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    [–] A hassle in the castle thoughtnautilus 2 points ago in ScoobyDooMemes

    Oh whoa I never knew that! Do you have a source?

    [–] A hassle in the castle thoughtnautilus 9 points ago in ScoobyDooMemes

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, my friend. Allow me to kindly point out that the plots of Scooby Doo are often fraught with inconsistencies and loose threads. I personally think this adds to their charm and comedic value. Let's dive in anyway!

    Bluestone the Great could have been wanted for anything from petty theft to murder. Given his relatively hospitable and positive demeanor (ex. making Shaggy a sandwich), I wouldn't peg him as the violent type.

    It's uncertain, but the most likely location of Haunted Isle is off the coast of Coolsville, which would presumably place it in the Coolsville jurisdiction. I'm not sure what state Coolsville is in, but let's hope for Bluestone's sake they don't carry the death penalty.

    It's standard procedure to hold criminals in the local jail until their transfer paperwork comes through to send them 'up the river' to prison. Given that it's 1969, email's not around for a couple more years so that paperwork could take a while.

    The trick Bluestone the Great pulled off that really amazed me was surviving a metal chandelier falling on him from the ceiling with Scooby on top of it. Jinkies!

    [–] My first poly meme :) thoughtnautilus 3 points ago in polyamory

    Yeah that's a good point. To clarify, it wasn't intended to disparage mono folks, it was more to reflect that feeling I get when someone I find attractive uses poly-ish terminology to refer to a significant other.

    [–] Tips for getting my recovery time back up? thoughtnautilus 2 points ago in sex

    Maybe try taking a water break and goof around with some more foreplay. Removing stimulation for a few minutes can help reset. Having good cardiovascular health is a huge factor in improving stamina for longer sessions as well. Performing exercises where your heart rate is elevated for a minimum of 20 minutes will help you go for that second round with more energy.

    [–] TIFU getting caught masturbating at work. thoughtnautilus 29 points ago in tifu

    Nah dude haven't you seen Wolf of Wall Street? Gotta keep the balance below the belt.

    [–] How to tell guy to stop fingering me? thoughtnautilus 1 points ago in sex

    It is not rude to give advice, it's good! You need to ask for what you want and give him feedback on how you like it. Want oral? Ask for it! Get it how you live. In healthy relationships, your partner should want to please you back the way you like.

    If he's receptive to your requests then everyone's happy. If he's not down to reciprocate and change things up, then it's probably time to have a talk with him or move on. You deserve to have your needs met.

    [–] Ideas to get rid of kinda repetitive sex? thoughtnautilus 1 points ago in sex might be a useful activity for you to do individually and share results with one another.

    [–] White fluid discharge from my girlfriend’s vagina during sex and it’s freaking me out thoughtnautilus 1 points ago in sex

    Alright everybody there's no need to beat this person up for not knowing things jeez!

    OP, props for asking questions. Several people have mentioned birth control. They're right! You & your partner have lots of options in that department.

    As for the mystery fluid, it sounds like it could have been from either of you! If you want to have some peace of mind next time, use birth control.

    [–] I'm in a great relationship with my girlfriend, we've dated and been together for 9 months. Very occasionally I wish I could experience sex with someone else, she is my first. I'm 21m she's 20f thoughtnautilus 1 points ago in sex

    Enjoy your current partner and be open and honest with her about your feelings!

    It's normal and healthy to feel attracted to others outside of your relationship. Maybe she's even felt the same way at times!

    If that feeling sticks around, perhaps consider sharing that with her. Be sure to include your feelings for her in that conversation as well. Consider reading a book like The Ethical Slut to each other to help find out what you're both comfortable with and where your boundaries are.

    Successful relationships are built on good communication!

    [–] Girlfriend wants less sex but doesnt want me (male) to buy a Fleshlight thoughtnautilus 2 points ago in sex

    Your body, your choice. Masturbation is healthy. Controlling whether your partner masturbates is unhealthy.

    [–] My girlfriend likes to be dominated and toyed with. Any tips? thoughtnautilus 1 points ago in sex

    We like the stoplight safeword approach: Green light means fuck yeah! Yellow light means you're approaching a boundary... Red light means stop.

    It could help to chat outside of a session about why she likes being dominated. Might just be as simple as: It feels good!

    It takes time and practice to fall into a dominant role. Fake it till you make it! Confidence is key, so take the time to get creative with some ideas and try them out next time. Simply having some ideas in mind can work wonders for feeling in control and filling that powerful role.

    Some ideas off the top of my head you could try out/read up on: tie her up and give her forced orgasms, find out & enact a fantasy scenario, reflect on what YOU like in the bedroom and tell her that's what you're doing tonight, etc.

    As with all worthwhile skills, being a dom takes time and practice like an art form. Expect things to be awkward and enter each iteration with a mind of learning and you'll do great! Much love to you 2 :)