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    [–] Asking potentials to do a full STI test? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in MuslimMarriage

    Asking me to take an STI test would really rub me the wrong way. I would take it that you don't trust me. Marriage is a relationship built on trust.

    [–] High school senior who just got $50k from car accident. What should I do? throwaway1026381 16 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in personalfinance

    It's YOUR money. Use it for your school.
    Don't give it to anyone.
    Don't loan it to anyone.
    Don't let anyone borrow any part of it.
    You get the idea. Keep all of it for school and stuff.

    [–] Small Anecdote throwaway1026381 5 points ago in cscareerquestions

    I went through this struggle at the same time as you. This sub forgets about the thousands of regular students who get regular jobs outside of SV/FAANG areas.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review throwaway1026381 110 points ago in science

    I used to see fireflies, ladybugs, mosquitos, dragonflies, wasps, worms, catarpillars, beetles, and more all over the soil and trees near my house. Now thats all gone. Just the occasional centipede and hella roaches.

    [–] Dream car acquired throwaway1026381 2 points ago in cars

    The s2k has a similar thing going on as well.

    [–] 2010 Corolla? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in Toyota

    I drove ~550 miles in one. I second this notion.

    [–] 2010 Corolla? throwaway1026381 2 points ago in Toyota

    I own a very similar 2011. It's reliable as the sunrise and boring as tits to drive. Exactly what you would expect out of a corolla.

    [–] What is the biggest case of buyers remorse you have encountered? throwaway1026381 3 points ago in askcarsales

    If this is Germain Cadillac, I used to work as a valet there lol. Funny seeing it come up on Reddit.

    [–] Error 2137 when downloading games throwaway1026381 1 points ago in Switch

    I've disabled 5ghz, moved the switch close to the router, tried a Ethernet adapter, rebooting both switch and router, and going through a proxy. None of that had any effect.

    [–] I'm almost eighteen with $500 in my savings. Am I behind? throwaway1026381 3 points ago in personalfinance

    No debt and a stable job. You're doing well. Don't compare yourself to others. Comparison is the theif of joy.

    [–] Mirin' Mondays throwaway1026381 2 points ago in bodybuilding

    This is gonna sound weird but you look really happy and that somehow adds to your appearance.

    [–] How were you taught to hold a steering wheel? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in cars

    I was taught 9 and 3 but I drive with one hand at the top most of the time. Only switch to 9 and 3 in situations where I need to be more attentive then usual (highways, bad weather, unfamiliar area, etc)

    [–] Autocross vs drag racing throwaway1026381 5 points ago in cars

    I've been to autocross once, and they loaned me a helmet. I would bet any old helmet would be fine. They also allow a standard seat belt. No need for a special harness.

    [–] What do you guys do for a living? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    That sounds really interesting. Can you tell me more about it? What do you do day-to-day?

    [–] I have an issue with treating myself to nice things. throwaway1026381 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Yeah dude I feel you. The point of money is to enjoy it.

    I have no debts and 9k towards retirement so far.

    [–] What is your car’s biggest flaw? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in cars

    The AC/heat break in heavy snow and cold weather. The little gas door closes itself 80% of the time. Gotta wedge something under the opening lever to keep it open. It takes gas reeeeall slow. Any more than 1/3 speed and it locks up like it's full. Something's fucky with the front suspension where it sometimes makes odd bumping noises when I turn left. Driver side window slides down part way unless you jam it.

    beater corolla.

    [–] Western Muslims_irl throwaway1026381 2 points ago in Izlam

    I agree with the left in helping the unfortunate, promoting the greater good, tolerance, and general stability. I agree with the right on gay marriage. Both sides are guilty of bombing the crap out of the middle east and an incredible amount of deaths.

    That said, if I had to choose, I would vote democrat because the Republicans are further away from what Islam represents.

    [–] So what's the consensus on Rentals these days? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in askcarsales

    No. I can redline my AT car by limiting the maximum gear to 2 or 3 pretty easily.

    [–] Is this true? throwaway1026381 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    I hope not. I don't fit into any of those categories so I'd be punted around until the end of time.

    [–] What are some things your manager does that you think are exceptional or awesome? throwaway1026381 2 points ago in cscareerquestions

    1. Strongly encourages staying home as much as needed. This includes sick leave, vacations, etc.

    2. He has an open-door policy. I've spoken to him about everything by now.

    3. Shields us from the upper management BS.

    4. Susses out and solves problems within the team before they become problems. Often I'll not even be aware of it.

    10/10 manager.

    [–] Can someone help me please? 13m throwaway1026381 7 points ago in Fitness

    Kids have a lower bmi around that age. He's in the lower limit of being fine.