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    [–] 2 in the pink!!!1 XP themagpie36 5 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    Cemetery you illiterate cunt.

    [–] Zlatan inspiring this young kid with a little Ibrahimovic wisdom: “You have to enjoy the moment. themagpie36 2 points ago in soccer

    Definitely. Man United are SERIOUSLY lacking a leader and Zlatan, even at his age, inspires those around him. He strives to be the best and is his own biggest critic but his self belief is huge. Roy Keane and Ibra are actually very similar in some ways.

    [–] Seefin Neolithic Passage Tomb - Wicklow c. 3,300 B.C. themagpie36 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in ireland

    That is amazing but I don't think it's that crazy they were able to align such structures with the stars and based on light from the sun (solstice...etc.). In those days life depended on the sun and the elements. It's all they had as 'companions' to survival and it's where they looked for inspiration and worship most likely.

    I think we find it hard to imagine because of their lack of education (as we know it) but our ancestrors were aligned with nature in ways we can't even imagine in modern Ireland. Most people can't even differentiate more than 5 trees in Ireland confidently these days.

    [–] The Boys In Green - Conor Hourihane themagpie36 2 points ago in coybig

    I wish he was, Ireland have been missing a player like him. He was superb at Barnsley,, some people saying he is the best player they had in years. He should have made his Ireland debut 3 years previous imo.

    [–] Ashley Barnes laughing at Kovacic (Chelsea vs Burnley) themagpie36 1 points ago in soccer

    For Alfie Haaland it was more than a red, he never played professionally again.

    [–] Mustafi defending v Palace themagpie36 18 points ago in soccer

    Hes not as bad as people make out but if Arsneal are ever to mount a serious title challenge their defense needs a severe overhaul.

    [–] Mustafi defending v Palace themagpie36 27 points ago in soccer

    I liked the other guys comment better. Have another downvote.

    [–] Mustafi defending v Palace themagpie36 34 points ago in soccer

    Benteke must have been thinking Musafi was having a stroke with how easy if was to make space.

    [–] r/Stellar Daily Chat - Tuesday April 23, 2019 themagpie36 2 points ago in Stellar

    I agree. I am basing this trade on my opinion that alts will start to gain in the near future (depending BTC performance which I expect to rise).