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    [–] Happy Holidays thegreatzack 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    “tHe ViKiNgS dId It FiRsT”

    [–] Danny Brown 2019 North American Tour Dates thegreatzack 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    He did! You can get it on his website and I think iTunes

    [–] Best peep song to hear when you high? thegreatzack 1 points ago in LilPeep

    The first time I ever took acid I had that song stuck on repeat in my head. It made me feel like dying. It sounded like a “goodbye song” giving your chains away and then walking away into the void.

    [–] Tee Grizzley - First Day Out thegreatzack 51 points ago in hiphopheads

    Joy road bitch, but the money long as six mile!

    [–] DEVO×Death Grips? thegreatzack 13 points ago in deathgrips

    And I'm tired of the soup du jour!

    [–] Why so many Americans oppose the NRA thegreatzack 0 points ago in GunsAreCool

    Wow they don’t like the nra because

    1) the nra helped blocked assault weapon bans

    2) the nra helped elect trump

    Sounds like standard left complaints

    [–] Profile Review - Week of June 04, 2019 thegreatzack 2 points ago in Tinder

    This is a really good photo set! I would make 3 your primary (maybe not in black and white but thats personal preference imho) I would also get rid of picture #5, you’re too far off in the corner for it to really show you. You can keep 4 to meet the “group photo quota” but put it near or at the end. Bio is alright, it’s funny but competing for drunkest person is not necessarily the best image. You could put a little more about your self in the bio.

    [–] A powerful tool for preparing your Debian based Linux OS. thegreatzack 2 points ago in linux

    What would be the difference between the 2? From reading the man page for sudo it seams like using sudo -i will retain your users environment variables. Both commands just seem to switch you to the root user so I don’t understand what the big difference is.

    [–] Kamala Harris Says Christine Blasey Ford ‘Risked Everything’ For The Country thegreatzack 26 points ago in politics

    All of these claims were never able to be corroborated. Are you really suggesting that the mere accusations of something bad happened means his charterer is bad? If that's the case, ok you raped me. I can't tell you when or where it was but i remember YOU doing it. Now you don't sound like a very nice person do you? I'd hate for you to lose everything you worked for because some nut job on the internet said you raped them

    [–] Kamala Harris Says Christine Blasey Ford ‘Risked Everything’ For The Country thegreatzack 31 points ago in politics

    Yea because when I go to a job interview I get asked to prove that I’m not some serial gang rapist. Oh and I’m not allowed to get mad when you tack on more and more charges against me?

    It went from you’re a rapist, you’re a serial rapist, you’re a serial gang rapist, you’re the leader of a gang raping club. And the senate entertained every idea without so much proof of the event actually occurring. Seems like a Standard job interview process to me

    [–] Kamala Harris Says Christine Blasey Ford ‘Risked Everything’ For The Country thegreatzack 4 points ago in politics

    The dude who made up the drinking game in high school stated that it was just a drinking game... they just picked a name high school boys would think is funny

    [–] This shirt i made got me some approaches thegreatzack 2 points ago in seduction

    I’ve got a shirt that says “smile at me if I’ve got a chance” that I like to wear out on the town

    [–] The wall analysis site is down? thegreatzack 1 points ago in pinkfloyd

    I'm still being sold Viagra when i go to that site

    [–] I don`t wanna overdose in LA thegreatzack 7 points ago in LilPeep



    [–] Visiting Detroit Apr 6-Apr 8 thegreatzack 1 points ago in Detroit

    That weekend will be hashbash in Ann Arbor