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    [–] How accurate is your view of the world? Test your geographic knowledge in 5 minutes! [interactive] thewindandrain 17 points ago in MapPorn

    81%. I guessed how it would appear on a globe until they started throwing in those distorted continents and far northern countries. Could have been more objective if they asked the projection question first though.

    [–] Why do people that are so obviously not firearm enthusiasts, pretend that they are? thewindandrain 52 points ago in Firearms

    Yeah, concern trolling. The pattern goes something like this:

    I am on your team and sympathetic to our cause; I just have concerns that we need to address about flaws in our stance.

    They feign being on your side but with "concerns" to disguise their antagonism.

    [–] Remember not to break a fall with outstretched arms thewindandrain 6 points ago in cycling

    Broke my clavicle in a wreck last october. It was bruised at the shoulder, "pulverized" in the middle, and broken near my throat, couldn't chew food and lost 20% of my body weight. To me it was twenty times worse pain than a broken elbow. hat hand might never lift above my head again, though I am young; I would give anything to replay it and break the fall with my arm, but I was riding without holding the bars.

    [–] My current favorite budget portable computer thewindandrain 2 points ago in onebag

    Many do, and my comment is there for them and anyone else concerned with long term reliability or heavy use in backpacking.

    [–] Tavor or something else? thewindandrain 2 points ago in Tavor

    X95 shoots like a dream. Very fun at the range and makes more sense in a car or for CQB/home defense than an AR or SBR. Obviously its maneuverability is a big plus. I got in an accident last year and lost most use of one arm, but the tavor is still easy for me to operate unlike any shotgun or AR. If you like the ergonomics and it suits your needs based on your research, get it.

    [–] I've been living out of this backpack/bivy tent hybrid I designed for several years (and on the road altogether just over 10 years) thewindandrain 1 points ago in onebag

    I would pledge for one, but had an injury that keeps me from being able to use backpacks anymore (limited to fanny packs now.) Still bivypack seems like the most innovative thing to happen to outdoor gear since goretex; I bet they will sell by the thousands when word gets spread.

    [–] My current favorite budget portable computer thewindandrain 6 points ago in onebag

    These larger electronics always fail in extended rough camping. My recommendation is a $25 smartphone with a $55 unlimited internet and phone plan. I completed a full time semester of university on such a phone while living outdoors with one bag, so I know they are capable.

    [–] Does anybody actually want teachers to have guns? thewindandrain 4 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    The worst part is not them disagreeing. It is them wanting to force their opinions into legal prohibitions. Now I can't protect myself at my university. As students, we are utterly defenseless; they would rather increase tuition to pay ineffective, selfish security guards. Gun grabbers are putting a big target sign on the schools and claiming to make them safer by making students sitting ducks. There is no rational argument or precedent to prohibit teachers OR adult students from carrying.

    [–] How is it being an African American in New Mexico? thewindandrain 30 points ago in NewMexico

    There are almost no black people in that area, but discrimination towards blacks is all but nonexistent around there, so if she can tolerate the lack of African American culture, I'm sure she will love it. That said I am white, but I never heard anyone saying racist shit about black people around there when I lived in SF for a number of years. Mississippi has huge racial tensions by comparison from my experience.

    [–] The Hungerford Massacre thewindandrain -7 points ago in CrimeScene

    Gasp no way. You mean Europe does have gun violence.. And it's just as common and deadly there.

    [–] Do you believe there is such a thing as rehabilitation for those who have committed premeditated murder? thewindandrain -4 points ago in TrueCrime

    If given a chance there's no reason why they couldn't become productive members of society

    Yes there is. If they maliciously murdered someone in cold blood they don't deserve their life anymore. Hang them, shoot them, I don't care but I'm sick of this BS attitude of forgiving cold blooded, evil people. You should hate evil; if you go on loving evil you are almost as bad as them for your pardon.

    [–] Do you believe there is such a thing as rehabilitation for those who have committed premeditated murder? thewindandrain -3 points ago in TrueCrime

    It's possible they could be rehabilitated to the point of never doing it again, but the murderer more often than not deserves to die either way in most premeditated cases.

    [–] I've been living out of this backpack/bivy tent hybrid I designed for several years (and on the road altogether just over 10 years) thewindandrain 11 points ago in onebag

    Hey kenny, its Windrain from the hitchgathering years back. Hope you are doing well. Are these for sale yet? I've always dreamed of this contraption. I travelled for a while using my outdoor research bivy as a pack for hitching and cycling. The next best thing for minimalists would be to make a sleeping bag that can become a vest/coat.

    [–] Bill Gates - Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation? thewindandrain 2 points ago in overpopulation

    His chart shows correlation, sure. We have known for a long time that people have more children in impoverished countries. Is that specifically because of better healthcare in less impoverished countries or is it more to do with education or a combination of things? Who's to say? He hasn't provided enough information from this simple correlation to deduce that.

    [–] Weighing up: warm but bulky jacket vs. light, packable down thewindandrain 3 points ago in onebag

    Do not take down to a place that will rain every day unless you plan on having a place to dry your jacket at night. If you are going to be outside in rain a lot you will want synthetic loft.

    [–] Why doesn't America have pickpocketers in big cities like Europe? thewindandrain 24 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Perhaps because the United States has fewer areas where people are reliably crowded together in close confinement. Pickpockets require an environment where people are hypersocialized into tolerating a stranger being right up against them.

    [–] Americans in the mid-west, what is something Americans on the east and west coast don’t understand? thewindandrain 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Are you sure you're replying to the right post? The map I posted shows where the word midwest is referred to in new articles most often.

    [–] Winter thunderstorm. thewindandrain 2 points ago in weather

    Sun didn't come out for 3 days which is very rare here.

    [–] Winter thunderstorm. thewindandrain 3 points ago in weather

    I am in the southwest and was wondering about that though. So your post was still helpful.

    [–] Armed men shot and executed a man. thewindandrain 12 points ago in watchpeopledie

    Switzerland, Norway, and Finland have higher instances of mass shootings and more mass shooting deaths per capita than the United States.

    [–] Cheap energy + clarity stack? thewindandrain 3 points ago in StackAdvice

    phenylpiracetam with alpha gpc or other choline supplement seems to be well regarded. You could also add high dose B vitamins.