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    [–] Final nail in the coffin thefezhat 4 points ago in 2007scape

    Jagex has essentially done it for mobile already, minus the draw distance. If you've played mobile, you've probably noticed how it runs better than the desktop version. I wouldn't be surprised if they were working on implementing the tech for PC as well.

    [–] Final nail in the coffin thefezhat 119 points ago in 2007scape

    Not HD no, just running on an actual graphics engine meaning it can make use of your GPU (graphics processor) instead of running solely off CPU. It brings better framerate and longer draw distances.

    [–] My best friend... thefezhat 2 points ago in cats

    That look is the best. "I love you, please keep petting me."

    [–] Fallout 76 - Nuclear Waste (Jimpressions) thefezhat 1 points ago in Games

    Sean Murray lied through his teeth about what would be in the game, that makes it a ripoff and no amount of time spent playing it can negate that.

    [–] anime_irl thefezhat 11 points ago in anime_irl

    Maybe next time.

    [–] Fuse dies to Verzik thefezhat 9 points ago in 2007scape

    Probably to not die on the easiest part, lol.

    [–] The State Of Overwatch - Seagull thefezhat 25 points ago in Overwatch

    Game design is part of it. Loss of ult charge hugely discourages players from swapping heroes.

    [–] Alexa, this is so sad, can we get upper management visibility on the issue? thefezhat 2 points ago in techsupportgore

    God I hate Sharepoint. Thankfully my department has a wiki now, but there's still so much stuff that needs to be moved over to it.

    [–] POH Portals, DHCB Recolour and Planned Changes thefezhat 1 points ago in 2007scape

    Even if your baseless accusation is true, who cares? Should Jagex stop updating the game just because some players will make a quick buck off of them? Because that's what they'd have to do to stop what you're complaining about. Pretty much every update presents an opportunity for merchers, that's how it always has been and always will be.

    [–] Cat. thefezhat 2 points ago in 2007scape


    [–] League of Legends Champion Designer speaks out about Terrible Treatment at Riot Games thefezhat 49 points ago in Games

    If Riot is trying to control that sub, they're doing a pretty shit job of it. When all the sexual harassment stuff was coming out it dominated the front page of the sub, as have a thousand other anti-Riot pitchfork-fests. I suspect the mods (and perhaps some of the users) just don't want to hear about this stuff anymore and would rather discuss the game. Not saying that's right, but it's a much more sensible explanation.

    [–] Liz and the Blue Bird - Discussion Thread - US Release thefezhat 1 points ago in anime

    I get the feeling that Reina and Kumiko knew exactly what they were doing there.

    [–] Let's do thi- thefezhat 5 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Because MH endgame revolves around grinding, and improving the efficiency of your grind is half of the fun. Not to say that everyone has to be MAX EFFICIENCY all the time, but this is just how grindy RPGs work. I don't need to stop and smell the roses on my 10th Nergigante hunt, I've already seen this shit before. It's much more fun to see how quickly I can beat the piss out of him.

    [–] Incel uses Stan Lee's death to get pity, then tells me that I'm a contributor to his suicide note. thefezhat 15 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Plus just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they want to bang some other ugly person.

    That's fine, but someone who does this is not an incel. They've voluntarily chosen not to pursue someone in their league.

    [–] Let’s Watch : S2E13 : Shanghaied – Gary Takes a Bath thefezhat 27 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Two great episodes, especially Shanghaied. Some highlights:

    • "You're good, you're good, you're good"
    • The Fly of Despair
    • The Perfume Department
    • "Sorry you had to see that"
    • "Don't drop em!" wink
    • Spongebob in a suicide vest
    • Inexplicably teleporting Gary

    That last one has always been extra hilarious to me because of its casual absurdity, with Gary just hovering over the tub for a few seconds then magically appearing on the floor next to Spongebob as if nothing happened. Same thing for the Perfume Department, it's so completely out of place and nonsensical but Spongebob and Patrick just roll with it like it's standard fare on a cursed ghost ship.

    [–] Dems eye 85 targets for investigations, subpoenas thefezhat 1 points ago in RussiaLago

    If a functioning government run by adults is the most important thing to you, then getting Trump out of office should be your first priority.

    [–] anime_irl thefezhat 7 points ago in anime_irl

    I want Reigen to lecture me.

    [–] What is up with the rise people doing the Nazi salute? thefezhat 2 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    There's a difference between making stupid edgy jokes to your buddies who are all in on the joke, and broadcasting your edginess to the rest of the world that can't tell whether or not you're being ironic.

    [–] What is up with the rise people doing the Nazi salute? thefezhat 5 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    I think you misread the comment you're replying to. Or do you seriously think the guy who drove this thing was anti-Trump?

    [–] The Sheriff's Duties thefezhat 7 points ago in polandball

    Not pictured: America shooting India after managing to squeeze into the saloon.

    [–] Jaguar tried to eat a good boy thefezhat 11 points ago in StartledCats

    I read and understood it fine. His post is specifically in the context of a stray dog being in danger. You completely changed that context, made an argument based on the changed context, and acted like that somehow proved something about the original context. Which it doesn't.