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    [–] There are some amazing buildings in China which I feel most westerners have never seen. thedeuce545 1 points ago in pics

    Thing about America and buildings is we’ve already done this. We made the amazing buildings last century, it doesn’t really move the needle as much anymore.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? thedeuce545 20 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Isn’t Colbert very, very catholic? Don’t Catholics actively protect and cover up pedophiles and sexually abusive priests and church employees as a matter of de facto doctrine? Isn’t Ellen Paige supporting this practice by appearing on his show?

    [–] Nebraska Spring Game sold out for second straight year. thedeuce545 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in CFB

    i guess using a quote from mallrats was bannable. sorry.

    [–] Ocasio-Cortez tears into ‘intellectually bankrupt’ GOP over ‘targeted rumors’ thedeuce545 1 points ago in politics

    No. There’s no constitutional framework for undoing anything an impeached president has done, appointments and orders could be reversed by the new president that takes over for one that is resigned or removed, but it would be whoever was in line for succession. All appointments etc. would remain in place until a newly elected President comes in when appointments expire. In short, orders would have to revoked, but things like judges appointed wouldn’t be removed even with an election.

    [–] Ocasio-Cortez tears into ‘intellectually bankrupt’ GOP over ‘targeted rumors’ thedeuce545 8 points ago in politics

    I’m not an AOC fan but in fairness she is young, she will get better at things like detail work the more she does them.

    [–] Control4 has acquired Neeo thedeuce545 7 points ago in Control4

    what rumors and leaks? I haven't seen anything...

    [–] Prove me wrong thedeuce545 13 points ago in PandR

    As long as we’re talking about this, Michael would have been at the PBS special too. I understand the “real world” reason he wasn’t, but there’s no legitimate plot reason that Michael wouldn’t have been at the Q&A.

    [–] Possibly new WiFi access point for home thedeuce545 1 points ago in HomeNetworking

    Open Mesh is gone, so I don't think you should try to replace with a company that doesn't appear to want residential customers.

    [–] BAF/Haiku Home officially confirms HomeKit “in 2019”. thedeuce545 2 points ago in HomeKit

    They kind of dodged the question, will they be able to offer it as a firmware update or will you have to buy new hardware? The fans are kind of expensive to have to buy new ones for home kit...

    [–] Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for 1st time thedeuce545 3 points ago in news

    Judge Roberts assured us we don’t have democratic or republican judges though...shouldn’t really matter.

    [–] What are you gonna do? Shoot me? thedeuce545 10 points ago in instant_regret

    What does fairly mean though? That word means different things to different there an actual dollar amount the protest is looking for? percentage? What are the specifics? What does common prices mean?

    [–] What are you gonna do? Shoot me? thedeuce545 8 points ago in instant_regret

    With respect to taxes, How much tax do the poor already pay though? Do you want them to tax the rich and the write a check to the poor with that money? Just trying to understand the situation.

    [–] Moos ranks fb facilities 8-9th in B1G thedeuce545 2 points ago in Huskers

    Location? Attached to memorial in some way?

    [–] Bosch dishwasher error code? thedeuce545 1 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Thank you, I am familiar with the error, was wondering about this little piece that I found in the line, though. I want to make sure it isn't a part of the dishwasher...