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    [–] What are your predictions for the year 2019? thefezhat 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Wait, you think MAGA isn't a reactive slogan? Do you not understand words?

    [–] What is the hardest you've ever been shot down by someone you were interested in? thefezhat 6 points ago in AskReddit

    What if her intention was to raise his confidence?

    Then she chose a horrifically bad way to do it. No man would have their confidence boosted by a woman saying "I flirted with you because I felt sorry for you." In fact that has quite the opposite effect.

    [–] Bayonetta 3's Development "Going Very Well" PlatinumGames "Very Excited About What They're Doing" thefezhat 14 points ago in Games

    I found that to be a kinda weak boss fight, personally. The Turn mechanic is plenty of fun to use, but not so much to have used against you. Being frozen in time and unable to respond to the enemy's attacks is annoying.

    [–] Who or what is PragerU? thefezhat 58 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    By the standards of its time, the 3/5 Compromise was neither anti- nor pro-slavery. It was, as the name suggests, a compromise between the two.

    Now, by modern standards, it's basically pro-slavery, since society (rightly) considers slavery as something that is not to be compromised on in the first place.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Generalizing fanbases that consist of thousands/millions of people is kind of the whole point of this thread.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in AskReddit

    Refuse to bend over for a blue Repub... by bending over for a blood-red Repub instead. I'm not sure, who do they think they are? They clearly have no consistent political beliefs if they supported Bernie and then thought it was cool to let Trump become president. If they actually cared about Sanders's ideals then they would have voted Clinton in the general like Sanders asked them to do, because Clinton was many miles closer to those ideals than Trump.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 9 points ago in AskReddit

    I wonder what kind of impact the lack of a traditional scoreboard has on this issue. Ostensibly Blizzard did this to reduce people shitting on their teammates for having low KDA or whatever, but then they replaced it with medals which allow the same thing but have the added issue of leaving out tons of important context. I reckon it's a lot easier to get the idea that you're great and everyone else is shit when you can't be humbled by bottom fragging every once in a while.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 6 points ago in AskReddit

    I tend to agree on Junkrat, but D.Va's ult requires a lot of careful timing and map knowledge to use effectively outside of extremely low ranks. If you just mindlessly chuck it at the enemies, they will duck behind the nearest wall and you will get zero frags. It's one of the weaker ults in the game, really.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Carrying a game here and there doesn't make you not awful. Awful players still have good games occasionally.

    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 8 points ago in AskReddit

    "This thing that a lot of men do is a problem"


    [–] What popular thing has the worst fan base? thefezhat 18 points ago in AskReddit

    TLJ just tried way too hard to subvert Star Wars tropes without really considering if those subversions actually added anything to the movie. It also suffered a fair bit from idiot plot.

    The mutiny subplot is pointless and goes nowhere, and paints the admiral as a terrible leader which removes any real impact from her heroic sacrifice. The movie doesn't seem to acknowledge how badly the mutiny reflects on Holdo and acts like she was in the right the whole time.

    As visually spectacular as the FTL ram was, it was an extremely obvious tactic and only worked because Hux and Kylo Ren were too stupid to anticipate a ramming attack from an empty ship that's turning towards them and powering up its engines. It also raises some weird questions about why FTL projectiles haven't been used as weapons before when they're apparently so devastating.

    The whole casino subplot felt like a distraction and dragged on for too long.

    Rose is just a bad character in general. She doesn't really serve a purpose, her romance with Finn is forced, and her line about "protecting what we love" after deliberately sabotaging Finn's attempt to do just that was utterly cringeworthy.

    The handling of Luke's character in TLJ shits on his legacy pretty hard. Bringing Darth Vader back from the dark side was his character-defining moment in the original trilogy, and the reveal that he nearly killed his apprentice over a much, much, much lesser degree of darkness represents a huge reversal from that established character. I didn't mind the way he died, though.

    I could come up with more, but those are a few of the big reasons people disliked it.

    [–] (SPOILER) Houseki no Kuni Ep.4 Fanart thefezhat 1 points ago in anime

    The second half is the best part. Have fun!

    [–] Allow us to queue for Island Expedition from Group Finder thefezhat 1 points ago in wow

    What's strange to me is that only the party leader has to be at the table. The other two group members get inexplicably teleported to the expedition, dungeon finder style. If one person has to physically go to the instance, then the whole group should have to do the same.

    [–] What am I supposed to do to 'efficiently' farm Azerite? thefezhat 21 points ago in CompetitiveWoW

    There is zero practical difference between the two. The absolute amount of AP you have is meaningless on its own, as AP's value only exists relative to the cost of a level. Increasing all AP gains by 30%, as AK did in Legion, effectively represents a 30% reduction in the value of all AP gained prior to the increase. AK in BFA does the same. If your AP didn't get squished by 30% along with level requirements, it would effectively be retroactively applying the AK to AP gained before the reset, which goes against its purpose as a catchup mechanic.

    [–] Since when is the "OK" hand gesture also a white power thing?? thefezhat 6 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    But if he did that's a harder question, when does ironic racism become racism.

    Hot take: when broadcast to the public without a clear indication of irony, they are effectively the same thing. Ironic racism among buddies who know you're being ironic? Cool. Ironic racism in front of hundreds/thousands of people who won't all know that you're joking? Not cool.

    Ironically spreading hate is still spreading hate.

    [–] Who is Forsen and why are his emotes banned on a lot of streams? thefezhat 28 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Unless something has changed since I last checked his stream out, it is most definitely toxic. Loads of racism and harassment brigades against other streamers.

    [–] Since when is the "OK" hand gesture also a white power thing?? thefezhat 23 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in OutOfTheLoop

    Uh... Did you actually watch it? She went out of her way to emphasize that not everyone who uses those symbols is actually a Nazi, and that the whole point of co-opting seemingly innocent symbols is to muddy the waters and make it more difficult to distinguish who is and isn't a Nazi.

    Edit: Yeah, I skimmed over the video a second time and here's a quote for you:

    You know, some leftists are assholes or idiots, so I'll say you should never assume someone is a fascist because of their hair or the emoji they use. These are only little pieces of a larger puzzle.

    And she responded to your brand of criticism directly in the comments, too:

    The other major misunderstanding is that I think anyone who uses dog-whistles like "Western culture," Kekistan, etc., is a fascist. But of course I don't. The reason fascists use dog-whistles is to appear less like fascists, to blend in with non-fascists. If everyone who used the dog-whistles was a fascist, the strategy wouldn't work. This is so obvious and so clear in the video that I can only think people are being deliberately obtuse to misrepresent me.

    So yeah, you either didn't actually watch it or you're deliberately making shit up to smear Contra.

    [–] Who is Forsen and why are his emotes banned on a lot of streams? thefezhat 43 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Forsen's Twitch community is big and extremely toxic due to lack of moderation and encouragement from Forsen himself. His followers also have a nasty habit of bringing that toxicity to other channels, sometimes even launching brigades by spamming channel links in Forsen's chat. Unsurprisingly, many streamers who would like to curate a more positive community don't want to deal with that. Banning his emotes and/or name, which his followers often like to spam in other chats, is a way of filtering out that toxic culture from their communities.

    Disclaimer: I haven't paid attention to Forsen in a while, this is based on my observations from when he was making his name in Hearthstone a few years back.

    [–] Update on the future of Deadly Boss Mods by its author thefezhat 2 points ago in wow

    Which is why the default UI desperately needs to at least let players move their action bars around the screen. Looking at the very bottom of your screen for cooldowns (and in the top right corner for buffs) is awful for raid awareness.