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    [–] Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: Hunter's Call theexterminat 4 points ago in xboxone

    Pretty wild how they've improved this game since launch, can't wait for the update!

    [–] Reach and the prophets theexterminat 7 points ago in HaloStory

    I believe he knew of Reach, but was not present - during the comic series The Fall of Reach, he declared the Covenant's holy war on humanity as they attacked, and I think he was on High Charity doing that. It's been a while and I'm happy to be corrected if I did not remember that correctly! :)

    [–] Halo Reach disk prior to a X360 update. Oh the memories. theexterminat 1 points ago in halo

    It was an experimental 10gb disc, trying to compete with bluray in a time where the 360 started having games on multiple discs

    [–] Fixed the MCC Reach icon! theexterminat -3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in halo

    Couldn't resist 😂 /u/Ske7ch343

    [–] It's national puppy day, so here's more of our game about a lost dog! 🐶 theexterminat 2 points ago in gaming

    We're hoping to make just that! It's a ways off from release but if you want to follow development you can join our newsletter at the game's website :)

    [–] [Paid] Seeking VFX artist for quick dirt cloud effect theexterminat 1 points ago in gameDevClassifieds


    We have already filled the role - best of luck in your endeavors.

    [–] Halo MCC stuck downloading theexterminat 1 points ago in xboxone

    Boot up the game assuming it says "ready to play." You can then use their system to determine what games you want to install. I think it may stall the download until you go in and select what you want, so it doesn't go straight for the entire 75+gb.

    [–] Ask your MCC PC/Reach questions for Sunday's HCS stream theexterminat 62 points ago in halo

    Will Reach still have the motion blur, or will we be able to turn it off? If you can turn it off will that be only on PC?

    [–] Halo: MCC Announcement @ Inside Xbox - Discussion Thread theexterminat 8 points ago in halo

    Reach is the only Halo game that is not in proper modern HD and was never remastered or re-released. Even the first Halo Wars got a 1080/4k bump, but Reach didn't. So we've waited a while!

    [–] After over 8 years I finally did it and I can sleep easier at night theexterminat 60 points ago in halo

    Congrats! Reach on Legendary is just punishingly difficult, especially solo. See: someone who did Nightfal the real way and didn't know about the forklift :(