't /r/stupidshitgirlssay ... PPD is when a cunt expects to get away with something a guy would normally get punished for, because her vagina is magical and removes all agency and consequences from her life, and instead she gets shut down hard.

    [–] The War on Paternity the-capitan 7 points ago in TheRedPill

    it's not so much single parent households... it's single mother households. dual parent households have the best outcomes by far, but single father households are only slightly behind. single mother households are crime and poverty factories.

    • male children of single mothers have extremely high rates of arrests and criminal convictions
    • female children of single mothers have extremely high rates of teen pregnancy
    • children of both sexes for single mothers also have extremely high rates of drug use, school dropout, and unemployment

    and people shit on blacks for having extremely high poverty/crime rates (3% of the population commits 50% of all crime), but it's not racial... it's familial. single mother households regardless of race are crime factories. it just happens that blacks have a disproportionately high percentage of single mother households.

    single mothers absolutely deserve to shamed hard.

    [–] That's logical but don't tell me I'm wrong ever again. the-capitan 23 points ago in MGTOW

    it's clinical hysteria... where they have this delusional misconception that their feelings override and are more important than reality.

    [–] There are only two turn ons for a woman the-capitan 7 points ago in TheRedPill

    came to say this. sexual arousal is dopamine, not oxytocin. women bend over and do ass to mouth for dopamine. chasing the bad boy is for dopamine, not oxytocin.

    [–] For my TRP brothers who are current pursuing/prospecting an Arab HB-whatever: the-capitan 2 points ago in TheRedPill

    any of the "extremist" beliefs... especially advocating for the execution of gays, execution of apostates, execution of anyone speaking out against the religion, execution of dogs, pedophilia, female subjugation and legal inferiority, etc. all that shit is part of sharia law. and although it's not literally sharia law, hatred of jews is really common with muslims.

    you end up dating for a couple weeks until the girl slips up and lets something out and you just tilt your head like "wait what?"

    [–] Harassment denied the-capitan 15 points ago in pussypassdenied

    manspreading is an interesting phenomenon. it all comes down to special relativity. all men's balls are made of the densest heaviest material known in the universe... testequtrons. i'm not sure how much you've read about testequtrons, but they're so dense that they create their own gravity field. this gravity field is so strong that women who go down on men get a distortion in their space time continuum. she thought she was slobbing on your knob for what seemed like an hour, but it was really only a few seconds.

    now you might think this gravity field would lead to legs being sucked inward. yes, but no. although a man's legs are constantly being sucked inwards, the gravity field and denseness of this matter generates so much heat that any guy who doesn't manspread begins to suffer from various conditions like testesweatitis, swampassitis, or squishedsweatyballsitis. this is what we endure as men, every minute of the day... being forced to spread our legs against the awesome power and pull of testequtrons.

    and that is why we manspread.

    [–] Why Russell Simmons Asked Donald Trump to Write the Forward to his Book... the-capitan 16 points ago in The_Donald

    mayweather said the same shit. you do you. you worry about you. because no one else is responsible for you other than you. too many people are trying to pass off all their faults as someone elses. hell, the entire progressive / third wave feminist movement is about removing agency from literally anyone who isn't a cis, straight, white male. when someone makes a shitty decision that fucks up their life, these lefties claim it was a societal result, not this individual's fault. fuck that.

    simmons and mayweather understand that the president's job is to get the fuck out of your way, not give you pills paid for by other people.

    [–] I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 21 and the hatred is real the-capitan 1 points ago in TheRedPill

    18 or whatever the legal drinking age is in the country... whichever is higher... it's a pain in the ass to hang out with women who can't legally drink. and under 18, many girls look creepily young.

    [–] I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 21 and the hatred is real the-capitan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in TheRedPill

    wait until you're older. i went pretty hard on TRP a while back and i'm mid 30s, and still banging smoking hot girls 21-24. i was going to the same places for years, but when i started bringing hot young 20s, suddenly all the door guys suddenly knew me, the post-wall women sneer, and female bartenders suddenly want to fuck me. i get hatemail on dating apps because my age range is much younger than me. and even then, i'm only mid 30s... i'm sure it continues to get much worse the older a guy gets. post-wall women think they're entitled to their own definition of "age appropriate" men and high value "age appropriate" men get more and more rare as they get older. and when they see a high value "age appropriate" man with a much higher SMV woman, it makes them either want to fuck you or hate you.

    rollo's SMV chart lines up to the T with real world data. there's a chart that graphs actor/actress ages, and another of OKC user rating data, and those were published after rollo's and just proved him right. women are at their peak 21-24. men rise slowly until they shoot up late 20s / early 30s, and then fall off late 30s. if you can't get AND keep 21-24 yo women while you're 28-37, it means your SMV sucks. if you keep going past 37, it means your SMV is still banging.

    assuming you're also a non-celebrity like the rest of us, you obviously need to lift (should go without saying). you also have to realize the way you talk with young 20s is different from how you talk to older women. not only is there a lot more teasing going on, you have to cut the statements and phrases and mannerisms that dry up the vag and/or don't give her tingles. for example, i'm in tech so there were a bunch of nerdy phrases i kept saying... even simple shit like admitting you're a nerd... that's cool as fuck to post-wall women (because they're looking for betabux). none of that shit is cool to a 21-24 year old who is looking for a hot cock to ride. now i never talk about my job unless asked, and even then i just talk about my industry and vaguely what our company does... not all that nerdy coding and data and algorithm shit.

    [–] For my TRP brothers who are current pursuing/prospecting an Arab HB-whatever: the-capitan 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in TheRedPill

    i can date non-muslim middle easterners fine. banged a lot of persian hotties, and israeli women are awesome. but i tried dating muslim girls and it quickly became clear that taqiya is real. and not the liberal whitewashed version ("you can lie and feign under duress")... it's the disgusting version advocated for in the koran ("hide the more extreme and radical beliefs when in low numbers and deny everything so that we may spread islam. you'll get to do that back at the mosque or when our numbers are higher").

    every fucking girl, without fail, slips up within a few weeks and you can tell she's lying about shit.

    [–] Bumble Profile (M/20) Trying to improve Profile the-capitan 1 points ago in Bumble

    your height should be on a line by itself. then skip a line. then you can talk about other stuff.

    [–] Bumble Profile (M/20) Trying to improve Profile the-capitan 1 points ago in Bumble

    your shit can already slay. just need more time at the gym for more swole.

    just say this as your bio.


    [skipped line]

    gym everyday, even on vacations