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    [–] Hard fouls thinklikedink 8 points ago in Basketball

    Post him up?

    [–] Joel embiid is better than kareem and heres why thinklikedink 1 points ago in nba

    Joel will be in the league for 21 years. Joel will score 76,774 points, 34,880 rebounds and 6,278 blocks

    [–] Good times thinklikedink 1 points ago in ufc

    This is number one bullshit

    [–] Very nice thinklikedink 2 points ago in electricians


    [–] Job Advise thinklikedink 1 points ago in Construction

    Dont get into construction. Its take a very long time to make very good money and unless you join a union your benefits probably arent going to be that great if you get any at all. Plus you have to deal with a huge amount of dumb shit on a job site(at least i did in my experience) and its backbreaking work whatever you choose to get into.