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    [–] A self proclaimed centrist equated Bernies DemSoc ideology to communism in a recent CNN town hall. Here is that centrist with Mitch McConnell. She attends Harvard and grew up in a $9M mansion. theferrit32 10 points ago in thedavidpakmanshow


    It'd be nice if CNN stopped being the standard for Town Halls. They just aren't trustworthy and do everything they can to put down any threat to their shareholders and prop up corporate interests.

    The clips they released of the Yang town hall were just the smear questions from people that aligned with them.

    [–] What's your terminal welcome message? theferrit32 3 points ago in linux

    Bob Ross, with cowsay message I made up.

    Used this:

    I've never been a fan of sticking stats or whatever, or fortune messages. Sometimes I don't like what it says. I always like seeing Bob Ross.

    [–] Mozilla Internet Health Report 2019 theferrit32 60 points ago in linux

    It's a client-side extension. From what I understand, it's basically like creating a Reddit post for the page and letting users submit comments, but then also allowing users to view the comments for a page inline while on the page itself. I don't see the issue. If someone doesn't want to see the comments, don't use the extension. Unless browsers are also going to start blocking forums that contain hyperlinks to other pages and comments about them, this seems like a possible overstep, targeted specifically at an organization they don't like.

    [–] Kid at my university got suspended for marijuana possession, is now suing the school for racism, and is posting these types of things in the school’s FB group. theferrit32 3 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Yeah it's pretty stupid to make it about race, he broke the policies and most likely the law, and knew he was doing it.

    But it's also stupid for universities to suspend people for marijuana possession. As long as people aren't smoking it in the dorms and aren't smoking it on the sidewalk or public meeting spaces of the university, I don't see the issue with possession. It's such a trivial thing. At a university with 20k students there are probably at least 1k that could during a given year be caught for possession or usage of marijuana if the university really wanted to be draconian about it. And 5% per year is a very low estimate. 14% of US adults use marijuana at least once per year. That amount is almost certainly higher for 18-24 year olds.

    [–] The Real Anti-War Candidate theferrit32 2 points ago in DemocraticSocialism

    I do think Buttigieg and Biden are strategizing together so the nomination goes to one of them (with the explicit help of the Democrat party leadership). I thought it might be the other direction though. Biden taking a lot of early support based on name recognition, then dropping out next April or May and strongly endorsing Buttigieg.

    Say going into next May the polls are:

    Sanders: 30%

    Biden: 25%

    Buttigieg: 20%

    Harris: 10%

    Warren: 10%

    Yang: 5%

    Then Biden drops out and endorses Buttigieg. It could be Buttigieg dropping out to endorse Biden, but I think the DNC wants to promote Buttigieg in order to present themselves as forward thinking and solidifying the young vote. Biden would be in there to grab old voters, and if he endorses Buttigieg that might transition the old people over to Buttigieg. I find it hard to believe that a lot of young people would vote for Biden, even if Buttigieg drops out and endorses him. Biden is not popular with young people, for good reason.

    [–] The Real Anti-War Candidate theferrit32 3 points ago in DemocraticSocialism

    Which organization is responsible for some bloodshed in Africa? I'm interested in reading more about that. I know they were donating to a group that pays sports coaches to preach about the Bible in order to push Christianity on more young people.

    [–] The Real Anti-War Candidate theferrit32 3 points ago in DemocraticSocialism

    Zaxby's sandwiches are really good; their chicken is slightly better and their sauce is way better. I think more places have Chick-fil-a than Zaxby's though. Bojangles is also decent but not quite at the same quality tier.

    [–] USA Today is Salty Yang Won Their Poll theferrit32 13 points ago in YangForPresidentHQ

    I believe Yang just said he personally doesn't think it is warranted and wouldn't do it, and that our medical services should inform parents beforehand that the medical claims are not backed up, and about the fact that the US is the only developed country in the world that has any significant portion of the population doing it. Many parents have the incorrect opinion that it is a standard procedure and is very medically beneficial and has no downsides, and it should be the role of a medical professional to correct that misinformation. Right now most parents are not adequately informed before making the decision.

    [–] USA Today is Salty Yang Won Their Poll theferrit32 11 points ago in YangForPresidentHQ

    Lmao the US media is so freaking corrupt. They don't just report on what happens in the country. They manufacture stories and manipulate public opinion, even if they make it seem like they're unbiased. The example given in that video is so blatant.

    It's like the coordinated media blackout on Ron Paul in 2012, where media outlets across the spectrum all agreed to refuse to say Ron Paul's name in their reporting. There were repeatedly listing out the top GOP candidates and just skipping right over Ron Paul and including people with way lower polling. One show literally listed out the top 4 GOP candidates at one point and the show host just refused to say Ron Paul's name, even though he was in 3rd place, just pretended he wasn't on the list.

    [–] old but gold theferrit32 39 points ago in PrequelMemes

    The council of /var/spool/mail/root readers will decide your fate.

    [–] Film Academy Passes Vote to Rename 'Best Foreign Language Film' Category to 'Best International Feature Film' theferrit32 23 points ago in movies

    They could call it "Best Non-Anglosphere Film". So even if it's mostly in English, as long as it's produced in a Non-Anglosphere country that's still eligible.

    But depending on the definition of Anglosphere, that could exclude countries that many would think should probably included in "Foreign films" from the perspective of the US, like Phillipines, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Vanuatu, Grenada, Dominica, Palau, Nauru. All of which have over 80% of the population being fluent in English.

    Maybe they should just reevaluate what the actual useful categories are. Maybe the line between primary English and primary not English is not the most useful line.

    [–] ELI5: How do websites know when you are using an adblocker? theferrit32 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    By "local resources" they mean the CPU. Nothing stops JS scripts from running hashing on the CPU.

    [–] ELI5: How do websites know when you are using an adblocker? theferrit32 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    They were definitely using JS in the past and some still are. New scripts are being made to use WebAssembly since it's faster. Mining scripts don't need to break out of sandboxes, they just need to hit the CPU and send hash data to the internet. JS does that fine.

    [–] [Spoilers] Maisie’s latest tweet. theferrit32 230 points ago in gameofthrones

    "Kit I just watched this random woman shoot you with a bow and 3 arrows"

    "It's okay, we're married"

    [–] web devs rn: theferrit32 65 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    .... rules
    .... rules
    .... rules

    [–] Inspired by Yeet!, I created Lilli theferrit32 5 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Source code pro and Ubuntu Mono are both really good distinct fonts.

    [–] Yeet! theferrit32 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Sure, but after you do this the compiler will end up creating the same code, as those are just literals, and any reasonable compiler like gcc or clang will simplify literal arithmetic or bit flips before generating the compiled version. That will just turn into 0 and 1. The compiler isn't going to put a value flipping instruction into the code. It just probably slows down compilation by a few microseconds.

    [–] UPS will start using Toyota's zero-emission hydrogen semi trucks theferrit32 2 points ago in technology

    I mean they were right. Automated systems will result in there being fewer jobs. That isn't even a controversial opinion anymore.

    [–] RCE in EA's Origin Desktop Client theferrit32 2 points ago in netsec

    Say what you will about EA's game design, they do seem good at rapid deployment of content and update packages to users.