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    [–] Why the backlash for teaching Looking for Alaska only strengthened my resolve to teach important texts. thesoundandthefury 12 points ago in nerdfighters

    Hi. Thanks for doing this. It takes a lot of fortitude to teach difficult or controversial books. It's easy enough for me as an author to say, "Support intellectual freedom!" It's a completely different thing to put that into practice in a tough situation when your career and livelihood are on the line.

    The contemporary books I read in high school--especially the ones like Angels in America and Song of Solomon that were deemed controversial when I was a student--made a huge and lasting difference in my life. I don't labor under the delusion that Alaska is in the same league as those books, but if it can help your kids get excited about reading thoughtfully and critically, I am so so grateful.

    Thank you. DFTBA!

    [–] WNYC Announcement AMA thesoundandthefury 5 points ago in nerdfighters

    It won't, unless it has felt different to you for the last few episodes. We're spending more time recording it and trying to create a tighter edit--but hopefully the changes feel seamless and people will just think, "I like this podcast slightly more than I used to."

    [–] Ending Vlogbrothers speculation thesoundandthefury 307 points ago in nerdfighters

    I totally get where this is coming from, but I'll just say now that we are not planning on ending the vlogbrothers project. If and when we do decide to end it, we will give you lots of notice.

    I still really like making vlogbrothers videos and hope to be able to make them for a long time. Hank and I have both been through many periods over the last 11.5 years when one or both of us has been frustrated or exhausted creatively, but we see those periods as parts of a sine curve rather than reasons to stop making videos.

    I think you may have correctly sensed some burnout from both of us lately, although Hank responds to burnout very different from how I do. Hank makes lots of other things, like Hankschannel videos, whereas I retreat and make videos called How Does This End ;)

    But Tuesday is the axis mundi of my week, and forces me to make something and to think hard and carefully for a while, and I find a lot of value in that. Most of all, I like our audience and getting to be in conversation with you. In a lot of ways, that part is currently more joyful to me than it has been in years. So yeah, we are not contemplating the end, and whenever we do, we will be open and inclusive in the conversation.

    (Of course as op correctly points out, everything ends and nothing can last forever and etc. But I want to keep doing this as long as possible.)

    [–] Megathread: Manafort guilty on eight counts, mistrial declared on 10 more thesoundandthefury 10 points ago in politics

    It doesn’t, unless Manafort has information pertinent to the Mueller investigation or another investigation that Manafort could use to get a reduced sentence.

    The Cohen guilty pleas, on the other hand, directly implicate the president in two felonies.

    [–] Match Thread: Barnsley vs Wimbledon (League 1) thesoundandthefury 3 points ago in afcwimbledon

    Barnsley with two great chances in the first four minutes. Nervy.

    [–] Match Thread: Barnsley vs Wimbledon (League 1) thesoundandthefury 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in afcwimbledon

    Mine says, "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties." It is an iFollow match (some aren't), so it should work. But it isn't working yet!

    EDIT: Mine is working now. But no sound.

    EDIT: I now have both sound and video.

    [–] Hey John, you need to do a video on the current situation in Bangladesh. thesoundandthefury 53 points ago in nerdfighters

    This is also not something I understand very well, and while I've been doing a lot of reading about it, I wouldn't feel comfortable making a video yet.

    In general, we have pulled away from making videos about unfolding news stories because we think the rest of the Internet is pretty good at talking about what's happening now. We feel like what's missing is context. When Hank and I feel like we can provide context, we try to--but these protests and their place in their broader history of Bangladesh are not things I understand well, and I don't want to pretend otherwise.

    [–] What is the most memorable moment you shared with a stranger who you never saw again? thesoundandthefury 102 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm doing okay, thanks.

    I had a novel called Turtles All the Way Down come out last October. I'm still working on Crash Course and vlogbrothers, and I make a podcast now called The Anthropocene Reviewed, in which I review everything from the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu to the cave paintings at Lascaux.

    I like the above story, by the way. Best part is when she steals the chip.

    [–] Looking for the modern novel equivalents of 500 Days of Summer/Eternal Sunshine thesoundandthefury 19 points ago in suggestmeabook

    Hey, John Green here. Thanks for reading my books! A few recommendations:

    1. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloane. Characters in their mid-20s, trying to figure out life in the real world, one of whom works in a very weird bookstore catering to an elderly clientele who seem to be trying to figure out the secrets of the universe? Not TOTALLY mundane, I'll admit, but very fun and smart and heartwarming, and it has that indie dramedy vibe.

    2. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid. This book is written in the second person (i.e., the main character is "you"), but don't let that scare you off. It's a wonderfully moving and believable love story that also explores the many meanings of success. It's a short book, and there's nothing flashy about it, but I keep returning to it and finding more and more to love.

    3. I know you probably think you're a little old for YA books, and maybe you are, but if you're looking for a modern romantic story, I really recommend Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park.

    4. Okay, I'm going to push you a little on these last two: First, I'm going to recommend that you read Toni Morrison's Sula, which is about two young women. It's mature and slice of lifey in some ways, but is also properly great literature that you can reread and reread and never reach the bottom of its beauty and richness.

    And lastly, 5. I'm going to recommend Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-5, which (like Sula) was a very famous book when I was a young person, and (like Sula) had an outsize influence on my imagination and understanding of stories. Slaughterhouse-5 is not a slice of life novel; it is not mature or mundane or modern, but it is the saddest comic novel I have ever read, and I think you would like it.

    [–] Russia 1-0 Croatia - Denis Cheryshev 31' thesoundandthefury 13 points ago in soccer

    Russia’s economy has contracted for sixteen consecutive quarters. The greatest trick Putin has pulled is making people think that Russia is a healthy, growing country.

    [–] Dear Hank & John - 146 - Skate with Snakes (Soundcloud) thesoundandthefury 3 points ago in nerdfighters

    I think those concerns are very well founded! I hope we build stronger international institutions to solve those shared problems.

    [–] Dear Hank & John - 146 - Skate with Snakes (Soundcloud) thesoundandthefury 4 points ago in nerdfighters

    It was mostly missed because my recorder stopped recording. In general, though, you can expect us to miss around six weeks per year. I am sorry we did not let you know about this one. We will try to make sure we update on twitter or facebook when an episode will be missed. Hope you enjoy this one! :)