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    [–] Pickle Suit theflava 4 points ago in Military

    Ugh. I heard a story of a sub chief that came back from deployment to his wife’s redecoration of their house featuring some prominent seafoam green rooms. He flipped out and repainted the whole thing shortly after.

    [–] Maximum core strength theflava 1 points ago in gifs

    It’s like a Pringle’s can

    [–] [I ate] seafood theflava 2 points ago in FoodLosAngeles

    Ok... Where?

    [–] What is the HARDEST to answer "Would You Rather" that you have heard? theflava 17 points ago in AskReddit

    Monastic garb seems appropriate. If they’re homely enough I’d imagine one would eventually assume an asexual appearance after a 10-15 year wild experimentation phase.

    Either that, or plot twist: you’re Pat from It’s Pat.

    [–] Guess what I get to fix today... theflava 21 points ago in Welding

    That’s a pretty badass bong.

    [–] Yeah theflava 3 points ago in Military

    There was a Frontline episode about this practice. Apparently we've been using them as a currency to bribe local warlords for years.

    [–] [I ate] A steamed bun with pork belly (Bao) theflava 14 points ago in food

    Greedily with the occasion snorting noise and non-verbal expression of deliciousness.

    [–] I miss the 09 Lakers lineup theflava 1 points ago in lakers

    I too miss winning championships.

    [–] Take my money theflava 3 points ago in specializedtools

    “Prepare the tobacco...” lol

    [–] I got to looking through my basic training "yearbook" the other day... theflava 22 points ago in Military

    I have a super fit buddy who paid for his own detailed body-fat analysis in a dunk tank because his strongman barrel-chested physique had him failing every PFA tape test.

    [–] Will it still work if I boof half a cap? theflava 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Drugs

    Just boof the whole cap back and forth.

    [–] 🔥 Splendid fairywrens theflava 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    The blue one looks like the blue bird from Angry Birds.

    [–] My girlfriend painted my Deadpool print. theflava 26 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Print a pair of baby legs for it.

    [–] Sean Hannity Can Try to Fight a Subpoena, But He Likely Gave Up His Best Defense Already theflava 17 points ago in politics

    That all happened under GOP control. A Democratic House would be more apt to refer a Contempt of Congress citation to the US Attorney.