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    [–] Election Hackers Altered Voter Rolls, Stole Private Data, Officials Say thirdegree 1 points ago in politics

    Only to people are that think ignorance is equal to knowledge.

    At the time, it was crazy, because there was no reason to think the election would be hacked. Now, the FBI has confirmed it happened, and so it's no longer crazy.

    [–] IS this really how a CS interview is conducted? thirdegree 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Pretty much ya. In my interviews I was the one writing on the whiteboard, but other than that spot on.

    [–] Enrolling in college this fall. Help me make a decision whether I should major in CS or not. thirdegree 3 points ago in cscareerquestions

    I would strongly recommend khan Academy, their maths courses cover everything from pre-algebra to multivariable calc and (for me) were really helpful even when I was taking calc 3.

    [–] What is an intern supposed to be able to contribute to a company on day 1? thirdegree 2 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Man, this is my github, and I just got hired to pretty much my dream job (actually better than my dream job, because my dream job wasn't in as cool a location).

    You remind me of a friend of mine. Absolutely brilliant computer scientist, absolutely no confidence in himself. He's a far far better programmer than me by any objective standard. The difference is I put myself out there, while he convinced himself he wasn't good enough.

    [–] When it comes to difference, children see things differently thirdegree 8 points ago in wholesomememes

    I mean if someone asked me the two biggest differences between me and my best friends, my answers would be 1) she's a girl and 2) she's asian.

    Because those are our biggest differences. Other than that, we're really fuckin similar. There's nothing wrong with differences.

    We shouldn't be afraid of differences. Differences should be celebrated! Nobody's the same as anybody else, and that's fantastic. Imagine how boring the world would be otherwise!

    [–] What socially expected thing do you hate doing the most? thirdegree 41 points ago in AskReddit

    Them: "Hey can you fix my computer?"
    Ya, probably, because I'm not a moron and google is a thing that exists.
    Me: "No, sorry. I'm not much use with anything except unix machines."

    The beautiful thing is nobody that would ask me that question knows wtf unix is, so it doesn't actually matter what their computer is running.

    [–] Family tormented by alarm wedged in the wall thirdegree 1 points ago in nottheonion

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    [–] We just learned the government knows Russia will sabotage the next election. Now what? thirdegree 2 points ago in politics

    the term 'controls half the network' is meaning less, unless you meant endpoints, but then at that point isn't any thing corruptable, ie, if you are not in controll of the endpoints??

    The miners. If you control half of the computational power working to mine blocks, you can change blocks at will.

    I strongly recommend you watch the video I linked because you pretty clearly don't understand what you're talking about. "Endpoints" doesn't make sense in this context (maybe you're mixing up TOR and blockchains?), nor does breach, and "end point violation" is entirely meaningless. As is "a disruption in the encryption code".

    You're correct, however, in saying that blockchains would be fantastic for voting. It's just not some magical cure-all.

    [–] Congresswoman who used to receive welfare wants to drug test rich people who get tax breaks thirdegree 1 points ago in politics

    You can get pretty fucked up on $2.50 of ecstasy (location dependent, it can cost a lot more or less depending) pretty easy. Not the best example because it's not physically addictive, but first thing that comes to mind.

    [–] We just learned the government knows Russia will sabotage the next election. Now what? thirdegree 1 points ago in politics

    I'm also not an expert, but I do understand it well enough to not need to use the phrase "tecno-mumbo-jumbo" :P

    You're correct that it's pretty secure, but incorrect that it's unchangeable. The "unchangeable" bit comes from the distributed aspect of the blockchain, but if anyone controls over half of the network it suddenly becomes very easy to change. This is a good explanation of how the tech works.

    [–] We love Boogie thirdegree 2 points ago in fatlogic

    And it's appreciated :D

    I'll check with the other mods and get a second opinion though.

    [–] We love Boogie thirdegree 1 points ago in fatlogic

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    <3, but this isn't really the place for this :D

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    [–] Opinion: Sorry, folks. The GOP’s devious strategy for ramming Trumpcare through is working. thirdegree 4 points ago in u_washingtonpost

    If they decide to stop spending money on insurance premiums because they have decided that that is not something they want shouldn't they have the right to decide for themselves?

    No, because if they need life saving care they will still get that care, but without insurance that cost just gets passed on to the taxpayers.

    Also, Republicans are only for small government when it's convenient. Ask them how they feel about marijuana, for example. Or abortion.

    [–] Handel defeats Ossoff to win Georgia 6th District thirdegree 1 points ago in politics

    All three statements share the properties of being both true and useless. All X are Y in no way means that all Y are X.

    (I would disagree with the stance that Trump isn't a racist, but that's neither here nor there for this discussion)

    [–] Handel defeats Ossoff to win Georgia 6th District thirdegree 6 points ago in politics


    "It may not be the official stance of the Republican Party to kill all gay people, but everyone who wants to kill all gay people is voting republican."

    Just silly.

    [–] Japanese Robot Sumo moves incredibly fast thirdegree 1 points ago in videos

    Ya combat drones are something else lmao

    No problem.

    [–] Japanese Robot Sumo moves incredibly fast thirdegree 2 points ago in videos

    AH. Found it! It's in Use of Weapons.

    “At dusk, the riders came into the square, to take her from the inn; they’d heard her strangely colored skin alone would fetch a handsome price.
    The innkeeper made the mistake of trying to reason with the men, and was pinned to his own door with a sword; his daughters wept over him before they were dragged away.
    Sma turned, sickened, from the window, heard boots thunder on the rickety stairs. Skaffen-Amtiskaw was near the door. It looked, unhurried, at her. Screams came from the square outside and from elsewhere inside the inn. Somebody battered at the door of her room, loosing dust and shaking the floor. Sma was wide-eyed, bereft of stratagems.
    She stared at the drone. “Do something.” She gulped.
    “My pleasure,” murmured Skaffen-Amtiskaw.
    The door burst open, slamming against the mud wall. Sma flinched. The two black-cloaked men filled the doorway. She could smell them. One strode in toward her, sword out, rope in the other hand, not noticing the drone at one side.
    “Excuse me,” said Skaffen-Amtiskaw.
    The man glanced at the machine, without breaking stride.
    Then he wasn’t there anymore, and dust filled the room, and Sma’s ears were ringing, and pieces of mud and paper were falling from the ceiling and fluttering through the air, and there was a large hole straight through the wall into the next room, across from where Skaffen-Amtiskaw — seemingly defying the law concerning action/-reaction — hovered in exactly the same place as before. A woman shrieked hysterically in the room through the hole, where what was left of the man was embedded in the wall above her bed, his blood spattered copiously over ceiling, floor, walls, bed and her. The second man whirled into the room, discharging a long gun point-blank at the drone; the bullet became a flat coin of metal a centimeter in front of the machine’s snout, and clunked to the floor. The man unsheathed and swung his sword in one flashing movement, scything at the drone through the dust and smoke. The blade broke cleanly on a bump of red-colored field just above the machine’s casing, then the man was lifted off his feet.
    Sma was crouched down in one corner, dust in her mouth and hands at her ears, listening to herself scream.
    The man thrashed wildly in the center of the room for a second, then he was a blur through the air above her, there was another colossal pulse of sound, and a ragged aperture appeared in the wall over her head, beside the window looking out to the square. The floorboards jumped and dust choked her. “Stop!” she screamed. The wall above the hole cracked and the ceiling creaked and bowed down, releasing lumps of mud and straw. Dust clogged her mouth and nose and she struggled to her feet, almost throwing herself out of the window in her desperate attempt to find air. “Stop,” she croaked, coughing dust.
    The drone floated smoothly to her side, wafting dust away from Sma’s face with a field-plane, and supporting the sagging ceiling with a slender column. Both field components[...] ”

    And it goes on like this for a bit more.