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    [–] Am I a loser for being a virgin at 27 years old? the_disco_sloth 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Your sex life doesn’t define your character, worth, ability, interests, social status, ‘normality’, nothing.

    How you respect yourself, others, and the world you defines you.

    There are wonderful people who are slammin’ strange left and right, and they treat their sexual partners really well before during and after. There are really shitty people who get lucky like crazy, maybe they’re successful socially and in their careers, but they still lack character in a lot of ways. There are seriously awesome people who have never had sex for whatever reason, opportunity wasn’t there, it wasn’t the right time, they want to wait until marriage, and their presence is a gift to those around them.

    Are you good to the world around you and not because you want someone in return? Then you’re perfect.

    [–] 'the girl' the_disco_sloth 2 points ago in Amberlynn

    So weird right?! I am lucky to only take a small dose of 25mg a day, I titrated up to 50 when I was learning my dose and I couldn’t speaaaaak.

    Do you notice the same thing when you’re typing? I spell a lot of words phonetically on accident now.

    [–] 'the girl' the_disco_sloth 8 points ago in Amberlynn

    It’s night and day for me. When I don’t take my lamictal for a few days I start to feel like I’m walking through a haunted house and am expecting things to jump out and scare me, but nothing does, BUT I KNOW SOMETHING WILL. When I take my meds I feel really level headed and have rational emotional responses.

    [–] 'the girl' the_disco_sloth 27 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in Amberlynn

    I would overdose on Adderall before I could focus on her recent videos, so I have no idea if she’s stated what mood stabilizer she’s on. Imma eggstrabolate that our gorl is taking Lamictal (generic form is lamotrigine).

    This drug is an anticonvulsant used off-label to treat symptoms of mood disorders such as atypical depression and bipolar I & II. Fun fact: the drug itself does not induce weight gain. The most serious side-effect is Steven-Johnson syndrome, the deadly rash she is possibly talking about. It’s rare, but can happen.

    Other fun side-effects: getting tongue-tied when you’re trying to talk and ‘losing your words’. “The girl” (aka my board certified psychiatrist) explained to me how lamictal kindly tells my brain to dial it the fuck back on overactivity in parts of my melon. Anxiety is calmed, mood swings aren’t triggered, my speech gets goofy if I’m taking too much.

    Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

    [–] Free ride M'lady? the_disco_sloth 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    I really want to hop on the kindness bandwagon and not acknowledge how this guy looks but fuck this comment killed me.

    [–] The BALLS on this guy! the_disco_sloth 1 points ago in WTF

    Where the fuck is his body

    [–] The B in LGBT stands for "Bar Mitzvah" the_disco_sloth 2 points ago in ForwardsFromKlandma

    I’m asking this from a very sincerely confused place: why do people shit on Jews? I really don’t understand the stereotypes and hatred.

    [–] Kid at my school who bullied a kid with Down syndrome the_disco_sloth 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in trashy

    No, no. The bully is clearly an asshole, but internet bullying isn’t justice.

    I’m going to make a few assumptions here: that bully probably gets ‘justice’ when he goes home and is treated the same way by family, or maybe he’s undergone some seriously fucked up things that have turned him into a total fuckwaffle in the first place. Something is probably already eating him alive. If that’s true, hopefully he can get help.

    If none of the above are true and that bully was born an asshole, I sincerely pray for his parents and hope karma knocks the kid’s dick in the dirt and changes him.

    Side note: I think the bully is winning the chromosome competition.