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    [–] ELI5: What are the benefits of combining opioids with regular pain killers like in Percocet thetreece 3 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    They work through different mechanisms of action. They aren't just "ANTI PAIN" drugs. They work on different receptors and have different effects. Also, Tylenol is an extremely effective analgesic, especially for post-operative pain. People scoff at it because it is OTC, but it's actually a really fucking good medicine.

    [–] ELI5: If the sun is in space why is there light on earth but not in space? thetreece 3 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    There is lots of light in space. It's just flowing out into the universe. You don't SEE light until it literally bounces into your eyeball. You see "stuff" because light bounces off of it, and enters your eye. There's not much stuff in space, so there is nothing to bounce light out of its path and into your eye, and it just keeps moving out into the distant parts of our solar system. Exceptions to this are things like planets, comets, and the moon.

    [–] That doubt is compounded by the fact that Mark Rippetoe isn’t the type of man to endorse anything that doesn’t adhere to some basic scientific principles. thetreece 2 points ago in fitnesscirclejerk

    I'm pretty sure it's just peaking by spamming the lift until you top out whatever neuromuscular efficiency you can. Eric would post videos for a specific lift for like 3-6 weeks, start to stall out, then switch to another lift. I don't feel like he was actually getting much stronger in an sustainable way.

    [–] Should An Elephant Bar Deadlift Record Count? thetreece 5 points ago in Strongman

    Brian is training with a hummer tire bar trying to replicate the elephant bar.

    [–] ELI5: How can people at the same weight, have a huge difference in how much they lift? thetreece 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Because he's very short. Weight classes in powerlifting are just height classes in disguise. Being lean, and having a high BMI for your weight class is what you need. There will not be guys that are 6' 3" competing at top levels in the 165 or 181 weight classes. They will all be 220, 242, or higher.

    Muscular strength is directly related to the cross sectional area of the muscle. If you're skinny, you don't have much cross sectional area. This combined with neuromuscular efficiency (how well you can recruit your muscles to do work), technical efficiency, and personal morphology are what determine how good somebody is at a lift.

    [–] apparently now a single chin up is a tall order thetreece 4 points ago in fitnesscirclejerk

    Wow, I think I made that image and posted it on /fit/ like 4-5 years ago.

    [–] 15y/o Cassandra Annergren 175kg (386lbs) deadlift thetreece 3 points ago in powerlifting

    I've pulled my share of cheaty deadlifts with back rounding. Her form is still pretty uh.... excessive. She will go very far if she can strengthen her erectors.

    [–] Surgeon Hospitalized for 6 Weeks After Working 180-Hour Shifts, Gets Called an ‘Emotional Female’ thetreece 7 points ago in medicine

    That's honestly not many hours for a resident. The unpredictability is terrible, but the total hours aren't crazy. We average 70-80 when we are on the floors or intensive care. 60 would be great.

    [–] Back and Triceps thetreece 12 points ago in powerbuilding

    Get off the machines. Start doing pull-ups, rows, and deadlifts.

    [–] Sham Physicians Health Program referrals and Psych Evals for "Disruptive Physicians" thetreece 344 points ago in medicine

    How awful. This reinforces what I say always say about physician burnout: any discussion about burnout that doesn't directly address work hours is a disingenuous attempt to shift blame. This man didn't need rehab, and he probably didn't even need therapy or extensive psych evaluation. He just needed to fucking sleep. He needed to work fewer than hours than what is considered >2x full time. The 8 hour day (40 hour week) isn't a new concept, and has been recognized as something worth pursuing for society for at least 200 years. The lifestyle this guy has been living isn't normal in any other field, and isn't even the norm for most physicians outside the US.

    People hate their work and residents want to kill themselves because they are working >2x as much as what most people consider optimal for work/life satisfaction. Discussing burn out without focusing on this issue is like discussing why the Titanic sank, and glossing over the fact it hit a fucking iceberg. "Maybe the ship would have been more resilient if had attended more mandatory seminars after regular working hours?"

    [–] If one person of 2 conjoined twins were to murder someone, would they both have to go to prison? thetreece 17 points ago in legaladviceofftopic

    Another question I have is about sexual consent. There is a pair of conjoined female twins in my area that have 1 set of everything below the belly button. It seems like the only viable option for them romantically is for dual consent, and singular consent would be effectively sexual assault. Has this been explored legally?

    [–] Im mad(rant and thoughts about natural bodybuilding, pics included, two extra pics at the bottom) thetreece 1 points ago in naturalbodybuilding

    He's illustrating that he has successfully implemented effective training protocols and has achieved something admirable as a result, as opposed to most of the people in this sub.

    [–] ELI5: Does creatine really promote baldness and if so how? thetreece 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    There is no study that shows creatine increases hairloss. There is one study from several years ago that it increased serum DHT levels in a group of like 17 rugby players. DHT is thought to play a role in hair loss, and people with male pattern baldness have a susceptibility to this. Creatine will not make you go bald at a young age, but could in theory accelerate hair loss if you were destined to go bald anyhow.

    [–] 1,025LB DEADLIFT | ARNOLD PREP | BRIAN SHAW thetreece 14 points ago in Strongman

    Lol, there would be some group of nerds with more money than strength that would buy them for 315 lb deadlifts.

    [–] Should I send this barbell back? thetreece 4 points ago in homegym

    Just return the bar and get a Rogue echo bar from the boneyard if money is tight.

    [–] me on ICU Night Float thetreece 35 points ago in Residency

    I'm guessing evil obummer coming to tax an overly burdened middle class America.

    [–] Why is this sub called leangains if essentially nobody within has read the book? thetreece 1 points ago in leangains

    I'm pretty certain I subbed here like 7-8 years ago when I was in college. It's a fairly old sub Reddit

    [–] Lagging Bench Press thetreece 3 points ago in powerbuilding

    I recommend doing at least 4 or 5 sets of fork pick-ups to failure, every single day. It is by far the single most effective thing you can do right now to get stronger.

    [–] Chan Boneyard Bar Question thetreece 2 points ago in homegym

    I can't tell what's wrong with my stainless OPB.

    [–] 89 year old man deadlifts 4 plates twice!! thetreece 3 points ago in strength_training

    This sub trains at planet fitness. They have this idea of a 4 plate deadlift being a good lifetime goal for a strong young man, while it's actually more of a good 1 year goal for a beginner lifter. Every gym has a couple token small dudes that can pull 4 plate. There are dudes that weigh this much pulling like 600+. 148 record is 705 ffs.

    [–] Lagging Bench Press thetreece 5 points ago in powerbuilding

    How much weight have you gained in the past year? You need to be 40-50 lbs heavier.

    [–] 89 year old man deadlifts 4 plates twice!! thetreece -10 points ago in strength_training

    A lot. 500+ is impressive for that weight. A 4 plate deadlift isn't a huge deal at 140-150. Obviously for his age it's huge, but healthy young men at that weight can pull more fairly eaily. I got to 4 plate at 155 lbs within 7 months of training. Any regional powerlifting meet will have a handful of 165 and under dudes pulling 400+.