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    [–] Inside Trump’s Botched Attempt to Hire Trey Gowdy thweet_jethuth 1 points ago in politics

    Some White House officials checked whether Emmet T. Flood, the lawyer who oversaw the administration’s response to the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, would get involved. He was not available.

    That's good news. Flood is quietly competent. trump needs more lawyers like Giuliani; loudly incompetent.

    [–] Police say arrested man threatened San Antonio mayor 14 times in two days thweet_jethuth 37 points ago in news

    While police attempted to detain Converse, he resisted by putting his arms behind his back and attempting to pull out the machete, the document states. He was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for an evaluation and later arrested, the affidavit said.

    Wow how did he survive that one I wonder?

    [–] Firefighters carried Trump 2020 flag at parade and mayor says that’s OK thweet_jethuth 9 points ago in politics

    Some of those who fight fires

    Are the same who love liars!

    Or something like that, idk.

    [–] Hold up thweet_jethuth 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    I've seen several references to pizza in the scandals of the right.

    The worst one was that one of the kids that trump and epstein allegedly raped was kidnapped from in front of a pizza shop. When she was 11 years old.

    [–] Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation thweet_jethuth 14 points ago in politics

    The three-way marriage between Barr, trump and Giuliani will be epic. They're going to convert their last names to a portmanteau: Burpiani. Not to be confused with their adopted daughter, Burpy Annie.

    [–] Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapses thweet_jethuth 3 points ago in news

    So far one confirmed death, 3 missing people and a shitload of injuries. Police/Fire are asking people to stay away from the area and also please remove your drones. The area is unstable and not safe!

    Live feed

    [–] Heavy Police Presence at Pelham, New Hampshire Church thweet_jethuth 15 points ago in news

    According to The Daily Beast it was the New England Pentecostal Church, and their calendar for this morning showed a “men and women meeting” for Domestic Abuse Month. This was confirmed to them by the Pelham Police.

    [–] Trump says White House reviewing case of Green Beret charged with Afghan murder thweet_jethuth 9 points ago in politics

    Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), who has advocated for military personnel who have been accused of crimes.

    Duncan Hunter, criminal advocate. Curious.

    [–] ‘Don’t Do That Again’: GOP Senator Snaps at Reporter When Asked About Trump thweet_jethuth 13 points ago in politics

    Oh yeah, plus I read that the talking points "accidentally" got sent to Democrats again. Perhaps this sent him into a tizzy.

    [–] ‘Don’t Do That Again’: GOP Senator Snaps at Reporter When Asked About Trump thweet_jethuth 206 points ago in politics

    Just think; all it took was asking him to say a truthful thing.

    Who knew the GOP could be brought down so easily? We need to see MUCH more of this.