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    [–] Recently lost one of my squad mates in a wreck due to a drunk driver. Just a reminder to all to stay safe and stay away from alcohol behind the wheel. Rest In Peace John, you made an amazing squad mate and an even better person! thegame3202 2 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    There is a lot that should change. Someone t boned my dad by blowing a red light (dad is fine) but the guy had 8 counts of driving with a revoked license, meth dealing, lost his license from drunk driving, and is still on the roads. And that's just what he's been CAUGHT for.

    That's one of the scariest things to me.

    RIP John.

    [–] WAN2 for one machine thegame3202 2 points ago in Ubiquiti

    Oh, nice find. Thank you! I'll take a look and see if I can figure this out. I think I would just set one rule for source address = serverIP, and one for destination address = serverIP....


    [–] WAN2 for one machine thegame3202 1 points ago in Ubiquiti

    Not a bad idea! I still want it connected to my local network for local streaming and such, but I could totally just connect the second NIC direct to the modem.


    [–] Quicksync Quality? thegame3202 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in PleX

    I'm debating the same Haha. I only tested with 1, since the 970 is restricted to 2 anyways. Just wanted to make sure it worked.

    Edit: Actually, he was right. Only GPU encode is available on Plex.

    [–] Quicksync Quality? thegame3202 1 points ago in PleX

    Actually, Unraid has a plugin to enable Nvidia support. Testing with my 970 right now and it's working great!

    [–] Quicksync Quality? thegame3202 1 points ago in PleX

    Oh sweet! Thank you for that article (Hasn't come up in my searches). I'll do a trial run with my fiance's GTX 970, then probably grab a p2000.


    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. thegame3202 30 points ago in pics

    Minnesotan here. I LOVE snow! We got dumped on recently, and I'm loving it. Snowblowers make it easy to clear!

    [–] Finally jumping into Unifi Video (which camera would fit my needs best?) thegame3202 1 points ago in Ubiquiti

    I'm sold on Protect personally, but I want to run the software on my server, like I do my network controller.

    Have they said anything about a software release of Protect?

    [–] NZBHydra/Radarr non-english grabs thegame3202 1 points ago in usenet

    Thanks! That is kind of what I thought to, but figured I'd start with the newest piece :-)

    [–] Beware of some cleverly packaged malware that my radarr downloaded today thegame3202 1 points ago in radarr

    Question related to this. I have four movies now that have had this, and they just sit in "no files found are eligible to import" status.

    Is there a way to make radarr delete the folder and try another version?

    [–] Robocallers blasted Americans with 26.3 billion spam calls last year - Robocalls are up 46 percent from 2017 thegame3202 1 points ago in technology

    "Hello, this is Apple support calling. You owe us money for your last repair. We do not want to send the police after you."

    Funny... I've never had any repaired, Mr. Weird Robot Voice.

    [–] Random invalid logins from router IP thegame3202 2 points ago in homeassistant

    I found this which may be part of it...

    I literally just migrated to Docker this weekend, and imported my old setup (Which was not in Docker). I may have imported a user that doesn't exist in Docker. Going to try this. I'll report back if you had a similar experience.

    [–] Newbie question - Revert from v3.6 to v2.4? thegame3202 1 points ago in docker

    Longterm will be a cpu upgrade, my fx-8350 isnt happy haha. But fiance says no right now. Is that all you meant? Thanks!!