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    [–] Anybody get a fuzzy feeling when they boot up RL and see this? thefurnaceboy 1 points ago in RocketLeague

    No because it doesn't do anything. Chat ban is garbage. Doesn't disincentivize anybody. I can say any amount of war criminal shit and I'm back in 24 hours to continue.

    [–] Sailor Morning '91 thefurnaceboy 11 points ago in SailorMood

    how can i download this

    [–] 2020 Iowa Caucus Discussion Live Thread thefurnaceboy 5 points ago in politics

    keep things the same and fix nothing doesn't fire you up?

    [–] I must protect the wild thefurnaceboy 4 points ago in hearthstone

    fun meme but downvoted for removing artist name and watermarking it for yourself. Its not a high honor to make a fucking meme jesus christ.

    [–] LaLiga - All Time Goals Scored by Teams! Who is the GOAT? thefurnaceboy 1 points ago in halamadrid

    jesus fuck i didnt realize how close barca and us were. Although they do have 3 years on us :p